Agenda 21 - Leaving No Stone Unturned Around The World

Let's back up a minute. This may be repeating for some of my readers, but a reintroduction seems appropriate right now with new readers just getting here and also since there has been a backlash web page from the United Nations to try to contradict through media and propaganda what we know to be true. Since Americans are figuring out the scheme, the UN decided to try to misinform the public and continue the lies with that page.

I'm finding that a lot of people are not sure exactly why there is concern about the UN Doctrine called Agenda 21. First, some people think it only has some vague connection to environmentalism. That is, if they believe it exists at all. Second, some people who have just heard of it recently think it is ridiculous for anyone to think the UN is influencing our American government. The second premise there is what feeds the "tin foil" hat connotations. You'd have to be crazy to believe our United States would be controlled by a UN book of rules, right? Anyone believing that must be a crackpot weirdo.

Primer on what Agenda 21 is:

While global environmentalism is used as a major excuse for Agenda 21, the doctrine is "comprehensive." By "comprehensive," I mean Agenda 21 covers every waking moment and every activity known to mankind. Literally, no stone is left unturned. The doctrine of Agenda 21 is a user's manual for governments to control every aspect of life. That is hard for free people to grasp; that some organization outside of our sovereign nation had the gall to put together a lifestyle manual for every human being on the planet. Who does that? I remember being taken aback on that realization myself. My second thought at the time was, how is our government involved and why? Surely, I thought, our Constitution and our elected officials would not allow such a thing to take over our American lives. That was the beginning of losing my naiveté regarding our federal government's complicit implementation of Agenda 21. It does take some serious study to see the web being laid around us. You can't just grasp it from one glance.

Anyone in America can sense that something is going on that just doesn't feel right. People attach that to whatever news soundbite they heard that day, or just blow it off as an ill wind blowing across the nation. I wish it were that simple. Comprehensive means comprehensive. Not an ill wind, but a complete tsunami.

Just for the fun of it, I'll make a list of some of what it covers:

  • Food / Agriculture
  • Shelter / Housing / Building
  • Transportation / All varieties
  • Land Use / All Land
  • Property of any kind
  • Historical Reference Places
  • Water Sources
  • Water Usage
  • Domestic Animals / livestock and pets
  • Energy Sources
  • Energy Usage
  • Monetary Policies
  • Planning at all levels of government
  • Education / All levels
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare / All Medical Care
  • Reproductive Policies / Sexual morés
  • Private Industries / Business
  • Non-Profit Involvement
  • Religious Institutional Involvement
  • Climate Change / Global Warming

If I left something out, someone can tell me. There are 40 long and in depth Chapters discussing what is permissible in all of those things. The basis for all of it, top to bottom, is Communism mixed with Fascism. If you were Karl Marx wedded to Adolph Hitler wedded to Mussolini, hanging out with Margaret Sanger and the rest of the Fabian Socialists, you could not do more to control people than Agenda 21 does. And it isn't just for America. It is being put in place globally, in every nation, in every nook and cranny of the populated earth.

So, no! It isn't just some handbook for environmentalists. It isn't about environmentalism. It is about micromanaging everything.

Within each of those headings come sub-headings upon sub-headings. It doesn't just describe what is allowable or not, but also describes how governments shall implement the entirety of it. Surely, you say, just as I did, our government is not about to let the UN tell us how to run our lives? Guess what? Our government is all to happy to use Agenda 21 as the basis for running our lives. Did they forget to tell you? And did they forget to tell you the whole premise of it is anti-Constitutional? Must have missed that memo, eh?

Every single certified APA (American Planning Association) planner in this nation, as of this moment, is completely indoctrinated to sell Agenda 21 to every locale in America. (You will find it under the name of Smart Growth or Sustainable Development.) The United States Green Building Council is completely covered up with Agenda 21. The Chamber of Commerce, chasing after government largesse, is pushing Sustainable Development, aka Agenda 21. Your state Councils of Governments are swimming in the same pool of rubbish. The National Council of Mayors and the League of Cities, both pushing the same doctrine. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Every federal agency is pushing nothing other than Agenda 21 today.

