Does “Count Every Vote” only apply to liberals and minorities

Voting Rights is an essential element of the foundational rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. It appears the way that is currently applied and enforced in states that voted for Obama, that this basic citizen right’s train only goes one way. Election officials in Cleveland, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and certain Florida counties are just a few of the areas where voting irregularities and voter suppression of conservative Republicans and many white voters, have left their rights stranded at the station.

Voter Fraud Warning Signs In Cleveland, Ohio did not prevent widespread fraud

In Cleveland, there were dozens of accounts of precincts were where there were a total of 106,000 plus votes for President Obama, but the total possible votes could only amount to 98,216. This works out to vote fraud and vote theft, when 108 percent of Obama votes come out of Cleveland voter precincts. Yet, it gets even worse. In 21 voter districts in Cleveland Romney garnered precisely zero votes. Romney improved in 23 other districts, by receiving precisely one vote in each district.

This is not only voter theft of biblical proportions, but by rigging the urban vote totals in cities like Cleveland, Philadelphia and other urban areas, it diminishes the voting rights of conservative, republican and many non-minority voters who went to the polls expecting an honest election result. Civil rights of voters being abridged? Absolutely right! Yet, where is the “Count every vote” rallying cry?

Of course, it would be unfathomable to expect that civil rights organizations which have railed against republicans for imaginary voter fraud occurrences. Yet, since the Kennedy presidential win in 1960, where he and democrat campaign forces stole the election. Oh, didn’t you know that in Chicago, they let the dead vote, and that put Kennedy over the electoral threshold.

Nothing was done about it then and this practice of systematic voter fraud has been a carefully crafted practice that Republicans have decided to never take action on, afraid of being labeled “poor losers”

But they were not only the losers in this fraudulent misappropriated electoral process. Voters’ rights were stolen and left on the shelf as useless and meaningless as the laws that were never used to combat this despicable practice.

So generation after generation of voters is left with the same stale taste in their mouth, and resentment in their gut. They have been led by the nose by mainstream media pundits, organizations like the NAACP, and civil rights standard bearers like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to never question these practices. If they are challenged they play the race card early and certainly often.

Therefore, timid republican candidates who lose are left with the same absurd answer which never changes. “You have to understand that is how it’s done in those urban cities.” Liberal media pundits pass it off as if this illegal fraudulent practice is merely “misbehaving children who are doing what is expected.”

But voters deserve a heck of a lot better, instead of being asked to accept that violating voting laws is OK, if it is done in urban and minority controlled cities or counties. The nation should not come to expect as business as usual that wholesale theft of a presidency by any means necessary is like “children misbehaving.”

Two thousand twelve is the line in the sand and this time. Voters who value the rule of law should soundly reject the false sense of unearned republican guilt, conservative guilt or white guilt that liberals and mainstream media would like to heap onto them. This is the time for republican leaders and campaign officials to demonstrate steel in their backbone and challenge this election fraud as Congressman Allen West is doing in Florida!

It is not racist to confront Election Day irregularities in urban areas, because those urban areas happen to be administrated and controlled by black officials. After all what is the worst that can possibly happen? Legitimate elections could spring forth and, accurate legitimate vote totals could be the result. In addition, possibly dozens of Election Day and city or county officials could begin taking up residence on the business side of a jail or prison cell!

Instead of repeating the oft used phrase, “I guess we’ll get them next time,” voters, conservatives, republicans, and Tea Party members should ditch that nonsensical notion and fight for electoral justice. Voter theft and voter suppression is not right when it is used against any voter, whether he is black, white, brown, conservative or a Tea Party supporter.

Grand juries should be impaneled in every single city or county where voter theft occurred or even if there was the whiff of voter impropriety. Civil rights which is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution must be used if it is to have any true meaning or power.

Voter justice is sacred and it must be protected as well as insured, and its application must be color blind. Forget the guilt that liberals and civil rights Obama action teams would attempt to hang around your neck.

In America, every vote must count and only once. Now get ready, get set, and be prepared to taking your voter rights back!

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.
  • Disgusted!

    This is just sad and even more sad is that ther is no justice! There never will be with criminals running the Country!

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    This is how the Democrats get into office is by stealing elections.

