Hillary Clinton Looks For Exit Days After Inauguration

On the heels of yesterday's story regarding Attorney General Eric Holder's contemplation about leaving the Obama Department of Justice, it now appears that another prominent member of the administration will be exiting the regime. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intends to step down from her position just 'days' following the inauguration in January.

"The Secretary has been honored to serve as President Obama's Secretary of State, and has loved every minute of leading this Department and being part of the State family," a Clintons spokesman says in an email. "But yes, you can confirm yet again that she's been clear about her intention to leave after the first term."

According to spokesman Phillipe Reines, "She has said that she wants to ensure continuity, and realizes the confirmation of her successor might take a period of days beyond that."

No mention was made as to whether or not Mrs. Clinton would be contemplating a 2016 run for the presidency or not.

Clinton confirmed her stepping down earlier in the year in an interview with CNN. At that time she was asked if she would like to be president, vice president or secretary of defense and she responded with a simple "no" three times.

But hang on to your hats here. The top candidate to replace her is believed to be none other than swift boat failure and 2004 Democrat Presidential loser, Senator John Kerry.

But even with her protestations, you know all politicians do it, especially the Clintons, some pundits believe she will be the front runner for 2016. Over at Politico, Alexander Burns writes,

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would start out as a dominant favorite in the 2016 Iowa caucuses if she chooses to run for president, a new survey from Public Policy Polling finds.

The PPP poll, which was shared exclusively with POLITICO, shows Clinton taking 58 percent of the Iowa vote in a hypothetical presidential run. Vice President Joe Biden trails far behind at 17 percent, followed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at 6 percent and Massachusetts Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren at 3 percent.

None of the other Democrats tested – Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Virginia Sen. Mark Warner – cracked 1 percent in the poll.

If Clinton doesn’t run, Biden would jump into the lead with a less-commanding 40 percent of the vote, with Cuomo rising to 14 percent and Warren up to 9 percent. In the event that neither Clinton nor Biden runs, Cuomo draws 30 percent to Warren’s 13 percent, with 46 percent of voters unsure who they’d support.

All I have to say is, if the GOP thinks that running another moderate liberal is the answer and they don't get their act together soon, they are looking at being relinquished to the ash heap of political parties. Already cries are coming out for a third party from those on the inside, including Herman Cain. The reality is, there is already a third party in the GOP and it's made up of real Constitutionalists and true conservatives. They just have to stand up and tell the establishment to quit giving us candidates we can't support without holding our noses.

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  • Steve

    I would hope we could see Hillary on the Supreme Court so she could be out of politics. Fast and Furious Holder can go away forever. We need someone who is willing to prosecute the crooks on Wall Street, the Fed and Government.

  • reggiec

    The rats are abandoning the ship. Could it be that the "insiders" know about some matter hitting the fan and do not want to be around to get splattered?

  • GVJaneAz

    Obama will likely nominate Valerie Jarrett, She is now supposedly negotiating with Iran. Yes, I know it doesn't sound possible, but this is Obama. I would just like to see him get rid of Holder (Heil).

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbjeanpatton Barb Patton

    The ones that know toooooooooooooooo much of the skullduggery and underhand dealings are "going" "resigning" thus allowing the latte one to put in new, fresh and stupid faces. I for one will not miss the old hagbag hillary and it is to be hoped that pelosi will follow soon thereafter.

    • FineTexan

      The 'yellow one' will go down in flames...hopefully Air Force One. Biden would be easy to handle if he were president. I could stand that for a moment until he came to his end.

  • swade_98_2

    But then we'll have laughing Biden head of our Country. Unless they can and I am sure they can bring him up on charges. Truth be known, The people leaving the Regime has been thrown under the bus by Obama and his Thugs and they don't like it. Some have become such a detrement to what their group, they are secretly being told to resign. See that's how Obama and his grand Thugs roll.

    • FineTexan

      That's what I believe. The RATS are leaving the ship. They no longer want any part of Obama. They have been used and abused.

  • swade_98_2

    If Congress proceeds with the Impeachment started last March, they all may be stepping down, if we can get Reid and Pelosi out of Senate.

  • http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com Chuck Fowler

    Hillary shouldn't "step down" down after the inauguration, she should resign NOW -- AND be subpoenaed to testify before Congressional committees about Bengahzi.

  • jojo

    Looks like all the rats are leaving a sinking ship.

  • VocalYokel

    Hillary isn't going to wait until 2015 to run.

    She's running now...from Barry-O, Benghazi, and all the other slime she swam in when she agreed to became part of the sham that is this administration.

  • Dukhook

    All rats know when a ship is sinking and they naturally look to save themselves. But the biggest enemy of these rodents isn't drowning, it's having to testify before Congressional committees investigating the various Obama administration scandals like Fast & Furious, the Benghazi tragedy and all those failed green energy company money dumps.

  • KC [email protected]

    Hallray she no good either but she wants all think she is.