Norquist To Rep. King: Shame On You Weasel!

As more Republicans continue to come out and proclaim that their word isn't worth the air it took to breathe it out, especially when it comes to the pledge they made via Grover Norquist's document, Mr. Norquist saw fit to champion what the pledge was for and to chastise certain Republicans for attempts to "weasel" out of the pledge.

Norquist appeared on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Monday to set the record straight. He took on Representative Peter "I think Obama's Kill List is Constitutional" King's comments about signing the pledge and it only being for "that congress."

Norquist slammed the congressman saying “The pledge is not for life, but everybody who signed the pledge including Peter King, and tried to weasel out of it, shame on him. I hope his wife understands that commitments last a little longer than two years or something.”

King had tried to explain "“A pledge you signed 20 years ago, 18 years ago, is for that Congress. For instance, if I were in Congress in 1941, I would have supported a declaration of war against Japan. I’m not going to attack Japan today.”

Apparently King thought the pledge was valid for all these years, but instead has not brought up "weaseling" out of it until now. Now, he along with men like John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss and John McCain seem perfectly fine to toss their word to the wind with the cover of the veneer of "it's for the good of the country."

Well Norquist hit on exactly what I said yesterday. He said, “Hey, if you think a commitment is not for as long as you make it for, the commitment for the pledge, as Peter King well knows when he signed it, is that as long as you’re in Congress, you will [rein in] spending and reform government and not raise taxes. It’s not for 500 years or two generations. It’s only as long as you’re in the House or Senate. If he stayed too long, that’s his problem. But you don’t tell the bank, ‘Oh, the mortgage, wasn’t that a long time ago?

“If you make a commitment, you keep it,” Norquist said.

The problem here is not raising taxes. The issue is there are no real spending cuts on either side of the aisle. This has always been the case. It was the case in the presidential race. Neither side had any idea of what real cuts were or how to balance the budget. That continues to be the case now. Neither side will touch entitlements. Neither side is truly concerned with actual spending cuts that would significantly reduce debt and they could do that and still not raise taxes, but they won't and they don't feel intimidated by voters, because all voters seem to do is just get upset but there seems to never be any accountability to the likes of Rep. Peter King or Sens. Graham, Chambliss or McCain for these cowardly acts.

I applaud Norquist for standing up and putting the issue in perspective. More Republicans need a spine like that to stand against the opposition and be representatives that the people can trust their word that when they say they will do something, they will do it, not make excuses. Congress has the authority to tax and spend. They need to rein in both. Instead America has been treated to trillion dollar plus deficit spending for five years in a row!

Watch Norquists comments below:

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  • DandBA

    I think Mr. Norquistis name, "WEASELS" for those members of Congress trying to justify their caving in to the White House on the budgetary cliff is very appropriate. They are too dam#%$ cowardly to come right out and say I am going to go along with Obama on this because if I scratch his back he'll scratch mine. They may want to ask what size knife Obama will scratch their backs with!

  • unclebarry

    Norquist is completely correct. You signed the pledge you back the pledge. Suddenly some of our GOP Reps have decided: "Well Frak It". Obuma won the election. Everyone wants him to spend, spend and spend some more. We might as well jump in cause if we don't spend we'll be out in 2 years. That's what I think is going on in their heads. You can add,"Go with the flow" to "kick the can down the road." I don't have the answer. Paul Ryan has the answer. But he lost the election too:-(

  • Yup it's just me

    We've been fornicated!!! Not the first or last time!!

  • CaptTurbo

    I agree with you Grover. The decent people of America (the Conservatives) are getting royally screwed by both sides, the Communists on the left and the Socialists on the right.

    • Eric Zarahn

      Norquist is not a decent person. He is a traitor.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      You are right about that. He speaks with forked tongue. Not to be trusted.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      That's a good way to put it! C = left & S = R. The communists and the not so communists.
      Next election it must be the Tea Party Patriots v/s the Repub-ocrat commies.

  • Sandra

    Hey please start a third party. That will ensure the triumph of rhe Democratic Party forever. Your guys are jumping ship right and left (no pun intended). It would be so much fun to have your own party. Please' pretty please. You could have Allen and Michelle and Sarah and maybe even Hermann. Newt would surely love to join...if it doesn't work out, you could go start that moon colony.