Now you might say to yourself, if this is so horrible, why would our dear, beloved government be putting this in place? There are two reasons. One is that our government is not at all the dear, beloved benefactor of all things good. It wasn't meant to be such and this UN doctrine surely is not good and benevolent. Second, there was something called the "Human Rights Treaty," signed by Harry S. Truman in 1949. Everything the UN is trying to take over comes under their propaganda of "Human Rights." These rights are not God given, but granted by the UN and governments. The God given ones are thrown out the window and replaced by Agenda 21. Agenda 21 replaces the U.S. Constitution. The two cannot co-exist.

Put on your Tin Foil Hat:

So we know Agenda 21 exists and is being implemented in the U.S. If you believe your own eyes and try to alert your fellow Americans, you wear a "tin foil hat," or so they are trying to say. This is really funny because the UN - Agenda 21 website is right there for anyone to read. And the documentation of how it is being implemented can be found on my sidebar or accessed in my search bar. Please go for it. Read for yourself.

Who did it? And why?

Here is where the Tin Foil Hat really gets attention. The most named player in the UN scam is Maurice Strong. You can Google his name and get all the history there you want. He is the author of the plan, starting with a previous treatise called "Our Common Future." There are others involved; someone named Gro Harlem Brundlandt and a lot of the ususal suspects: Ted Turner, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Clintons, the Bush's, and lots more. Where there is a scam, there is seed money. You hear about George Soros all the time, but not so much in relationship to this UN scheme. He's with it all the way, but is busy buying up agriculture, oil, and financing socialist programs throughout the world.

As I was reading today, I found something will have everyone wearing a "Tin Foil Hat." Ah yes, let's bring up the Rothschilds while we are at it, why don't we? Today I came across something called the GEF, The Global Environment Facility. The paragraph below is just one source of information on this, but you can find other sources for this same information. (Since this report, Edmond Rothschild has died, but his fortune and extended family heirs march on the path to take your family's way of life away.)

"After Edmund [Leopold] de Rothschild’s statement, without basis, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987, that CO2 is the cause of a non-existent global warming – and that combating it needs money (our money), he founded the World Conservation Bank for this reason. In 1991 its name was changed to The Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The purpose of this facility is to lend money to the poorest countries, printed by the IMF out of thin air, and with the guarantee of our governments. The facility takes wilderness areas with mineral riches as security. The GEF money is then to flow back to our governments as reimbursement for paid loans. I.e. We give away our tax money. For what?

When a country cannot repay loans to the GEF it must give up a piece of its territory to the Rothschild banks (GEF, IMF, World Bank) – up to 30% of the Earth are meant. If land cannot be offered as collateral the country must starve (Haiti, Argentina and others).

Rothschild´s stroke of genius was that he had his GEF smuggled into the UN system at the Rio UN Summit in 1992 by his friend, Maurice Strong. So now high-ranking ministerial officials from 179 countries (note: now up to 182 countries) are in the the council of the bank – blessing Rothschild grabbing the world!"

Additional commentary can be found at Soldier For Liberty.

The interesting thing about the date 1992, is what happened that year. Just prior, in 1991, George Bush I signed onto the Rio Accords at a UN conference where Agenda 21 was introduced. Then in 1992, Bill Clinton enacted an executive order for the President's Council on Sustainable Development, adopting that phrase straight out of Agenda 21 and Our Common Future. Since then, our government agencies have been very busy enacting every piece of Agenda 21 into our policies, using our own tax dollars to build this insidious trap for Americans.

