Conservative Editor: "It Won't Kill The Country If We Raise Taxes" On Millionaires

Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, as well as many others in the Republican establishment are so quick to roll over to the Obama regime, in spite of retaining control in the House. Yes, Barack Obama was re-elected, but here's the thing, there is still a Republican controlled House. Apparently though, Kristol is one that seems more than ready to cave on higher taxes.

Kristol appeared on Fox News Sunday and said, “I think Republicans will have to give in much more than they think. He won re-election."

He continued:

"Elections have consequences... The leadership in the Republican Party and the leadership in the conservative movement has to pull back, let people float new ideas. Let’s have a serious debate. Don’t scream and yell when one person says, 'You know what? It won’t kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on millionaires.' It really won’t, I don’t think. I don’t really understand why Republicans don’t take Obama’s offer to freeze taxes for everyone below $250,000. Make it $500,000--make it a million. Really? The Republican Party’s going to fall on its sword to defend a bunch of millionaires? Half of whom vote Democratic, and half of whom live in Hollywood, and are hostile to Republican principles?”

Kristol is where much of the House has been the last 3 years. They have been acting for political expediency and we see where that has gotten us. John Boehner seems to be talking a good game at the moment, but he's done this before and it's always resulted in the same outcome, more debt and kicking the can down the road.

Pundits have said that the American people spoke in this election and that what they want is both sides to work together. Let me suggest that is about 180 degrees wrong. Did you elect a congressman or senator to "work with the other side" that you oppose? I sure didn't. Those candidates which I voted for, I did so because I agreed with their ideology and principles, not the other guy. Therefore that translates to the simple fact that I'm not interested in them "working with the opposition," but defeating them.

Joel Pollack put his two cents in here:

Giving in on Obama's tax hikes would not win many votes. But it would certainly end the GOP as a viable opposition.

Kristol has embraced a policy that is nothing more than a left-wing, soak-the-rich meme. It would not close the budget deficit; at best, it would reduce the annual $1 trillion-plus deficit by 7 cents on the collar. Raising taxes would, however, hurt investment and punish success. And Republicans have been burned before by agreeing to deals in which Congress hikes taxes and the promised spending cuts never materialize.

The point here is not to protect “millionaires.” (We conservatives call many of them small business owners, in case Kristol’s forgotten.) It is partly about protecting the economy. But it is also about preserving a check on the Democrats’ power, which is no greater today than on Nov 5. What House Republicans did in opposing the stimulus in 2009, unanimously and as a minority, they must now do on taxes as a governing majority.

If not, there is little else upon which Republicans will deserve to be trusted, by their own voters or by anybody.

He's right. This is what many of us were trying to communicate to the party as a whole this entire year, but instead of standing on principle, they thought being more "moderate" and more politically expedient was in order to save their power. It failed. It failed in 2008 too, but they don't seem to have learned a lesson.

However, I think the electorate who have supported the GOP, in particular the Tea Party Republicans do understand and we are not going to allow spinelessness to exist without putting some stress on the leadership. This is no time to have a defeatist attitude. Just think if our soldiers on the battlefield in wars past would have had such attitudes when they felt great opposition. As we remember veterans, we should also remember their courage and determination to defeat the opposition and we should likewise exhort our representatives to do the very same thing in the offices they hold.


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488 thoughts on “Conservative Editor: "It Won't Kill The Country If We Raise Taxes" On Millionaires

  1. Kristol lost all credibility with me when he continually encouraged Romney to avoid all the issues and just "look presidential." He is an example of the old boys club that has strangled the GOP for years. It's way past time for Kristol and his generation to move on and let some younger people with fresh ideas take over.

  2. This is yet another game be delivered as a possible solution, when in fact the slight of hand will reveal that millionaires do employee people and they do pay taxes and the do own businesses. Obama is banking on the fact that somehow this will be a solution. Problem,
    if you don't stop spending , raising taxes will just be a show. Everyone has places to put money to avoid immediate taxes. So let say they raise the taxes. If you have some money that will be taxed, you will put it into an " retirement account that avoids taxing until you withdraw it. So much for raisng immediate revenue. If you own a business, you may actually hire people to avoid taxation, especially minorities, females and new made U.S. citizens, and then in 4 years fire those people under a new tax code. The Obamacare will actually do more damage to the economy, then raising the "miltax" Obama is hoping that while everyone is positioning for more power and seeing how far they can pee, Obamacare will slid in and legally steal money that should be used for real production. What will save us is foreign investment in the U.S. It has some real bargains but if inflation takes off, say good by to the miltax. At the end of the day
    we will have some redistribution of wealth, but we will be in worst shape. And Obama will be considered the hero, even thou nothing was done . The next 4 years will appear to be better, but when the dust settles, it will actually be another way of kicking the can down the street.