    • Terry

      sandra are you a self hating idiot. the only reason that the parties exist as they do is membership, if the majority of republicans left that party and formed another, what do you think will happen? either it will become the "third" party, or it will cease to exist in its bloated state.

    • Sandra

      Lol. You guys are so cool at name calling. Seems to be your best approach to all issues and discussions. I'm so enlightened that this party would be a third one. That's hard for illiterates to comprehend. At any rate my little brain tells me that all those illiterate moochers will win for a very long time. So go Third party guy. Get michelle, Sarah, Hermann and I forgot Rick (perry or Santorum). I'll give you some money. Get it out of my food stamp debit card right after I get the champagne, vintage of course.

    • Weiner2

      Sandra why don't you commies (libs) go to the moon. You are a bunch of give me's, spoiled brats that are offended by looking at your own shadow. You and the rest of your kind have no morals and you are in for a big shock when the dirt hits you square in the face.

    • Sandra

      Brilliant discourse from the visionary Rep party. Appears none of you do anything but hurl nasty words. Not sure why I have no morals when I encourage you to start a third party. Do you have any idea what Communism really is. There are some good history books written by Conservatives who can provide the details. I am a liberal, not a commie. There is a big difference. You can hate liberals.....fine. But do yourself a favor and understand what these two terms mean. Back in the good old days of the GOP, there were educated, articulate people to provide excellent information on the vision and philosophy of the GOP. Go read some of these people and learn something. Obama won. Dems will continue to win as long as the GOP is represented by inarticulate, uneducated members. The country is read for a civil, informed discourse. It's possible and has been done before.

    • Willi

      "dems will continue to win as long as the GOP is represented by inarticulate, uneducated members."..........oh yeah.. unlike the clear-thinking, common sense, honest, moral demokrats....

    • Sandra

      As You guys have so brilliantly pointed out everyone who voted for Obama is an illiterate so in your opinion none of them can read or write. They just vote. That's the brilliant analysis for the defeat of a highly vetted and highly financed white guy. So yes, your party definitely lacks an articulate, educated membership who can attract voters using a message that shows Understanding of modern society, its problems and challenges. The Democrats have plenty of members who can coherently articulate the party's vision and philosophy. That's why they won the WH and kept control of Senate, despite all obstacles. A third party is an excellent idea and I will support with my meager contributions. Would be great for the country.

  • ShirleyWarren

    Why doesn't Norquist take on Obama and do something for WE THE PEOPLE and America before there is no more America.

    • Tim Brown

      He holding Republicans who made the pledge honor their word.

    • ShirleyWarren

      Thanks Tim. This makes me feel better knowing someone is looking out for America. Everyone seems to feel like our hands are tied and no one there to cut the rope!!!!!!!!!

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      I'm sorry to break this to you, but Grover Norquist is NOT looking out for America. He IS in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, has numerous ties to Hamas, and used the Americans for Tax Reform as a platform to support the Ground Zero victory mosque. He uses the "tax pledge" as a means to blackmail Republicans from speaking up about the jihad in any meaningful way. There is ample proof of his allegiance to islamic supremacists; it has been heavily researched and documented by a lot of people, all one needs to do to learn the truth about this dishonest and dishonorable man is look it up. Robert Spencer just wrote about him again at Jihad Watch and offers an alternative to Norquist's duplicitous pledge:
      People do not need Grover Norquist and his pledge, with all the strings attached, to oppose tax hikes.

    • mqg25

      Sorry to break this to you but is a neo-con Israeli backed org sponsored by David "Trotskyite" Horowitz. I don't know how Norquist is "NOT looking out for America" when Horowitz and his Israeli brotherhood have been stealing our secrets, dragging us into middle east conflicts, taking billions from U.S taxpayers, blowing our ships out of the water, aiding in genocide and setting us up for WW111. People do not need David and his band of neo-con trotskyites with all strings attached to gut this country over their love of Israel over the U.S.

    • ShirleyWarren

      Thanks for the heads up Zilla. I had no idea who this man even was.
      It's always nice to have friends that know more about a subject or person than you do so one can be prepared.