Ongoing UN interference through treaties:

For those who think the UN is not a threat to the sovereign laws of the U.S. and rights of Americans, below is just one little example of how our leadership is tossing us into the rubbish heap of the UN:

The United States Senate is threatening American sovereignty. Earlier this week, Harry Reid declared the Senate would consider yet another flawed treaty conceived by the United Nations. Like most international treaties, it has a nice sounding name that obscures the very real possibility that it would infringe on American sovereignty by allowing an international committee to intrude into U.S. policymaking.

The so-called United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities would not advance America’s interests abroad, nor would it improve the rights of Americans who suffer with disabilities. Instead, it would only serve to empower a "committee of experts" based in Geneva, Switzerland to make demands that fall well beyond the scope of the treaty and conflict with the legal, social, economic, and cultural traditions and norms of America.

That report just came in from the Heritage Foundation. Whether you like the Heritage Foundation or not, the report is fact.

Don't get bogged down in the minutiae of whether or not you wish to support people with disabilities. That is not the issue. As always, the issue with the UN is dictating how sovereign nations operate within their borders and doing it with the assistance of our own leadership. We have LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty), the Small Arms Treaty, the Biodiversity Treaty, this treaty and that treaty. All of these stem from the 1949 Human Rights Treaty. They are hell bent on destroying sovereign nations for the sake of central control by scheming globalists through the UN.

And that is the point of Agenda 21, i.e. micromanaging every movement of every living, breathing, human being.


Our entire government is being hijacked by Americans who have no understanding or concern of our Constitution, sovereignty, self-rule, borders, economics, or what being American means. It is these useful idiots, not just in the general population but in leadership positions, who are helping the UN lead America straight off the cliff into Hell.

If you are one of the patriots wearing a tin foil hat, my hat's off to you. Keep up the great work. If you are new to this knowledge, spread the word and help save our nation.

End of primer.

Hat tips:
Daniel Beckett
Democrats Against Agenda 21
GEF - Wikipedia
World Bank Org.
US Treasury awards honor to GEF

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  • ARMYOF69

    I believe it's WOLVERINE TIME.
    Our laws are not worth the paper they may be written on, since POTUS just dictates executive orders by the dozens, and twenty million of illegal aliens criminals are allowed to stay and rob us.

  • retiredmillwright

    The UNs’ Agenda 21 is the Trojan horse of socialists and
    America went on sleeping as it was towed into Washington and parked at the white
    house. When after nightfall the socialists unloaded, Obama appointed them to
    high government positions to help install socialism and Agenda 21 in America.

  • bigdog137

    Agenda needs to go the way of the Gooney Bird, OUT! Along with it, Nobama & the ignorant, ill informed nit wits who elected him. The U.N. is irrelevant. We are a soverign country. We have a CONSTITUTION that supplies our laws. Politicians need to obey, preserve & protect the CONSTITUTION as they took an oath of office to do, otherwise, they need to be removed from whatever office they hold & face jail time.

  • Dianna9490

    The ONE WORLD ORDER - is wrong! Just who do they think would be the ONE WORLD LEADER? I REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING INVOLVING THE UNITED NATIONS AND AGENDA 21! We already have ONE WORLD LEADER AND HIS NAME IS JESUS - NOT BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! The USA has a CONSTITUTION and the USA does not need a UN! They can try to shove it down our throats but as long Americans stand up they cannot implement! THE FUNDING FOR THE UN NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

    • DWinch

      Satan is the ruler of this world for now and he knows he has a short time left.
      When Jesus returns, He will judge the world and then burn it!
      Probably the only way to get rid of the smell.
      All things will be made new!

  • Ben

    They can take their Agenda 21 and put it in their Area 51 and if they need instruction on how to do it I would be glad to do it for them.

  • rchguns

    It is all about power and control, control and power! If you keep the population ignorant, poor, and defenseless then you have the government that these people want to impose. Naturally Diaper Head Obama and his Obama zombies are all for this program. It would impose a situation where he could declare himself king for life. They used to say that the world was not fair that is far more true than most people know. And without the United States the UN could not function or even exist.

