Congressional Report: Middle East Terrorists Tied To Mexican Drug Cartels

The House Homeland Security Committee Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management has released a new congressional report that ties Middle East terror organizations to Mexican drug cartels.

The report, which was released on Thursday, is titled “A Line in the Sand: Countering Crime, Violence and Terror at the Southwest Border.” The report was prepared by Texas Republican Representative Michael McCaul, the subcommittee's chairman.

McCaul begins his report stating:

"While there have been many substantial improvements to border security since the issuance of the report, the threats from transnational criminal organizations and spillover violence remain. Additionally, the new element of Iran and Hezbollah's influence in Latin America has become very troubling. It is for these reasons that the Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management has decided to revisit this issue and update A Line in the Sand with a contemporary understanding of these threats and solutions thereto."

According to the report, the “Southwest border has now become the greatest threat of terrorist infiltration into the United States” and also claims that there is a "growing influence" in Latin America from Iranian and Hezbollah terrorist forces.

“The presence of Hezbollah in Latin America is partially explained by the large Lebanese diaspora in South America,” the report reads. “In general, Hezbollah enjoys support by many in the Lebanese world community in part because of the numerous social programs it provides in Lebanon that include schools, hospitals, utilities and welfare.”

“United in their dedication to the destruction of Israel, Iran has helped Hezbollah grow from a small group of untrained guerrillas into what is arguably the most highly trained, organized and equipped terrorist organization in the world,” the report reads. “In return, Hezbollah has served as an ideal proxy for Iranian military force – particularly against Israel – which affords Iran plausible deniability diplomatically. Hence wherever Hezbollah is entrenched, Iran will be as well and vice-versa.”

The report goes on to make the case that Iran's increased presence in Latin America is due to it's relationship to Venezuela.

The relationship of Hezbollah to the Mexican drug cartels has also been documented as early as 2005 the report claims. This is incredibly interesting, seeing that earlier this year Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, known as the Sinaloa Cartel’s “logistics coordinator,” has brought allegations that the gunwalking operation Fast and Furious had nothing to do with tracking guns and everything to do with supplying them to Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel to eliminate rivals.

Speaking of the previous report released, the new report says, "“The report elaborated on the increasing cooperation between the drug cartels and prison and street gangs in the United States to facilitate the trafficking and sale of illicit drugs along with the enforcement of remunerations,"

The recent report also cites a statement by Michael Braun, former Drug Enforcement Administration executive:

“Operatives from FTOs (foreign terrorist organizations) and DTOs (drug trafficking organizations) are frequenting the same shady bars, the same seedy hotels and the same sweaty brothels in a growing number of areas around the world,” Braun said in a statement quoted in the report. “And what else are they doing? Based upon over 37 years in the law enforcement and security sectors, you can mark my word that they are most assuredly talking business and sharing lessons learned.”

Matthew Boyle, from the Daily Caller points out:

In October 2011, Iran apparently tried to exploit its ties to the drug cartels to conduct its eventually foiled assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador to the United States.

“According to a federal arrest complaint filed in New York City, the [Iranian] Qods Force attempted to hire a drug cartel (identified by other sources as the Los Zetas) to assassinate Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir for a fee of $1.5 million,” the report reads. “The terror attack was to take place at a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C. without regard to collateral deaths or damage.”

“The Qods Force made this solicitation because it knows drug traffickers are willing to undertake such criminal activity in exchange for money,” the report continues. “Moreover, if this terror attack had been successful, the Qods Force intended to use the Los Zetas for other attacks in the future. Had it not been for a [Drug Enforcement Agency] DEA informant posing as the Los Zetas operative, this attack could have very well taken place.”

In a statement released by Chairman McCaul he said, "Middle East terrorist networks that continue to plot against the United States are expanding their ties to Mexican drug trafficking organizations, better positioning themselves for a possible attack on our homeland. This report documents the increased presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America and addresses the growing concern that terrorist organizations will exploit burgeoning relationships with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate the Southwest border undetected.”

“The Federal government needs to better address this threat and secure ‘America’s unlocked back door,'" he stated. "In late 2010, DHS reported that it could respond to illegal activity along only 44 percent of the Southwest border, leaving 7,500 border miles inadequately protected. After this abysmal report card, DHS quickly abandoned this metric and has yet to implement another way to measure its progress in securing the border. The purpose of this hearing is to assess the findings of the Subcommittee’s report and develop potential solutions for the next Administration and Congress to help prevent a breach of our border security and avert the consequences that could result."

A hearing is to take place Friday to discuss the findings of the report.

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  • Wonder Warthog

    So, we're talking about Organized Crime finally showing its' stinking face? Believe me, I used to deal with these greedy swine weekly, and I had to uphold their tenets or DIE "back in the day." Only occasionally did I ever find a "man of honor" (and over the years I grew to know several), but be that is it may, they were STILL encumbered by the national "Commission", and as such many times they took steps that they hated. Unfortunately, that was THEN and this is NOW,
    What we're seeing today is an international cartel, which is STILL controlled and regulated by Organized Crime in our country.
    In case any of you wonder, these swine STILL owe me a "favor." I just don't know the extent of their indebtedness.
    To this day, my own and my families' homes are "armed camps", and I watch EVERY move my family makes CLOSELY.
    2 can play at this game, but there is no doubt in my mind which will be the "Ultimate Loser."
    I only pray that the "men of honor" take me instead of my family, which is entirely innocent.