      OUR REMEDY is in our STATES, the TENTH AMENDMENT and the Declaration of Independence! ~ READ the Declaration and see if it does not fit the times we are now in! ~ Our founders used it in their time and left it for future generations, as THEY KNEW that man is corruptible and that the federal government would overstep the limitations given it by our U.S. Constitution! ~ FOCUS your attention on your STATE GOVERNORS AND LEGISLATORS in securing state sovereignty and using their Tenth Amendment powers to NULLIFY and reject any and all unconstitutional mandates or laws which the federal government may attempt to impose upon your state's government and/or the citizens within the state!

      "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first!" ~ Thomas Jefferson

    • donjusko

      Nice post, the government is growing with fiat money, they want to last until we are taken over and have lost our sovereignty.

    • Eric Zarahn


      Have you ever investigated Norquist's relationships with Islamists and his political efforts to condone jihadists? This man is a bad actor, and I think you would be especially interested to know about his alliances.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      You are so right about this.

    • mqg25

      Your a mile wide and an inch deep Eric. What does his so called associations have to do with raising taxes? Did you know that your buddy McCain married into a crime family and rewards them through about Bush family drug trade...or "light in the loafers" Lindsey Graham who would sell his mother for a little perceived power. Most of your flip-floppers who you seem to admire all have dirty alliances which are all out to give you the shaft. I hate to burst kool-ade bubble but you don't rise in the ranks of power today without being corrupt and doing the business of your "sponsors."

    • donjusko

      Sponsors is a short sighted game. The big game is the puppet masters. The CFR, the UN, the Illuminatie, we don't have a World Bank or a NWO yet but that's what they are working toward. Both of our parties have been controlled since 1913. You're going to hear a lot more about the controllers as people recognize the power in the Committee of 300. They run our government.

    • moonwinx

      No balls!

  • Barbara

    Right On. None of them are ready to cut their out of control spending. Why should we pay more taxes to a government that can not manage our money properly. Chambliss has lost my vote. Ga. did not go for Obama, we are a conservative state. He is making a mistake by not standing up to this bully president and democrats in congress. Republicans control the money. DO NOT LET HIM HAVE IT. Force him to stop wasting our money and cut the wasteful government programs he has wasted money on this past 4 years.

  • har82

    Look up the word - carpetbagger - . It will define every politician sitting in DC right now. None ot them give a d a m n about - any - oath thye swore to. Especially ,,, to you , me , and the country they - supposedly ,,, serve. Constitution ???, what's that ...

    • oliver

      When o-butt-hole takes the oath of office this time let us all that will write-call are email all the people in washington that have ANY power at all and make him take the oath on the HOLY BIBLE and maybe when he swears on it then breaks it GOD will take over. FOR TIS BETTER NEVER TO MAKE NEVER MAKE A PLEDGE. THAN MAKE ONE AND BREAK IT..

    • har82

      I doubt you, or anyone ,, will get him to swear on the Bible lol. Not in public anyways. All his muslim terrorist friends would be upset and offended.

    • oliver

      Then he should NOT be sworn in at all.. he should be throw out.. that is where the NO BALLS speaker of the house comes in..or I will say SHOULD COME ON..

    • har82

      Well, get used to it. Washington DC is plumb full of cowards and spineless mthr f,,rs. Not a real man in the whole lot of them.

  • DaveNTejas

    Piers Morgan needs to go home and take care of their financial problems, and let s wallow in our own crap.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    SHAME on every dhimmi "conservative" who fails to recognize that Grover Norquist is an operative for the genocidal islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood and has been for years! You know, you don't NEED Grover Norquist and his stealth jihad to oppose freaking taxes. Peter King has been one of the few elected officials willing to even talk about the problem we have in this country with islamic supremacist infiltration, so it is no surprise that Grover MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Norquist would be trashing the man! SHame on every single person who makes themselves beholden to the treasonous Grover Ground Zero Victory Mosque supporting Norquist.

    Be aware of who and WHAT you are supporting when you back Grover Norquist:

    • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az

      You Sir, are as full of it as any POS I've seen post on these sites.

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      Your ignorance is stunning.