    What it comes down to is the UN is the farmer and where are the turkey and were buying the farmer and the ax.

  • metheoldsarge

    The author is correct. It isn't just Obama and Hillary that are selling us out with UN Agenda 21. It is true that on June 9, 2011 President Obama signed Executive Order 13575, but since Agenda 21 was first proposed in 1992, similar orders were signed by Presidents Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43. This brings up a very important question. Who can we really trust? If Romney had won the election, how do we know if he would or would not have signed a similar order? We don't, and that is one question you never heard asked in press conferences or at any of the debates. Of the few Americans who know about UN Agenda 21 many dismiss it saying that it could never happen here. These people are in a place called "Denial". They make up a large part of the 50% plus who are eligible to vote but choose to stay away from the polls on election days. They are convinced that Agenda 21 could never happen in America. They refuse to talk about it because they are convinced that it is all a fantastic fantasy dreamed up by a bunch of alarmists and conspiracy theorists. All they care about is being able to watch their sports and pursue their mindless entertainment on the Internet. They have an ostrich mentality. They stick their heads in the sand hoping it will all go away. This is the apathy I have been talking about. They will soon be paying the price for it when they are taken from their plush homes in the suburbs and moved to cramped apartments in the major cities with only the bare necessities. Don't take my word for it. Google United Nations Agenda 21 and do your own research, or you can just stick your head in the sand and wait for that rude awakening. I pray that I am wrong because this is one time I would not enjoy being an I told you so. You can start with this video. It gives a simple to understand summary of Agenda 21. Wake up America.

  • teacher10258

    Up until last year none of the Agenda 21 Buzz Words made any sense to me or threatened me personally in any way. However, My barn burned to the ground, unknown cause, anyway when it was almost rebuilt the building inspector showed up. He apparently reported to planning and zoning that I had "livestock" on the premises. I live on 2 acres in an A-1 zone. There is nothing for 5 miles in any direction that isn't farmland or residence on 2 acres minimum. When I moved in I asked about keeping a head or two of cattle. The township trustee said "No problem though I wouldn't try more than two on two acres." The guy I bought the place from, 12 years ago, had two steers, so I figured it was ok. I got a call from the zoning commissioner after the building inspector was here. I was informed that the county had passed regulations prohibiting "livestock" on less than 5 acres. I could apply for a variance for $50 and go before the zoning commission to appeal the regulations so I could keep my one goat and two dozen chickens. Long story shorter I got the variance, but I found out that this all comes down from Agenda 21 "sustainable development" environmental control. The hearing process revealed things to me I didn't expect. I also found out that the could tell me if I could have a garden and how big it could be. Another applicant was trying to keep 10 head of Heritage Cattle on 10 acres. They subtracted 2 acres for his home and yard and then asked if there was anyone in the room that objected to his having cattle. One neighbor objected because they had an abutting property line. They denied him having a variance. Never mind that there was a commercial cattle operation directly across the road. I really didn't think that I would ever in my lifetime be affected by the U.N.s insane ideas of world control. What comes to mind is the old adage, "How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time."

    • DWinch

      Having too many livestock or too big of a garden might make you independent and they can't have that in a communist country.

  • Erik Osbun

    It is about the stealing of our sovereignty. The doctrine of Agenda 21 is a user's manual for governments to control every aspect of life. That is damnably un-American.

    Read more:

    The doctrine of Agenda 21 is a user’s manual for governments to control every aspect of life.

    Read more:

  • DebDoesSay

    Please go and check out the website ICLEI. It is Agenda 21's evil child. It is how they have started the implementation without involving the UN....for now. Many cities are members. It dictates what schools teach, how many bike paths you have, etc. I have been screaming about agenda 21 and ICLEI for years now. Glad to see the rest of the world wake up.

  • freedomringsforall

    Thank you very much Cheryl Pass.

