Could Sarah Palin Enter The 2016 Presidential Race?

The presidential campaign of 2016 was launched as soon as the last light dimmed on the stage after Mitt Romney gave his concession speech, in losing his presidential bid to Barack Obama. With the new battle now warming up amongst the GOP hierarchy there are many Republican leaders who want to point the party leftward, away from Ronald Reagan and his heir apparent Sarah Palin.

That is correct. There is no stuttering here. Sarah Palin may appear to liberals and leftwing pundits, as well as, GOP Washington leaders as yesterday’s news. Yet Mitt Romney’s loss was not due to conservative steel in his campaign. What is clear is that nearly two million conservatives did not embrace Romney’s attempt to skedaddle to the middle road by running away from conservative positions and values. They simply stayed home.

Consider the results of Palin’s steadfast 2012 primary season effort as she crisscrossed the nation campaigning on behalf of conservative congressional, senatorial officials. The results of Palin’s efforts are notable, beginning with backing Texas U.S. Senator-elect Ted Cruz. Combine that with eight congressional candidates being elected to congress out of 14, due to Palin’s endorsement.

Now examine Romney’s results. In a general election where Republicans were expected to be more competitive in U.S. Senate races, Republicans actually lost two U.S. Senate seats. There are many who have engaged in a lot of finger pointing in order to place blame for the loss, but the buck does stop at the top with Mitt Romney.

To refresh everyone’s memory, it was Romney and his Boston campaign brain-trust, who said to Palin back in July, “Thanks but no thanks.” They denied her a prime time speaking role before the GOP National Convention and the nation. Mitt was bound and determined to place both Palin and the Tea Party organization supporters on the sidelines and go it alone to seek more moderate political pastures.

Romney may have listened to comedians like Bill Maher and political pundits like Chris Matthew who found no end in skewering the non-candidate Palin during the campaign year. There is a lesson in Romney’s loss that reminds conservatives that Ronald Reagan was the 1976 version of Sarah Palin. He too had his many detractors, as well as, liberal and Republican pundits who scoffed at Reagan’s notion of a new conservative under current building in America.

With Sarah Palin America should be ready for a true conservative voice in the White House

Ronald Reagan was held at arm’s length by Washington GOP insiders and derided in liberal circles as a joke. Many in the mainstream media poked fun of his film character that played opposite a Chimpanzee in the 1951 “Bedtime for Bonzo” movie. While the Democrats and the Washington insider pundits laughed, Reagan beat President Jimmy Carter with nearly 51 percent of the vote to Carter’s 41 percent in the 1980 presidential election.

Now no one is laughing, including President Barack Obama, who saddles up to Reagan-like comparisons when he’s feeling a little light in the accomplishment department.

It is far more important for Americans, who are earnestly concerned about the direction of the nation and its drift away from conservative values to support a true bona fide conservative leader like Reagan.

Sarah Palin, like Ronald Reagan, understands that presidential elections are won in the grassroots campaign trenches found in Ohio counties and Pennsylvania coal fields. Conservative leadership is nourished in the farmlands of Iowa, Indiana and Illinois and in the kitchens of homes in Nevada and Colorado. Presidential elections are solidified with the commitment of Reagan Democrats in Macomb County, Michigan and Tea Party patriots all over this nation!

It is the power and strength of conservative ideals that, when fully embraced, will see a repeat of the 2010 elections, where the Tea Party grass roots movement resulted in Republicans gaining 63 congressional seats. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost the Speaker’s gavel to Sarah Palin’s tireless effort to create a new conservative history which is still being made in America.

The keys to the White House Oval Office do not lie in the hands of the political power elite in Washington. They instead belong squarely in the firm grasp of Americans in the Heartland. There, with conservative families in states all over this nation, the fate of America will be determined.

In 1980 America no longer wanted to be trapped in what President Carter called a “crisis of confidence,” in his now famous July 1979 “Malaise Speech.” Instead, Reagan determined that America wanted to be freed up from government. He firmly gripped the reins away from moderation and liberalism. He grabbed the American microphone and said, “I paid for this microphone.”

America’s conservatives know full well that Sarah Palin also knows how to use a microphone. Much like, Reagan, Palin is committed to let millions across the nation speak through it in 2016!

