GOP Senator To Racist Dems: 'Only Color' In Benghazi Matter Is Red Blood Of Slain

While I confess I am not a huge supporter of the Senator from my home State of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, I do agree with his statement on Wednesday in light of the attacks that he and Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte have received for their criticisms of United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, saying that they were both "racist" and "sexist." During a radio interview on "Kilmeade & Friends," Graham said, "The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed," referencing the four men that were killed during the Benghazi attacks.

During the interview Graham spoke out about those who sought to attack his criticism of Obama's failed foreign policy, as well as, Ambassador Rice. He said, "If you can't answer the question, you attack the questioner ... my criticism has been about failed foreign policy."

"The only color that matters to me is red, the blood of those who were killed," he continued. "I think it's a good thing for people of color and women to be appointed to the highest level of our government, because in the past, they couldn't be. I think it would be a terrible thing in America if you couldn't question and challenge what they did in their jobs."

Earlier in the week, Graham and other Senators were openly attacked by the House Black Caucus, including Chairwoman Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI). Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) took shots at nearly 100 House Republicans who demanded that Barack Obama not appoint Susan Rice as Secretary of State.

The Hill reports,

On Wednesday, Graham defended his critique of Rice by noting he had also called for the resignations of white, male Obama administration officials, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and chief counterterrorism adviser John Brennan.

He added that he believed there still remained legitimate questions about Rice's statements in the immediate aftermath of the attack, which attributed the violence in Benghazi to protests over an anti-Islamic YouTube video, rather than planned terrorism.

"What did Susan Rice do? She told a story about a mob based on a video that led to the death of Americans, and that story is based not on any intelligence that we posses. So, somebody made this story up, and if she had access to the true intelligence and didn't check it, that's incompetence on her part," Graham said. "If there is truly no intelligence to support what she was saying and what the president was saying, someone made up this story line that was politically beneficial."

The Democrats always want to turn something into something that it is not. In this case they have taken a very serious issue where four men have lost their lives and those from their own party, in some of the most powerful positions in the world, have lied to cover up the reason why they were killed. They then turned on those who are seeking answers and trying to keep one of the people involved in the perpetration of the lie concerning Benghazi from being promoted. It seems in politics the ones that scream the loudest about racism or sexism are the true racists and sexists. I'm glad to see that Senator Graham is keeping his eye on the ball here. Now, if we could just get him to see the problem with "indefinite detention" of American citizens that would be a step in the right direction.

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  • Doug H

    Look BC:

    Rice knew full well what she was doing. If she didn't, she ought to be singing like a bird as to who handed her the information and the path it took to get to her. Any spokesperson knows their credibility is on the line when they stand before the public. When the information is proven false, the spokesperson is the first to face any criticism. If she was set up, the administration has no deny-ability or right to throw the racist card. So, BC, if you want the truth, talk to the intelligence committee. After that, ponder what has been discovered. Once you have the truth, set back and privately -- because we may have national security issues here -- have a behind the shed meeting with the real perpetrators of this fiasco. Forget the party and forget race. We're Americans here, and your job is to do what's best for America.

    End of story!

  • J J

    The race card is used way too much by the black people. They use it every time something doesn't go their way or every time one of their race is chastised or admonished. Senator Graham is right - the only color that should be prevalent here should be red for the death of the American citizens in Benghazi. When will the black people stop putting the attention on their race and put the attention on the situation as it is? If Susan Rice made inaccurate statement because she was told to, that's one thing. But the bigger question is, why was she put in front of the camera in the first place - it should have been Hillary Clinton or President Obama. But even if President Obama had gotten up there himself, the race card would still be thrown out there. It isn't always about the color of the skin - it is sometimes the content of the issue that needs to be addressed. Get off the race card, please.