    Good job please keep up the good work at sounding the alarm!

    This country, and so many of this countries once respected institutions, are being influenced and/or run by Fabians, Marxist, commie, fascist, dictatorial, morons.

    I am sure that there are many who would call me a moron for lumping those philosophies together but I in return would infer they ought to look in the mirror and then think about what all those philosophies have wrought on the earth and when all is said and done in history they have all wrought exactly the same in the end; slaughter, famine, and despair.

    We need to get these commie, fascist, Islamic terrorist coddling bunch of scum out of power in these United States.

    Then we need to work our tails off to get all of our freedoms and rights restored.

    We are the only hope left for this planet and for all those down trodden and less fortunate to look to as their hope for true freedom and all that it brings.

    We must stay united and take the hope, the light, and the right of freedom to every last corner and dark alley and to every last soul in this world.

  • ARMYOF69

    I think we should have it out with all the united nations people who vote for it and with our own traitorous POTUS and company. Let's have a real fight out , if they dare. This country has no freedom left any longer, our 1st Amendment is crushed decades ago, the 2nd amendment is up for grabs by the UN and our traitor POTUS and H. Clinton... AFTER THAT, what else is left that is worth ANYTHING??????

  • 820 REDHORSE

    GET THE U.S. OUTTA THE U.N. & GET THE U.N. OUTTA U.S.!!! Folks better wake up! And I damn sure don't mean the morons that voted for the u.n's #1 ass smoocher! Folks its comin, and sittin on our hands, ain't gonna stop it!!

  • TexasJake

    The US should get out of the UN. It has become a disgrace for some time.

    • Old_Gringo

      Not only should the US get out of the UN, the UN should get out of the US. Their ultimate goal IS for the total domination of the Planet. They wouldn't be as powerful if the US stopped supporting it. We contribute, I believe, about 40% of their total operating expenses. It is time to divorce ourselves from it.

  • Linda Armstrong

    The book of Revelation in the Bible says before Christ comes back there will be a one world govt. I am so sad this is happening to our country, but we must all get ready to meet our Lord, HE is coming again. In the meantime corruption at every level takes over, hold on it is coming. Knowing Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior gives me Peace. That does not mean I will stand by idlly and watch my country go down without a fight. God gives us our rights and liberties. Only a corrupt govt would want to take away what we have here in USA. As we all see what is happening in this country, we should have no doubt of the plans evil has for us. This is a Holy war good vs. evil. Things will be dark for awhile but in the end Jesus will reign.
    The true question for us all is? What side are you on? Good or evil Jesus or Satan? We must live our life with love for God and mankind, help each other through the rough times that are coming. Be ready to meet Our Father, Our Savior. And through Jesus Christ who strengthens me I will take a stand for my Beloved Country. God Bless USA.

    • Grace Hammond

      I could not have said it better myself.

  • R.Young

    All Loyal SUBJECTS of the current Regime know that the Regime must control everything if this country is to survive. They Regime knows that the U N must control everything if the Planet is to survive?

    • DWinch

      The end of living for all of us and the beginning of survival for the ones left.

    • R.Young

      TO the UN and it's Loyal SUBJECTS the loss of several billion people will help heal the planet from the destruction humankind has been unleashing upon it for years.

    • DWinch

      These people could lead by example and kill themselves. The world would certainly be better off. They expect everyone else to die.

  • Snowman8wa

    The total DOMINATION of the World by the UN; the real question will be WHICH DESPOT will win out in being the DICTATOR? That America is where Agenda 21 wants to take us. That is what you are up against and you had better fight it with all your might, because the UN will command, no DEMAND TOTAL capitulation; or the blue helmets will reduce the World Population as it sees fit. There is no Coke commercial here, nobody flying around filming all nationalities holding hands singing 'I'd Like to teach the World to Sing' will be us against those who wish to use the strongarm of the UN to delete us from existence.
    Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis