Thanksgiving colorblind civil rights gift – No Black Winners or White Losers

Thanksgiving 2012, finds a nation that has changed dramatically since the 1865 end of the U.S. Civil War. Yet there are still those who want to continue fighting this war as if nothing has ever changed. There still remains an ongoing attempt to select racial winners and losers when a person’s conduct, professional or otherwise comes into question. The latest example has been U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s ineptness in presenting the White House cover up account of the U.S. Benghazi Consulate American murders.

Last week several U.S. senators, who happen to be white, questioned her statements to five Sunday network news shows, as being false, misleading and indefensible, they were attacked by the president first. Obama said they were picking on her, and implied that the poor defenseless black woman needed a male hero to defend her.

Then there was the Congressional Black Caucus chorus on Friday, November 16th, calling the U.S. senator’s criticism racist. Come on now. Look in the American mirror. This is an America that is way past defining itself as racial sub-cultures or ethnic sub-sets. Does one really believe that there is a need to have a Black Congressional Caucus cry out racism now?

Even Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes, former chair of the Equal Opportunity Commission said the “racist charges” had no foundation when she appeared on Fox News, Monday, November 19th!

On Tuesday, Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat, attacked nearly 100 Republican congressmen who sent a letter to President Obama, opposing a possible nomination of Susan Rice for Secretary of State. The congressmen cited her recent apparent incompetent behavior as the reason for their opposition. Congressman Clyburn to the rescue! He called the congressmen’s comments racist. There Clyburn goes again.

The need to define oneself as sub-cultures or subsets of America, in a 21st century America is indeed offensive to a one nation under God of 2012. The victims and the victimizers of the past are now buried in the past. If there was ever a need for something to be thankful for, it is that outdated stereotypes like racial caucuses, ethnic identifiers, are assimilating into the one American melting pot.

Well, there is still Clyburn, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the diminishing exceptions who are the race-based clingers. They cling to racial solutions for colorblind problems. They embrace easy simplistic gotcha assertions, like “that’s racist!” or “They hate blacks” or they keep blacks down!”

This behavior must be called out for what it truly is. This is race baiting and hate mongering. Blacks and liberals engage in this practice to make political and racial hay. They use racial division as a pay day card for their elections, non-profit race baiting organizations and television network talk shows, but America is tired and America must move on.

America must grow up and Americans of all colors must accept that bad attitudes, incompetent behavior, or irresponsible conduct should not be defended because of race!

So, enough is enough of this school yard nonsense. The shadow of a racist past in America is not the nation of 2012.

This nation does not need an affirmative action answer for every real or imagined problem or issue that besets American minorities. America has to realize that if there is a civil rights issue that confronts a person who feels wronged or rights have been abridged, then repair it with the same laws that any person who has his or her rights abridged.

This is not a nation that should continue to have two sets of laws and two sets of results. The law of the land should not be used to pick winners and losers as if it were some type of carnival game, where the deck is stacked.

What will it take for black officials or black people in general to understand that the America of the turn of the 20th century is not the America of today? If a black official screws up, maybe it’s because he or she is just a bona fide screw up.

America, both white and black is also tired of being tired. America is tired of having its citizens being discounted, diminished, and dismissed because of the sins of the father being placed on the backs of the sons and daughters if they are white.

Blacks, who are working hard to achieve and to find a place of respect and dignity, are also tired of being saddled with the “affirmative action” label when it was their determination and initiative which made them successful.

So the stereotypic labels have to end and with it the notion that there must be two sets of rules, two sets of applications and two sets of results that must continue into the 21st century.

Beginning now, not tomorrow or 2013, but now, America must build toward a colorblind civil rights, called American justice which is equal for all. When this happens it will be an American justice system united to produce color blind results with no black winners and no white losers.

That is a Thanksgiving holiday gift that all Americans can celebrate!

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About Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs is the former community concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News, covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He was government and civic affairs director for Soul Source, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show. His faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. You may contact Kevin with your comments and questions.
  • Eagle19

    Well said and most appreciated, Mr. Fobbs

  • gypsy314

    Negros will not let the race card die this is another reason why there will be another civil war. The North should have made sure the negros were return to there homeland when war was done but failure again to do the right thing and now we still have negros playing race card. Well all is not lost we have another chance to correct a wrong once and for all.

  • The Constitution Lives

    "Black Congressional Caucus cry out racism" and this is surprising? Any group who's very name suggests an association with the color of one's skin is in fact racist by definition.

  • looneytoonsindville

    These are some of the biggest racists in the country. Everything bad that happens to "African Americans" happens because of their race. BS! And tell me please, whatever happened to the term "Americans"? I thought we were all Americans if we were born in this country to US citizen parents. Perhaps if they would quit calling themselves Africans then they might become more mainstream. For example, I am of Welsh extraction but I don't go around calling myself a "Welsh American". How stupid is that?