      And I am not a male.

    • Eric Zarahn

      You are correct.

    • Eric Zarahn

      No, it is you who are wrong on this. Norquist is an Islamist-sympathizer.

    • oldcoyote

      Same here.

      He no doubt has purple lips like Obuma too.

    • Tim Brown

      King? ha! he also thinks Obama's kill list is constitutional

    • oldcoyote

      You sound like you belong to the same lying thieving jew brotherhood cult that Obuma works and shills for. They must write your script too.

    • Eric Zarahn

      And you not only sound like but are in fact just like the Islamists that Obama shills for. I think you're more suited for their side.

    • oldcoyote

      Here are a few of Obumers in the white house jew handlers. I couldn't find any with Muslim names though.

      Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff to the President. Gone now.

      David Axelrod Senior Advisor to the President

      Elena Kagan Solicitor General of the United States

      Peter Orszag Director of the Office of Management and Budget

      Lawrence Summers Director National Economic Council

      Mona Sutphen Deputy White House Chief of Staff

      James B. Steinberg Deputy Secretary of State

      Dennis Ross Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for the Central
      Region to the Secretary of State

      Ronald Klain Chief of Staff to the Vice President

      Jared Bernstein Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President

      Susan Sher Chief of Staff to the First Lady

      Lee Feinstein Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor

      Mara Rudman Foreign Policy Advisor

  • Mercyme

    We put these people in as we were not happy with the "all" democrat House, and now here they are afraid of losing their jobs since Obama has come into office once again, and now they are bowing to the wants of Obama. If they value their re-election, they better remember why we put them there!

    • J

      I don't remember why we put them there. They don't do much.

    • cathat

      You hit the nail on the head.

  • Margaret Weber

    This is the reason why I am changing my party affiliation. I do not believe the Republican politicians anymore because they are always caving in to the liberals.
    I am fed up!!!

    • oliver

      what will you change to???the dim-a-gogs damn sure are not worth living. and the ind. will never have a chance at anything except splitting the votes.

    • aryton senna

      I changed to Mexico in May 2003!

    • oliver

      Do they have welfare and food stamps? OH that's right obama is sending food stamps over there now.. GUNS for DRUG DEALERS. anything else you can think of to get them to come over here and vote.

    • Willi

      After decades of voting for the lesser of two evils, I finally cancelled my republican registration. By the way, "republicans" do not deserve a capital "R." They have become supporters of the marxist-in-charge, so that they can continue to make big money by joining this massive criminal activity.

    • Marlin

      Where are you going to go? The sociaist party? Better to be an independent

  • SuperRoadrunner

    Just watch. the spineless Republicans will roll over on not only on taxes, but, for the purpose on broadening their base, will also "compromise" on immigration! No guts, no glory. These guys must be wearing lace on their shorts!

    • Harold

      Is this just another way of saying they are a bunch of panty waists. Or are they IN BED with Obama, if you get my meaning.

    • cathat

      The Republicans are stupid, if they roll over on immigration. All they will do is hand the Dems 15-20 million more votes. It will not help them to get re-elected. Shame on McCain, Graham, King and anyone else that does not keep their word. They are no different than Susan Rice and her lies on Benghazi. A lie is a lie is a lie!
      These guys need to get out of the way and let true Conservatives represent the Conservatives of this Country. When party becomes more important than Country or your word, then you are done. These losers have lost their way, if they ever had it. They just talk like Obama and think that if they say it, we will believe it will get done. That is the Democrat way. PARTY being more important than COUNTRY OR CONSTITUTION. GET RID OF THESE FRAUDS. I am not surprised about McCain, who unfortunately is my Senator or Graham, where you see one, you see the other. I am surprised and disappointed in Peter King.

    • Disgusted

      They're not spineless--They are in collusion with the democrats and have been for many decades now. Why can't you see this? It's all show and no substance. They're playing us.

    • axmickl

      These people are not Republicans, they are individuals looking out for their own interests. The last Republican in the white house was Reagan.