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.
  • Harvest Worker

    We the excited Christian, Constitutional,Conservative Citizens are confident Sarah Palin
    is a warrior who supported by The Holy Spirit would be victorious against Marxist Hillary!
    -Rev. Mac (Georgia).

  • Olinda Moore

    Is going to be the first Women to get there,Sarah Palin is the best person for the job,and we the people want to be there for her,we love to help Sarah with all the campain untill winn the sit in the white house,we need a person like her and if she pick Marco Rubio is going to be the maximo.and i know every body will go for her......

  • bmullins3

    It'd be a waste of time and money if she did. Obama will be the 2016 nominee for the Dhimmicrats and he will win - constitution be damned.

  • zagozana

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.... Run, now Jon Stewart will need to have a whole hours worth of material to deal with all the stuff she will talk about!

    Is she the best you've got?
    Tod, first guy and his snow machines?
    Animal heads all over the place.
    Ya thatt'll happen...

  • pinksugar

    While I DO like and support Sarah, she and the rest of the Republicans and Independents do not have the backbone to truly stand against the race baiting, name calling and attacks by the liberals who fear them. I just don't understand it but they are ALL a BUNCH OF SPINELESS PEOPLE and their failure to truly Stand means they sit down.

  • John Patrick Henry

    But Ronald Reagan never resigned a governorship and conservatorship is not voting to give a woman the power of the Presidentency. If Sarah Palin had any chance of the Presidentency it was in 2012, she choose not to run because that bus tour of hers was just drawing coursity, not genuine support. I would have loved to see a contest between her and Barack Obama with her winning the support of the economical disenfranchised, the black, latinos, the single women, and thus the election is she could convince enough conservatives to support her, but this is reality and not a Sarah Jones novel. The real conversative choices are Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan the boy wonder (he does look and sound like Batman's sidekick) not this woman who has made millions prefecting the art of being a cele-butard.

  • Bill Mooney

    In what the GOP described as the most important election in America's lifetime, the GOP lost. In that same election, Palin sat on the sidelines. There's a reason she's happy to sit on the sidelines and make a few $$$ rather than actually get in the race. The GOP primary alone would destroy her. Bring it on if she ever has the stones to enter.

  • rafera69

    The RNC didn't get the picture, Mitt Romney an honest person with great moral and life values. But the political side of him lacks a lot humor and friendliness toward the ordinary person. My choice was for another women who was picked on unnecessilary that being M.Bachman. I know a lot was thrown out about her but could she have done any worse. Ms Palin took herself out of the running early why I don't know. It seems to me that the conservitive hardcore right will only accept a male. Has a women ever belonged to the Skull and Bones muckity mucks of Harvard. Which happens to hold the power structure of the Republican Party these days. Just look how long it took to get a women member at Agusta National Golf course which I think all members are republican or the majority is.

  • medivac

    Want some real controversy ?? Try a Sarah Palin / Allen West ticket !! A really great choice for those that want fighters in the running !!

  • Paul Broussard

    Remember how the GOP hated "The Gipper"
    But we needed a Carter to get a Reagan
    So maybe we just need a 2nd BO term to get the Grizzly Mom!

  • Tnc Del

    Romney was given a bogus beef by rightwing media and Ron Paul supporters. In actuality Romney was the most Conservative of all the Republicans who vied for the nomination except Bachmann. Ron Paul was rated a D minus on immigration by non-partisan NumbersUSA. And Gary Johnson even worse rated an F. Only Obama was rated worse: an F minus. Romney was rated a B minus.

    Romney's stance on immigration is the ONLY one that will not attract more illegals here: MAKE THINGS AS HARD AS POSSIBLE on the illegals so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much.

    Romney lost because he was too namby-pamby towards Obama. He should have played hardball with the dog-eatin' Kenyan by, when Obama demanded his tax returns, demanding from Obama a genuine birth certificate while also calling for an independent investigation and DEPORTATION hearing for Obama [since a non-U.S. citizen is NOT entitled to impeachment proceedings].

    And while Romney was scheduling the deportation hearing, by twisting RINO Boehner's arm to arrange it [as the House could have done (for the Senate has exclusivity only when it comes to impeachment proceedings)], Romney should have fired one salvo after another about the many egregious acts by Obama THAT ROMNEY DIDN'T EVEN BRING UP:

    Like how Obama unconstitutionally gave out over a million work permits to illegal aliens, despite over 23 million of our own citizens out-of-work, and also has been unconstitutionally giving them amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee.