  • Patriot

    Voter fraud is not just serious, but is as dangerous to our system as any terrorist attack...perhaps even more so. I think it should be a treasonable act and thus in egregious cases, subject to death penalty. What power does the average citizen have, if they can not trust the voting system, and that all participants have been properly vetted. Perhaps it would then be given the respect it should afford.

  • freedomringsforall

    I used to be very involved in elections and the issues and stats etc. in Michigan and helped a lot of candidates get elected (Presidential, US Senate, US House) not just the state level.

    A comment Obama made earlier on election today really struck me as odd and so out of place with historic election results that I had to do a double take and listen to it again to see if he really had said what I thought I had heard...

    What he said was something like that if the early results don't look so good; be patient.

    Then so many things that come out of Obama's mouth are hard to figure out until after the fact that it was hard at the time to make any sense of it.

    Well that statement should strike anyone odd that has had anything to with elections in the USA forever.

    Historically the majority of the urban centers voter results come in earlier and the rural areas straggle in later.

    Also anyone that has had any election experience should automatically understand that Obama's biggest support and widest margins would come from the urban centers.

    So, as even a couple of the election night pundits on the more liberal outlets pointed out earlier in the evening when people were starting to prognosticate on wins and losses, Obama should have large margins banked in those urban centers to be able to withstand the rural vote majorities for Romney trickling in over the rest of the night.

    I was actually impressed with them having the guts even on more liberal outlets to state a normally factual truism in spite of all the Obama cheerleading going on around them.

    Well, shortly after that I noticed something that I thought was odd.

    I have to digress that even though now I live in south Texas I lived most my life in Michigan.

    As I said previously I have worked a lot of state wide national campaigns in Michigan and helped a number of people get into office. Major players not the minor leagues.

    What I started to notice when I saw that most everyone had called Michigan for Obama is that only 17% of the vote was declared as in.

    So, I went to the handy dandy Fox News election results and scrolled down and clicked on Michigan where you can then wave your pointer over the state map and see the county by county % of vote return that is in.

    Well, to my surprise none of the most major cities were anywhere near 100 % in and a lot of the out counties were.

    Well, being that I know Michigan like the back of my hand having worked the election statistics in-side out and forwards and backwards there for a few years that just didn’t make sense from my experience.

    Then as the night went on I heard David Axelrod on one of the more liberal outlets singing the same song as Obama did earlier in the day and sounding like it was their scripted talking points for the night.

    He stated about Ohio that most of the out state vote was in and now as the last of the city vote comes in Obama ought to pull out ahead, but it will probably be close.

    There it was again.

    That seemed very strange.

    I know that we do have phones and computers now but we did when I managed campaigns in Michigan and always the majority of the city vote came in earlier and the democrats needed to have handy leads to with stand the trickle in from outstate votes the
    remainder of the night.

    So, I went back to them Michigan map and it was later in the evening about the time the entire election was call for Obama and it was still a close total but when I started waving the pointer over the map I was seeing almost all the outstate votes 100% reported
    but the major cities not so much.

    I went to the Ohio map and same thing, then Florida, and on and on, with all the same results.

    State after state the same thing no matter how late it got (and I am talking I watched until 4am) the pattern was the same.

    Now; why when traditionally the majority of the city vote comes in first then the rural areas do, why were there many, many city areas all over the USA that are reporting last?

    And Obama telegraphed that that would be what happens early on election day and then Axelrod was saying that would happen relatively early in the evening.

    What is it that they knew that flies in the face of the simple logic and tradition that even pundits on liberal outlets hold as a truism, that the rest of us did not know?

    Or should I say most of the rest of us didn’t know?

    I sure wish someone would do some serious digging into that, to find out just what it was that they knew that most of us did not.

    What; have the urban areas started going back to telegraph and pony express or something?

    No, I haven’t heard of that in the news so I am sure that’s not the answer.

    Again, Please we need to investigate this.

    Donald Trump and others please get on this and spend some of your money to help this get appropriately investigated and prosecuted where needed.

  • mm

    Hell yeah! The whites are now the minority in America and we will never know it unless we collect our own data! We will never be told we are the minority because the blacks and hispanics want that good old gravy train to keep on flowing!Take a look around my friends! Everyone is mixed racial and there are no more minorities except for white Americans who now (especially white men) have fewer rights than these slick willys!

