America's Enemies Abound Domestically

"How can we account for our present situation unless we believe that men high in this Government are concerting to deliver us to disaster? This must be the product of a great conspiracy, a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man. A conspiracy of infamy so black that, when it is finally exposed, its principals shall be forever deserving of the maledictions of all honest men." --Joseph McCarthy

After years of the left and the media demonizing Senator Joseph McCarthy, time has proven that McCarthy was correct in his allegations against the Communist threat infiltrating the American government. This actually was proven a few years ago, so Hollywood launched a movie on the spot, starring George Clooney, to once again smear McCarthy and undermine the truth. For more info Google search "Venona Secrets."

The oath taken by government officials in current times to "protect America from enemies both foreign and domestic" has become nothing more than a joke because of Socialist corruption in our government. So many of them are "domestic" enemies, that they might as well be swearing on a stack of comic books. In that light, I want to say I admire Joseph McCarthy and his courage to expose the Communist plotters who wanted to take down the United States.

Why am I concerned with this now? You know the saying...those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. As I've said previously, I am not usually prone to jump onto "conspiracy" theories. I don't like walking around the earth paranoid. It isn't comfortable and not my usual nature. But I also can't just sit here and watch my country get lied to day after day and watch my children's futures just get sucked down the tubes.

There are "card carrying" Socialists in our government. Is a Socialist a Communist? Well....what do you think? Ask Marx!

When Communism got slapped down in the 1930's the ideology did not go away. It morphed. The very insidious enemy of the United States decided to change it's vocabulary to make it more palatable. (put a whole lotta ketchup on that cardboard sandwich.) They realized they weren't going to subvert America in one generation. They took the "death by inches" (also known as "death by a thousand cuts) approach. They decided they would hide the "Communist" moniker and go for the "Socialist" nomenclature. They have co-opted the word Democracy, making you think that Democracy means a guaranteed result of wealth for everyone. Now, instead of calling themselves "Liberals" they call themselves "Progressives." So clever they are. What person is going to say they don't want "Progress?" If you don't want "Progress," why, you must be an old fuddy duddy stick in the mud who is passe.....think "Bitter Clinger." One of their most effective strategies is to redefine the language. And they are succeeding...unless you recognize it and call them exactly what they are: lying Communist traitors.

There are enemies of freedom afoot in our government. They don't believe in freedom. They believe in Communism, totalitarian government rule over all of us. They don't believe in free enterprise. They believe in "Nationalizing" every business / industry in the country. They are doing it by way of "a thousand cuts." The "Stimulus Bill," "auto bailout," or "TARP" of today might as well be incorporated into the "Communist Manifesto." That is exactly what it is, in its original form.

If the public would or could wise up to the vocabulary tricks of the Socialists who are taking over our country...then maybe we would have a chance to save ourselves. But as long as Hollywood, the media, and the politicians are going to lie, cheat, steal, subvert freedom, pervert the language we speak, and all the it "Progress" (Hope and Change, see my definitions in previous post)...the air is filled with the stench of a dying corpse of what used to be America.

If you are reading this and you have any courage at all, use your voice to speak out against them. They are showing themselves brashly and with arrogance. You can make a difference by telling them exactly what you think of their Communist / Socialist language.

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33 thoughts on “America's Enemies Abound Domestically

  1. Me thinks history is repeating its self.

  2. Vote them all out ! Two term limit !

  3. For HAR82 : You said it in one word . . . GREED ! The polliticans of this day are the worse "Greedy Bastards"(or "Bitches") there ever was ! The audacity of these people, have nothing but contemp for "We the people". Seems like they all have their hands out and palms up, waiting for the green stuff. I'm a retired "Baby Boomer", and I say It's our own fault for not giving our children the discipline that our kinfolks showed us, and their kin showed them the previous generations.(No, we can't punish our kids like that any longer, hense they will grow to spite us in the future generations, spanking is intolerable and excessive !)

  4. Is there anyone out there that there will actually be an election in 2016 ? There are those that say that a civil war will not be the answer to anything.I say that maybe it is the only answer.We must consider that.The only alternative is Soviet style slavery.

  5. The one thing leftists never mention when demonizing McCarthy, (yes, they still do) is the fact that, he was right!
    "The bigger the lie the more people will believe it..." -- Adolf Hitler

  6. How true. Remember what Obama told Medvedev?

  7. And it all came to a head , on the 6th of November, 2012. When the country, and its elected representatives brought forth yet another 4 years of a foreign fascist muslim national to besmirch our highest office once more.

    Part of me died that day. When clinton got another 4 years it was bad, then the Bush's. And now, well none of us can really even say this one is an American ,, at all. ANYONE SEEN ANY PROOF ,, OF THIS ???.

    But when I read other peoples posts on sites like this one I am once again heartened to think there is still time.

    But when the RNC completely abuses people like Palin, Bachmann, Mr West, or even a man like Cain, I am infuriated ...

    Is there no end to the evil that politicians will do ??. Those ,, are people who are on the right ,, side . When the RNC denigrates them. It is surely , time to completely change the RNC.

    They have become self serving , greedy for power, and completely arrogant, in thier seats of power.

    There is a great - flushing of the Toilet - coming soon I hope.