    And Romney should have countered Obama's criticizing of Romney on abortion by exposing the fact that Obama is so extremist that he even defended killing NEWBORN babies who survived abortions!

    Also Romney should have called for answers on Benghazi, "Fast & Furious," Solyndra, etc., etc. Romney has a veritable smorgasbord of "entrees" he could have assailed Obama upon, but all he did was nibble like a fat woman on a diet.

  • slam

    Forget the GOP!! they hate the Tea Party worse than they hate the Obamanator. for any chance to restore the republic we must have a new party. I'd love to see Sarah run, but if its under the GOP banner, I'll stay home.

  • Greg137

    Palin would have MY vote in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!

  • American Born

    I hope not. She's as polarizing as Hillary. The RNC need to get some balls. All the ammo of BHO's failings, and they didn't use it in ad of Romney's 3 no-show debates. RNC need new blood! How about a Congressional investigation on the election FRAUD. DUH!

  • Bubbah Gump

    I can't think of anything funnier than if Palin were to run for President.

    She really represents the modern GOP. to a T LOL

  • davienne

    there may still be a chance to overturn this election... but we need to act fast.. check out this website... some lawyers and activist have got together to fight the voter fraud....

  • Damion Heslop

    I think she can win. However, it was the other republican candidates like Santorum and Gingrich who did the most damage to Romney as they demonized him. Secondly, Romney allowed the attacks on Bain Capital to linger. Republicans were attacking him for his success during the primaries- damn hypocrites!
    Mitt Romney would have been a better president than Barack Obama any day. On day one he would have repealed OBAMACARE. Mr. Romney should have made Obamacare the number one issue.

    Secondly, we need to figure out Philadelphia. Obama won that state by 288 thousand, but he won Philly county by over 500 thousand. Therefore, over 60% of his victory margin came from the most heavily populated African American county in the state. The same in Wayne County Michigan. In Pennsylvania, if you take out Philly, then Romney would win. In Michigan if you take out Detroit then Romney would win. In Colorado if you took out Denver, then Romney would win. We are losing the urban centers where conservatism is taking a back seat to abortion and the Nanny State. That is the problem with our party. We are losing the town centres. Reagan got those votes in the 80's because people did not see him as this awful guy. We did not protect our candidate enough. All of us are responsible for Romney's defeat. How many of us registered a single republican? How many of us are registering those young people at colleges where the exit polls show the democrats beginning to crack? How many of us touted Paul Ryan's bona fide conservatism? How many of us took charge of our neighborhood, drew up a list and ensured that our Republican friends voted.
    We could have excellent people like Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Sarah Steelman, Susanna Martinez, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Marsha Blackburn,Michelle Bachman, Jeb Bush, Mia Love, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee and many others as potential bright sparks for our future, but if we do not take charge and register republicans and find a way to bring them out ourselves then we will not win back the White House- plain and simple!

    • Webb

      Lee,,your paragraphs here are great ! The urban areas killed us in this election! As a Conservative we must keep our heads up and look to the future for better Days! I live in a rural area of South carolina,,I frequent a Large Country Store several days a week,,I carried with me in my truck,,all of last year,,Voter registration forms and envelopes-stamped and addressed,,Talked with everyone on voting and getting registered!! IT WORKS,,GET STARTED NOW,,MAKING A DIFFERENCE!! Sarah Palin,,would bring Conservative values to the Whitehouse and possibably get something done with our crippling Debt and Deficit. AMERICAN HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!

  • Lee Baldwin

    Let us all hope qand pray that Sarah Palin decides to run. Just her presence in the race helps keep the Constitution in the minds of all candidates. I hope she wins! ~God Bless America & Sarah Palin.

  • har82

    Any good woman that enters an election these days risks her personal life ,, if she is conservative.
    There is a - festering disease - in this country called " democraps ", or liberalism .. The longer it is allowed to fester,,, the longer it is going to take for the cure.
    If you are a democrap,, you are part ,, of this disease. And there is only one cure ,, for any disease.

  • gnafuasusual

    Sarah Palin would make a very good President of The United States. Her platform would screw up the Lobbyists and all Liberals and most of the Washington Prigs. Palin would never allow gun running and she would never have ALLOWED four Americans to be murdered in Benghazi!