  • Obummer

    It's simple math in the common household, make more money or lower your debt load. This could easily be applied to fixing the state of the economy and considering they have tried their version of make more money (ei: raise taxes) and it has failed miserably, they need to reduce the debt load. WHY IS THERE NEVER A DISCUSSION ABOUT REDUCING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT AND ITS SPENDING. On both sides, they only talk and fight about raising taxes !!! These people are complete morons and will bring this country to its knees with their short shortsightedness. Reduce Government (all levels except for military) by 70% and it will run exactly the same. We will have plenty of workers for the fields as most government workers have little to no skill and then all we have to do is ship all the illegal mexicans back, problem fixed.

    • L Sutton

      I can think of 5 major Departments we can do away with. Unfortunately 30 million +
      now work for the government!

  • samtman

    REp.King is not belholden to Grover its over Norquist, Senator King is reports to the people not Grover.

    • Terry

      you are correct samtman, but he SIGNED a pledge, and he has been reelected how many times with that pledge being used as a campaign issue/promise/statement?

    • Eric Zarahn

      True. And moreover, Norquist is a traitor: he pals around with Islamists and has worked for Islamization. He is a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • URKiddinMee

      So taxing the people into third world nation status is a "good" thing in your book,sam?

  • Dean

    To many RINO's,

    • Ee

      Yes like Lisa murkowski from Alaska

  • Gene

    Here comes the birth of the Contitutionalist Party.

    • oldcoyote

      We had a great Constitutionalist running but when he mentioned auditing the "Federal Reserve" the jew media shot him down.

    • leefromok

      It was the new world order people in the republican party that cheated us out of this election.

    • oldcoyote

      The ones pushing the NWO are the jew swill that will run it.

    • donjusko

      They are not just one party, they are both parties. Start with the CFR and UN, get rid of them, they are easy to recognize.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Who is the in the jew-media?

      I thought it was the Bilderberger Power-Lusting wanna-be's who are at the top of the media.
      Of course, if you mean Rothschilds and those of that ilk who run the Bilderberg club, then maybe you are right.

    • oldcoyote

      You got it!!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      "K," you old-coyote Patriot!

    • donjusko

      The Bilderberger's are under the Illuminati, Jesuits and Committee of 300 (the Bank of London), they control the media, the money and the government. They want the NWO and a World Bank.

  • TheTexasCooke dies the Republican Party. Maybe the Tea Party will realize that now and do what they should have done before: become themselves instead of being part of somebody else.

    • Breeze13

      Yep Tex. I left the tea party when they let the repubs get their foot in the door, they should have supported the best person, not the party.

    • Warrior07

      I quit voting for anyone who didn't espouse the TEA Party ethos. Not all Republicans are TEA Party, we call them RINOs. Do your homework before you vote and question all suspected repubs that claim one philosophy but exhibit another. Filter these ilk out of the TEA.

    • Shell

      Breeze, when you left the Tea Party where did you go? To the Democratic party? If the Republicans/Tea Party is in the tank then this nation is ruled by a one party system which begets a dictatorship and once that happens the only thing left would be a revolution, but people have to unite to keep the Constitution with all the checks and balances or "We the People" and this great nation is LOST!

    • axmickl

      You talk as though there is hope that all is not yet lost. I'm sorry my friend but as far as I can see, all is lost now with the second coming of the communist. When they start collecting your guns, what will you really do?

    • speedle

      axmicki, I wouldn't be quite that pessimistic if I were you. It's true we are going to have to go through a world of guano, but then there will be an awakening and a revolution (either peaceful or not), and we will start all over with the causes of our economic downfall fresh on our collective minds.

      This all started with the advancement of the Left (instigated by the Viet Nam war). That generation of malcontents proliferated into academia, and the rest is history. Obama's election and re-election is the crowning apex of collectivist thought. When it fails (as it surely will), an newly engaged population will turn away from its pop culture worship and rebuild the country.

    • axmickl

      I beg to disagree my friend. This newly engaged population you speak of will be made up of blacks, Mexicans and malcontents from all over the world. This administration will make sure of that. Do you honestly expect those people to rebuild anything? Before the end of this century they will be at each others throats eating one another. Where will your kids and grandkids be when all this happens? If you want examples, look at the places these leaches come from.