  • Rachel

    I read an article today on Gulagbound website that due to some lawsuit settlement years ago, the RNC aren’t legally able to prevent voter fraud!!! No joke. Here is some of what I read...

    As part of a lawsuit settlement with the Democrat Party, the Gutless Old Party agreed to not engage in any voter protection initiatives. Two of the clauses read this way:

    (e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

    (f) refrain from having private personnel deputized as law enforcement personnel in connection with ballot security activities.
    It's unbelievable!

    • Patriot

      IF, this were true, it could be easily be solved by a structural change one does with any association, corporation...corporate veils. It would then not be bound by that agreement. I can not imagine it is true, if it is, the leadership of GOP should be horsewhipped for the stupidity in not reorganizing its nonprofit organizational negate it.

    • Rachel

      It does seem unbelievable. But then what IS the explanation of them doing NOTHING in the face of all the evidence of voter fraud?

  • joanc

    What went unnoticed were the Democratic poll workers wearing Obama hats, in one precinct there was a huge wall painting that touted Obama. How this was allowed is unbelievable,I guess it is different strokes for some people, but not if they look as if they are voting for Romney. One woman, wearing an MIT tee shirt for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was informed she couldn't vote because she was wearing a MIT logo. Huh ?Where do they draw the line? Don't ask, we already know, after hearing about the fraudulent voting in several states, and those are the ones who were caught. Nothing will be done ,just as it was slipped under the rug in 2008. Obama's workers, were blatently breaking election law by advertising their candidate in the voting room, which is a major no- no. The workers in several other places would not allow the GOP poll workers in to the precinct. I can't imagine how in some towns in different states, there were zero votes for Romney and 19,000 plus for Obama.. That is one for the Believe it or Not Ripley museum. The odds are against it happening in one place, but to have it occur in several is one for the books-- the police blotter comes to mind, because that's where they all should have ended up-- Book em Dano.. Our votes, have become an exercise in futility, we lost our voting rights to those who can and do finagle them. What a damn shame it is to see this happen in our great country. Where is the outrage from the Election committees of the two parties, and what did the poll moderators do to stop this from happening? ?

  • R.Young

    Voting has become nothing more than an exercise in futility!

  • lonestarlady

    For anyone who think that Obama is planning on giving up his throne guess again. It is rumored that he will change things during his second term so that he will get a third term. BHO has no intention of leaving and Congress doesn't have the cojones to Impeach him or better still try him for Treason. Obama and the Dems plan on staying in power forever and it will be up to every Patriot in this country to make sure that this doesn't happen.

  • SickAndTired

    BUT WHAT TO DO!?!? We're on this blog site, typing our damn fingers off... and what. WHAT!?!? I am so frustrated with my lack of power to do a damn thing. I don't even know where to start. Allen West is someone who CAN do something, but he's the only one that IS! Damn limp dick Republican party - the article had it just right: We're such damn guilt sponges. WELL GET OVER IT, ROMNEY! AND ALL THE REST OF YOU! Take a clue from West and FIGHT, DAMN IT!

    • Rachel

      I read an article today on Gulagbound website that due to some lawsuit settlement years ago, the RNC aren’t legally able to prevent voter fraud!!! No joke. Here is some of what I read...

      As part of a lawsuit settlement with the Democrat Party, the Gutless Old Party agreed to not engage in any voter protection initiatives. Two of the clauses read this way:

      (e) refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose;

      (f) refrain from having private personnel deputized as law enforcement personnel in connection with ballot security activities.
      It's unbelievable!

  • Patriot Paratrooper

    There's also another thing that is disturbing about the voting. How come when I vote, I don't get a paper copy of my vote? It would be pretty hard to manipulate my vote if I had a printout of my choices. And it would be much more likely that the elections would be honest. Of course, if you had to show ID it would be more honest. Don't you have to show some form of ID to get that govt check?

  • Patriot Paratrooper

    If you draw any type of govt check for not working, ( not social security since you had to pay into it) you should not be allowed to vote. PERIOD. It is a conflict of interest, They're always going to vote whoever is going to give them the most. And at the expense of the working people. This is the democrat form of slavery. And it's not discrimination. You want to vote, get a job. If you choose a welfare check, you voluntarily give up that right. Sound crazy? Tell me a better way to straighten this country out besides seccesion, and I'm listening.

    • Michael Fernandez

      What about military service connected disability payments?