  • whackajig

    Racist = a person who exposes the truth about blacks. In America there are many who despise the way the blacks and white trash live their lives. Color of the skin helps to identify some of them, but is not the qualifier.

  • fedup in fl

    All negros are racist, all the tv networks are racist, 90% of all printed nedia is racist.
    Racist meaning anti-WHITE. The idiot negro who presently lives in the white house
    hates white people, as does all these negro preachers. And it has gotten worse
    since the election. They,(negros) have the idea that they now own this country.
    I have to listen to all the slavery BS(as if any of them were ever slaves) and what
    caucasians have done to the negro race. Yea, we have done a real injustice, meaning
    since the founding of the country. We(caucasians) should have never brought
    slaves to this country, that was the biggest mistake that was ever made. The
    europeans who discovered and founded this country should have never given a
    free pass into this country to the negro race. That would have alleviated the whole race
    thing. Europeans should have settled this country, period. Oh, but what about the
    indigenous people who were already here, gee tuff, europeans had the ships
    and the know how to sail across the ocean to get here and they had guns and
    better weapons, so we took the land. Ok the indian people should have been
    religated to an area of their chosing and would have been totally seperate.
    End of problems in the American colonies. It would have been europeans and
    the indigenous peoples, Which would have bread out of existence. So there would
    have been ONE people in America. End of problems

  • junkmailbin

    not all racists wear white sheets, some of them are in the CBC, NAACP, CORE, NBPP etc

    • whackajig

      Blacks comprise about 15% of the US population. Ninetry some percent of them voted for ovomit. Isn't that enough reason to be a "racist" and despise them? To me, it seems reason enough to not embrace them. I am sick and tired of all this chit about how we must love everyone. Blacks are like the fleas who infest the dog, but I'll be the dog would wish the parasites to be drowned in the river.

  • tiredofthecrap

    When you have no defensible position you throw down the "race card". The race card has been played so much for so long that playing card manufacturers have had to alter the decks. The box still has 52 cards (plus the two jokers--obuttface and dumdum biden) but they are all race cards now!

  • chamuiel

    Some people use the term "racist" because there is money in it from white guilt, others because they are using Saul Alinski rules (Put your opponent on the defensive and make them defend their position), others simply because they have nothing else to offer to the conversation. The word "racist" has been both over used, and over worked. By using it so frequently these people will begin to see it has lost its sting, and a lot of people are getting really sick and tired seeing and hearing the term.

  • John Munro

    It should also be considered that the reason the states voted to suceed is because obama does not represent the people. He is a muslim he is destroying America why the blind vote for him and allow systematicly taking our freedom rights away.

    • chamuiel

      Well, I do hope the States succeed, but I think you are talking about the states that want to secede. One can succeed in business, but a state would secede from the union.

    • John Munro

      Not not about sucession its about making congress realize obama does not represent anyone!

    • fedup in fl

      Because, he is a negro, and that is all that the negros can see and understand.
      It does not matter what he does to the citizens of this country, i.e. raiseing taxes,
      selling out to the muslems, to the U.N. and giving tax payors money to asian
      countrys for "clean energy", high gas prices. Destroying the military, destroying
      the interstructer of this country, loss of jobs. That does not enter the picture at
      all. Because a negro would never screw over another negro. Well guess again.
      Hey, but thats OK, he's a "HOMIE"

    • John Munro

      I resent that remark. Not all blacks agree with him. He is a muslim they plan to take over the world and we are letting him. The one way to fight back is to turn to jesus christ. i doubt anyone believes me there are so many God haters I believe this is why this is happening. I also believe the bible tells after the tower of babbel
      many languages were created. we all spoke one language before that. I believe there is only one race. Some have more pigment then others. this does not tell your heart.

  • George Vieto

    These people who continue to use the race card remind me of Apollo Creed in Rocky Iv when he said that just because he had retired from boxing his desire to fight in the ring would never end.

    • John Munro

      We are all in for a wake up call but I do sugest we all turn back to Jesus Christ.
      because its all up to us heaven or hell will you do as he said take the narrow path?
      Love God with your whole heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as your self? or will you have to get used to suffering forever? its your decision?

  • mgsulli

    This is a man and a man of color who shows great insight and wisdom. I have said the same thing for many years, but I am (at least mostly) white so my words were viewed as suspect and not understanding. Mr. Fobbs speaks from within the group that needs to hear this the most He can speak plainly and openly, but they cannot decry HIS race.

    Thankfully, many upward mobile people of color are finally stepping out and away from profiteers like Jackson, Sharpton, and even Obama. These guys always play the race card, but especially so when it is to their personal benefit and often to the detriment of their own fellows.

    BRAVO, Mr. Fobbs. Shout your message loud and long, and especially to youth of color. Help them believe we live in a nation where ANYONE can achieve the heights they believe.