    • tom s

      hope you are right, and I think that the country will tank before it can be (perhaps) brought back and it will probably take "another" revolution and those takers will continue to back the liberals until their freebie money runs out.

    • speedle

      That's a good point Shell. All these people with this righteous indignation (also known as Ron Paul disease) are one of the causes of Obama's re-election. We didn't get this kind of government overnight, and if we can get rid of it before it destroys us it will not be done overnight either. The idiots in the electorate have to be manipulated by skillful politicians, and unfortunately at this time all of those are on the other side. Another Reagan would be nice, but he is dead and we are going to have to find a replacement.

    • tom s

      yeah, perhaps to support the "lesser" of two evils (?) is distasteful but the alternative is to help elect the obamas and with those wasted or uncast votes along with the fraud by the liberals, look at what got back in...

    • donjusko

      Are you calling Liberty and following the Constitution righteous indignation AH? Keep spewing you're troll comments while having no idea how the vote was manipulated or who is in control of Obama.

    • Breeze13

      I remember when TEA stood for "Taxed Enough Already". Don't hear that anymore, but you believe what you want. The Tea party sold out to the repubs.

    • Ron Obvious

      Nothing to leave there Breeze! The Tea party is a state of mind, not an actual party at this time! If you don't believe in Constitutional Government, dramatic spending cuts, dramatic cuts in Federal Taxes and the 1st 13 rights of the Bill of Rights, then you did leave the "Tea Party", but if you still hold to those beliefs, you still belong to the Tea Party. The fact that you didn't understand that, probably means, you never were a true "Tea Party" member to begin with. The GOP and DNC are pretty much the same party with just different players. Both parties want to end the "Tea Party" mind set to be able to push their Progressive agenda! The GOP is designed to fool the conservatives, while the DNC is designed to court the Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Moron voters!

    • donjusko

      Ron has it right again, it's nice to see someone that knows what he is talking about. Bring the troops home now, Obama and the UN want them all stranded out of the country when it hits the fan. He promise to end the war in Afganistan then send over 35,000 more troops. He's signing more than 50 unconstitutional executive mandate laws per day.

    • donjusko

      Mention Liberty and Ron Paul's name. I left the GOP party when Romney forcibly removed Ron Paul and his delegates in Tampa. It really didn't matter which of the puppets you voted for, the votes all still haven't been counted, they never will be. The military wasn't allowed to vote, the voting was rigged because of our "secret" computer voting system, Johnson got a lot more than 1.1% of the vote.

    • davienne

      the republican has turned its back on the constitution a long time ago... they are nothing but a little to the right than the far left... the dems have corrupted the republican party... its now about getting elected... not the people... there are still some that are constitional conservitive republicans

    • John Flaherty

      I don't think the Tea Party precisely had the numbers to elect persons to office. I had the impression that they became part of the Republican Party mostly to gain greater opportunity to be elected.

    • Ron Obvious

      The Tea Party's folly was to get in too big a hurry. We have the numbers to take the local and some states legislator offices, which is where we need to build our base and get the word out. Our problem is the country is in such a terrible shape, that we don't have much time before the Progressives/anti-Cosntitution folks destroy this country - economic collapse and collapse of our currency, along with tyrannical government. So those who understand the dire situation the country is in, held their noses and once again voted for the lesser of 2 evils, only problem is over 3+ million conservative voters elected to vote for Obama by not voting at all! So they did make a statement, but they also doomed this country to almost certain collapse at this point. They have essentially committed national suicide to make a point.
      When the dust clears, and the food riots end, eventually a new nation(s) will rise from the ash of what now is called, "United States of America", but I don't expect there to be 50 states, but more than likely several super-states, combind to help off-set governmental expenses and may the state better able to be for all pratical purposes, a country in and of itself... kinda like Texas was when it entered into the Union. Texas was actually a country of its own, when it entered into the Union we call the United States of America! It may be a country again, in the near future! Who knows, Texas might pick up Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisana and Arizona when it secedes! I would expect to see Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, West Virginia, and maybe Florida and the Carolina's forming a super state... maybe Virginia tossed in as well. IL, IN, OH, PA, MI, MN, and WI would probably form another, then the Plain states another, with the states west of the Rockies making up the West Super state, and the Rest of the Eastern seaboard another. Alaska would probably be a country of its own, or possibly join Canada! Of course it may not, but I base this on general demographic of social and economic mind-set of the states. Who know the "South" of the Civil war, may truly rise again, with Texas tossed in... all at this point is purely theory and conjecture!