  • C.S.A.

    Your vote only counts if you are a dem-o-rat and over votes seem to be the norm.

  • freedomforall

    every vote should be re-examined and there should be a recount. What can we do now?

    • Rachel

      WE can't do usual. All our power and our "Representatives" are gone. As far as I know...only Allen West is forcing a recount. I don't believe the State Repubs will even ask for one. Don't ask me why. It's unimagineable.

    • Richard Blake

      Call your Senators demanding a recount of the fraud seen in States like PA,OH,CO,FL,MI,NC to name a few.

  • har82

    After watching this ,,, election I would say so lol. Makes me wonder just how many dead people in this country are still voting lol.

    • Ed Scott

      Wonder how many dead people in this country are still getting a check.

    • Rachel

      You find that amusing, har82? There is nothing amusing about voter fraud and election rigging.

    • har82

      Well Rachel ,, in my 57 years I have learned to smile at most things that disgust me. It is either that ,,, or risk a long jail term ( or worse ) taking action on how I - really - feel about it. I can not put in print on here how I really feel. I would be in jail tomorrow. And if you think they aren't taking notes on all these blogs you are sadly ,,, mistaken lol. :) Myself ,, like a lot of the people on here are already labeled - domestic te rr or ists - . And I know for a fact ,,, That several departments in the Federal government just purchased - OVER 4 BILLION - ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINTS. So do you have - any - idea what - THE ONLY FUNCTION - of a hollow point is ????. It sure isn't for plinking my dear lol. And Just to give you an idea of how much it is , they didn't use - 4 billion - rounds in the entire Desert Storm fiasco ... Combined :) . So lady ,,,,, that is a h e l l of a lot of - one use only - rounds they just acquired . :)
      Just what ,,, do you ,,, think they are going to be using them for ????/ lol. As for me ,,, I know exactly ,, what they will use them for.

  • fliteking

    Nothing highlights the divide in America between liberals and Conservatives more than the liberal silence concerning the recent massive election fraud.

    There was a time when an issue such as this would bring Americans together . . . but no more.

    Instead the message from the majority of the liberals is a belief that they have permanently deffeated the Conservatives, and a ready willingness to eliminate the concerns of their fellow citizens in hopes of "bleeding their neighbors dry" .

    Conservatives have become the new whipping boy and the liberals just getting started, obviously their plan is to turn the heat up until Family, God and Country are destroyed and liberalism / perversion / hatred of others becomes the norm. In their excitement I think the liberals have forgotten just how commited we are to these values.

  • Carlo

    There is 1 interesting perspective of the Benghazi situation that everyone seems to have overlooked.
    Obama - the official stance for 2 weeks was that this was NOT a terrorist's attack, it was because of a video on YouTube.
    The video in question had been online for over 3 months, with very few hits.
    Consider the following:
    Our people in Benghazi requested help 3 times, and the ones that could have helped, were ORDERED to stand down 3 times.
    Since this started, Obama has relieved of their commands, 3 General's, and an Admiral, some of these were ORDERED to stand down, and they disobeyed.
    It also appears that Obozo is using this opportunity to weaken the upper echelon of OUR military.
    The Muslims wanted the blind Shiek that we have in jail released back to them. This is the guy that was behind the 1993 WTC bombing.
    An anlyst said that if the terrorists wanted to kill everyone, they could have done it in a half hour.
    However, they spent 7 hours trying to get to Stevens. I believe this whole situation was a botched kidnapping.
    When our guys disregarded Obama's orders, and went in, Obama was p.szed, and in the gunfight, they probably killed someone's relatives. After the loses, the Muslims NO LONGER wanted to go through the sharade of kidnapping Stevens, they wanted to kill him.
    NOW, WHY did they sodomize him?
    This was Obama's man. With this action, they were DIRECTLY insulting obama.
    I believe that Stevens was BROKERING an arms deal, WHERE obama was supplying the Muslim Brotherhood, AND Al Quaida with arms, and Stinger missles.
    I believe that obma, with his continual repeating of his 'VIDEO STANCE' story for 2 weeks, he was TRYING to tell HIS Muslim friends, that the military went in, WITHOUT his consent. that NOT just a little disturbing.
    Either accept this, or come up with a MORE plausible explanation.
    Bottom line - Obama should be tried for Treason.