  3. First, I think it would make sense to place a 95% tax on any elected or appointed official retired or active. 95% of their current income as well as 95% of any accumulated assets. They created the mess, let them show some ownership and responsibility in resolving it. Second, Many of the Hollywood elite have endorsed higher taxes on the wealthy, so they should be happy to have the same taxes applied to their wealth! Third, George Soros' worldwide assets should be seized and liquidated to apply to the public debt.... No need to increase taxes on anyone else!!!

    The next step is to look at the constitution. If a federal budget item is not specifically called out in the constitution, then it should be zeroed out. The resulting budget surplus could be split between the states and paying down the debt. Each state would then be free to determine how to deal with the rampant entitlements. I know many would be upset. I too have paid into Social Security all of my life. I have reconciled myself to the fact that I have been ripped off.... The money has been spent and there is nothing left, but I REFUSE to add to the debt burden of my kids and potential future grand kids!

    The next step would be to simplify the tax code: A single person gets a $10,000 standard deduction and pays 15% on everything else. Adding a wife gets another $7000 deduction. Then $3500 for each kid. 15% tax on capital gains, corporate profits and dividends. No further deductions allowed... Also, no ability to sell selective tax breaks in exchange for campaign contributions!

  4. Mr. Kristol is not a conservative, he is a neo-con. The neocons ccould just as well or easily be called neo-libs

  5. Tax increases of any kind are unacceptable. We are already taxed at the socialist level. We need to drastically cut out of control government at all levels, not raise more taxes. The Feds in particular!

  6. HorseTeethSam says:

    One could say that regarding just about every concession of freedom we've done to date - "It won't kill the country if..." No, not the single item. But taken together, it is the death of a thousand cuts. Don't worry, we'll do it. Politicians will give in to make it appear that they are actually doing something, people will believe in it and feel good because they are too ignorant of the facts and too dumb to do the math. We'll keep printing phony money... No amount of taxation (even 100% of every individual person's and every business's income) would even seriously dent the debt.

  7. I would layoff as many as I could just keep enough people to stay open ride this storm out until chaos and civil war is concluded.

  8. The word Conservative means the same thing as Liberal now.
    English is no longer the language of Politicos.

  9. Yeah let's defund the EPA, it's not like their protecting our drinking water, our air , our resasources, and and trying to make our world better. Oh wait minute they are. God guys are stupid.

  10. Progressive Republican says:

    Gotta wonder what little Billy's dad would've said about this. After all, It was his daddy Irving who pointed out how liberals have been wiping conservatives' butts since, well... quite a while. So, here's ANOTHER fact that all you FRWNJs can whine about, cry over, or otherwise deny:

    In “The Battle for Reagan’s Soul,” published in the Wall Street Journal on May 16, 1980, Irving Kristol wrote:

    "… And what if the traditionalist conservatives are right and a Kemp-Roth tax cut, without corresponding cuts in expenditures, also leaves us with a fiscal problem? The neo-conservative is willing to leave those problems to be coped with by liberal interregnums. He wants to shape the future, and will leave it up to his opponents to tidy up afterwards."

    This system worked, if somewhat erratically, for generations. Now, for the first time in modern history Republicons have refused to allow liberals to wipe their heavily soiled butts. As if that weren't bad enough, they've managed to convince the victims of Pres. Ronnie's, "let's-defund-public-education-and-make-a-generation-of-idiots-stupid-enough-to-vote-Republicon" pogrom that it's not THEIR butts or policies that stink.

  11. Kristol is a Rothschild agent, one of the controlled opposition.

  12. Here we go again. Another country club moderate Republican sucking up to Obama while pretending to be a conservative. Doesn't it just make you want to barf your guts out when you hear crap like this. If the liberal fools took 100% of everyone's income they still wouldn't be satisfied because they spend every waking hour of each day fantasizing of new ways to spend money on more wasteful projects and programs. Bill Kristol how about just shutting the hell up and let real conservatives speak for themselves?