    • donjusko

      Good thinking Ron, if we can't nullify Obama and we can't pay the bills Obama is making and we don't have sound money, we have to secede.

  • lara

    shame on our president..shame shame



    • oldcoyote

      The Marxist SOB ain't my president!!

    • davienne

      he has no shame...

    • Marcelyn Sinclair

      Lara....Why do you still refer to Obama as "our president"....he isn't mine!....

    • har82

      Shame ??, that doesn't even begin to describe all he's done.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      What President? We have a "Resident" still squatting in our White House.

  • Piltdown911

    Shame on all those who ignore their oath of office, an oath that would make this discussion irrelevant.

    • totallyfedup

      Sounds a lot like the promises/oath Obozo has made & never kept. He never intends to make good on any promise or oath he pledged to become president twice over, Obozo's intentions are to run this country into the ground by selling us out to Bilderberg-

    • davienne

      coming soon to a fema camp near you... i love that show ....conspiracy theory

    • BeautifulAmerica


    • leefromok

      link doesn't work

    • oliver

      you must have bad mouth o-butt-hole..

    • madog2

      There is now such thing as honor once you become a member of the Washington rats. Never trust a lawyer, gambler or political scam artist. And that's what the majority of the elected scum in Washington are. The big problem is that the dumbassed American public keeps them in office term after term.

    • go for it

      McCain has always been for big govy.... graham he is like a washing machine.. cheap and dirty....

    • don

      you got it a little wrong. THERE all in it for themselfs. an the power that come with it. some go in poor an all come out rich. become theifs liers tyrants an all lean left before its over. all except ONE but hes to old -crazy- but give him credit the old crazy never changed on the constition. fought till his last day. even for you that hated him. perhaps the last true consitionist.go ahead laught but what do you have today? a road that will end bad. not just for me an you but for the ones that voted him in for the 2 time to..pull up a chair an hang on we are in for one hell of aride down.

    • Larry Maggard

      ..they have betrayed the people again and again, their word is worthless, and yet, s certain sect of idiot voters, (like ca.) will put these incompetant bafoons in office ....once more, to finish us off!!

    • just ramblin

      It is outright TREASON,and they should be TRIED for it and HUNG publicly,I think it would just take one or two and they might take that OATH they KNOWINGLY took to heart.
      Start with the YELLOWBELLY beohner and mccain and reid the horsethief and piglosi ,and obama the ILLEGAL.
      just rambling

    • moonwinx

      No one has the balls to start the impeachment proceedings!

    • Ron Obvious

      Don't forget McConnell in that first round of hangings! Again, Term Limits people! We need a public outcry for Term Limits to be amended to the U.S. Constitution!!! Not just for Congress but for Supreme Court as well!

    • donjusko

      I hate this site, they erase my message when I choose how to post.
      You're right Ron, we must have term limits. Add any members of the CFR, Illuminati or Council of 300 to you're list. No to the UN, World bank and NWO. Keep our sovereignty, get rid of the Incorporated DC government if you want a real Congress and Senate, the Council of 300 controls our money and our government.

    • Tom for Truth

      The OATH they took was to a congressional lobbyist acting on behalf of unknown, though obvious employers. Their first duty is to the their Oath of Office.

      Unfortunately, your "rambling" is just too common among emotional reactions to concepts that elude your capacity of understanding!


    • don

      so it is with congress today.its all aboutt money an power. lie hell lieing is the norm. an NO one cares. everone thinks their now owed something. the last real democrate once said ask not what my country can do for me but what i can do for my country. between then an now WE lost it all.democrates have now become commists an have set us on a path that has avery bad ending in store.

    • donjusko

      It's true, 70% of our Congress and Senate are card carrying Socialists, Democratic Socialists of America, DSA.

    • Tom for Truth

      Exactly. Grover must believe that there is honor among thieves. Congratulations to those who have finally realized and renounced this perfidious situation.