  • SniperToo

    Well duh, you think? Wake up people. Little o did hard drugs during high school and college. He even bragged about it. Gurantee he still does it and expecially when he visits Chicago thug land and visits his favorite homo bath house.

  • Doc Smith

    And both are tied to Washington DC

  • American SeaBee

    Just wonder how many mexican illegal immigrants to America have ties to the mexican drug cartels??

    And obama wants to give them amnesty??

    • Wonder Warthog

      Try one Helluva lot of them. The rest are just runin' scared, 'cause they know what's comin'.
      They'll look to ME and my brethren to "protect" them. Good luck there, Cholos. I'll be pretty damned busy defending my own.

  • har82

    The - border - has been completely open and porous for so long now I don't think anyone can argue against the threat of terrorist invasion that exists there.

    -bammie - and his 40 thieves leave it that way just so his cohorts can walk into this country virtually unfettered..
    At last report ( a public one anyways ) I read of some 48 training camps inside this country totally ran and operated by muslims that - no one - ,,,, is allowed into. I had an article by the FBI from around 2000 that documented all this and I sure wish I had kept it now ...
    People , there is ,, a threat from radical muslim terrorists to this country. And it is currently ,, being funded by none other than the current muslim top dog in DC , - bammie - .
    And if any ,, of you remember . When - clinton - ran that White House for 8 years there was tons of radical muslims running though that place almost on a daily basis.
    And currently, - hillary's - closest companion and confidant is also ,, closely tied to hamas and hezbala, as well as the muslim brotherhood.

    Connect all the dots people. This conspiracy ,,, is real. And on going ...

  • Gerald Scott

    This is not new information I've known it for a long time and even stated that our next terrorist attack and there will be one will come out of Mexico.

  • TXLady706 TXLady706

    This is not news. It's criminal that that this is only now getting any light

  • ixnay00

    it's a little late t secure the border, there already here

  • retiredmillwright

    America’s feeble attempts to seal our borders fail every day.
    A couple years ago I went down on the Rio Grande River near Big Bend to rock
    hunt. In the week I spent there I saw only two Americans one time close to the
    river. There is a lot more river than the border guards can watch. There were
    trails of tracks where every night illegals crossed into Texas. When the river is low they can even drive across in places. I believe that
    the whole Mexican Army could have crossed and been a hundred miles into Texas
    before being discovered. Our enemies’ know this and take advantage of it. I
    fear one dark night terrorists will haul, not drugs but an atomic bomb across and use it on a American city.

    • Wonder Warthog

      F'Chrissake, DON'T give them any ideas.

  • ARMYOF69

    The muslim $hitheads have probably been invading the USA for decades through the cartels' tunnels down south. Isn't it time for a good turkey shoot?

    • har82

      Ya, beginning in DC .

    • LaVerne Velasco

      PERFECT. It will come to REVOLUTION. Guess who will give us the go ahead? Have you ever heard of GOD???????? HE will be the one who says IT'S TIME. HE is a JUST and FAIR GOD. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. Oh, yes, it will SURPRISE most of those who voted for the MUSLIM PUNK and LIAR. THE EVIL ONE and his group of UN-AMERICANS will FAIL and FALL. You can depend on it. Larry VELASCO hispanic who would NEVER vote for the PUNK

  • Stargazersdad

    Where has this 'committee' been all this time. We knew this a long time ago.

  • Greg137

    This is why people should say NO to drugs as they are also saying no to Islam.. Hugo Chavez has the smell of sulffer on his breath now doesn't he?

    • har82

      Truth be told, 80% of the politicians in Washington have the stench of brimstone ,, on them.

  • 58proudtobe

    It was clear when the Mexican cartels started assassinating Mexican nationals in the same style as done by muslim terrorists, that it should have been a red flag. When Hugo Chaves/Venezuela partnered up with the iranian terrorists, that should have been a red flag. When Obama met with his socialist friend, Hugo Chaves, that should have been the last RED FLAG! Where is Valerie Jarrett when we need her to make a deal with terrorists!?!

    • har82

      Why would one terrorist , made a deal , with another one of the same mind and interest hmmm ??? lol.
      If the media did its job, you would be surprised to see just how corrupted ,, - and infiltrated - , this current regime really is . And it is no ,, laughing matter.

  • Winston

    That is the reason why Obama and Holder ran the gun running program "Operation Fast & Furious" to the Mexican drug arm the Islamic terrorists.

    • JBQ21

      Obumba is a world socialist. Actions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood is tied in with Islamic activity in South America. There are Sinaloas in Chicago who are killing off their opposition.