Allen West's Motion Denied To Impound Ballots & Voting Machines

In a blow to freshman Republican Allen West, a Florida judge denied his motion to impound ballots and voting machines, citing West's motion as "entirely premature" and that the court had no authority to overrule election procedures which are in place and being followed.

Palm Beach Circuit Judge David Crow said, "The law is clear: The manner and method of conducting an election, the process of recounting ballots, the process of contesting an election is specifically a legislative function. Courts should not get involved in the election process."

Attorneys for the county argued that to grant West's motion would be "an invitation to chaos" and would "throw the entire system in disarray," setting precedent for such action before an election is even certified.

While West's challenger Patrick Murphy claimed victory and began a three day tour thanking supporters, his attorney Gerald Richman said, "I think this is basically — I hate to say it — but a kind of a political stunt. There was nothing here. They had no evidence. They had no basis. There's no basis in law and fact."

West's attorney Shari McCarthy said, "We sought today assurances from the court and, indeed, from the defendants, that all the policies and procedures and the statutes would be adhered to, that we'd follow the law, it would be transparent, it would be done with integrity. We got that. We're thrilled."

McCarthy says the ruling will not be appealed. However that does not mean that upon certification that West could not go to court.

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77 thoughts on “Allen West's Motion Denied To Impound Ballots & Voting Machines

  1. Teriqua Jones says:

    God bless Allen West for putting truth and justice before popularity. Simply, too many questionable events occurred in this election. If a fraction of the rumored fraud is true, the 2012 election has to be audited.

    At very least, a count of deceased voters should be recorded. I think Judge David Crow should be investigated for making this ruling.

  2. Was the judge on the ballot? Because that would explain his decision. And since when is fraud not a judicial issue? David Crow needs to go.

  3. If the powers that be, have nothing to hide, why do they object to this?
    Is it because4 HE was ROBBED?!
    Remember the Dems are are the party in the which Dead people still vote!

  4. Is this America or not. Go after them till you find out and the Judge should leave the bench.What good is it to have elections if they are done illegal?

  5. looneytoonsindville says:

    Obviously a democrat judge. Any knowledgeable observer knows that, when there is evidence of a crime having been committed, you cordon off the crime scene and keep everybody's hands off the evidence (especially the criminals) until the scene has been cataloged and cleared by the authorities.

  6. I he more than 100% voting in any one of the precincts isn't evidence of voter fraud, what is?? Sounds like ACORN is alive and well in south FL.

  7. Murphy: "Nothing there, no basis in fact, no evidence"? What about MORE THEN 113% voting in all, but one country? Get Real you socialist crook!

  8. We have a problem in DC Houston, and we need to correct it immediately. It looks like Soros won the election through fraud. Øbama is guilty of treason and needs to be brought to justice, along with all of his cohorts. . .

  9. iF This is true, maybe we can check ALL states to see if there are more irregularities in other states, we can have totally new elections. Wouldn't that piss off obama if we had to run again, but this time Benghazi and other screw-ups by obama would have public knowledge.

  10. An important lesson has been taught to the republicans in the 2012 election. Many political races were just flat out stolen this eletion cycle, from Obama's victory to the loss of Allen West. The sad part is, thsat now the lying, cheating, theiving democrats have perfected the technique of vote stealing, the republicans will NEVER, EVER, win another national election, until we go back to paper ballots, and require gopvernment issued picture ID to vote!

    • There are modern means to inhibit vote fraud but citizens must be engaged. I worked a poll in Central FL. I was the only poll observer and it was challenging because the elected Democrat supervisor of elections did not want me (or any other ) observer there. Out of hundreds who said they would poll watch only 66 people followed through. This is no where near the number it would take to properly cover all the polls.

  11. Outragious.

  12. go for it, sir. you have been a victim of voter fraud!


    • I'd like to see DEATH come to more than just Marxism. I don't have to name them, do I? What a bunch of criminals. WE have to do something about it. LARRY VELASCO AMERICAN and HISPANIC who would NEVER vote for the MUSLIM PUNK and LIAR. He alone in himself is a TERRORIST ATTACK. SCREW you barry. YOU SUCK

  14. It's now official... Americans, are the minority in America.

  15. I'D LOVE TO JOIN THIS ROOM... BUT MY I.Q. WOULD ENDURE A PRECIPITOUS FREE-FALL. My guess is, if God wanted to remove the stain on politics name of Alan West... he'd remove him from office. West has endured a dis-honorable discharge from the military... and now a dis-honorable discharge from Florida politics. I guess God is pretty smart!

  16. This election was stolen by the socialist pieces of human waste democrat party and may they all burn in hell the rotten SOBs.

  17. I think he was probably robbed of his candidacy. That seems to be the thing to do now days.

  18. It was a political stunt for sure but it was Murphy and the Democrats doing it in the elections office of St. Lucie County and hopefully this will change the results.

    West didn't lose the election, having been up 11 points in the poll just days before the election. Massive fraud took place.

  19. It's Official:
    Everyone in all cemeteries everywhere voted for Obama,
    and yes their vote does count. In hell everyone one voted
    for Obama. However, no one in Heaven voted for Obama,
    how dare those self righteous bigots not vote a bi-sexual muslim.
    Tisk tisk.

    • Raymond, I hope you wake up someday to the truth. The hatred you spew is drummed up by treasonous, greedy fascists, who have won your support by hiding behind and betraying the bible, the Constitution and ALL the heroic Americans who have fought and died for our "democracy"... As Conrad Heiden wrote of Adolph Hitler in 1944, they are trying to destroy democracy... by means of democracy.

      Stop buying into their lies... we need you for the real America!