Obama Slept While Americans Were Killed

We were going to present the facts about Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, but with the fresh news from Fox News with documents showing that Obama should have known the Benghazi attack was an act of terror, we must show the documents as they have been presented! This seems to show a President more pre-occupied with a re-election campaign than with current matters, especially a very now well-documented event on the very anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Trade Towers!

This displays facts that Obama seems to either have ignored or tried to bury under a pile of false and misleading statements by not just himself, but his entire administration, including Jim Carney whom came to the press podium and stated,

“According to the information we have right now, it was a spontaneous attack.”

This was being stated by nearly the entire Obama administration while at around 4:05 PM on September 11, 2012, it was known by an e-mail seen below, that the Embassy was under attack from ground forces with “guns and explosions” in Benghazi. (See the dispatched e-mail below).

Now with the above noted document showing the time of arrival at many different departments of government, should Obama have just passed this up or should he have gone directly to the situation room he so proudly showed after he declared he ordered the termination of Osama bin Laden? The above shown e-mail was delivered at 4:05 PM. That's plenty of time to order forces to at least make an attempt to stop the attack and save the lives of 4 men! However, Obama found it to be much more attractive to just re-direct the attention and say it was due to a short film clip that had come out in June, some 3 months earlier. How could the President of the United States not go to the situation room and take some sort of action to save the lives of United States citizens?

Another e-mail was sent to the same group and this was done at 4:54PM and it showed knowledge of the attack being at Benghazi, as did the earlier one. This one showed that the attack had stopped and that a response team was making an attempt to move those COM personnel. (See Below)

This document shows that they were concerned, at least those that had this e-mail. In days and weeks following the attack, the entire staff laid blame to the dumb video that actually had no connection at all. This call came at 4:05 PM and the President should have been made aware of this due to the fact that the simple word “attack” was used! This is a clear demonstration of failure to act upon a situation that should have taken priority over all other matters. President Obama seems to have either not known of such a serious problem or he ignored it as he had done so many times before!

But this was not the last e-mail of September 11, 2012. The next one, sent at 6:07 PM, still in the yellow category meaning caution, shows that they knew the group claiming responsibility of these attacks and they went on to make clear statements that were totally false about some video that was out there for 3 months and no one cared about. The video was nothing more than a cover for the Obama Administration to hide the facts before the election so the people would not know that the President of our nation went to sleep while people were being killed! How could this happen, why did this happen? So many questions about Benghazi and so few answers! It has to be noted here that Obama made an extreme case that he took offense about the attack in Benghazi when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney took him to task on Libya and Benghazi, but with these e-mails it now shows why Obama took offense to that, because Romney was correct in making that statement! Obama tried to deflect the responsibility he had with the deaths of 4 men that he could have prevented had he truly been in command! (See the E-mail below)

This is perhaps the most damaging e-mail of all. It shows that the administration knew at 6:07 PM, that a terrorist group known as Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility for the attack on Benghazi. This was shown to have been stated and received at 6:07 PM on September 11, 2012 and yet President Obama and his Administration continued to play the pure false statement that this was caused by the Video and it was a spontaneous attack and not a well-planned attack! How could the President of the United States make such a statement while the facts pointed to something completely different? Does this show the real Obama and how he twists the truth to fit his agenda? Does this show that President Obama just ignored the fact that the United States had just been attacked by terrorists yet again on the very day 11 years after the huge hit we took within our nation? Does this show the fact that terrorists have ignored Obama and his cowardly way to deal with them? Once again so very many questions and so very few true answers from the White House!

These emails demonstrate that President Obama had known or should have known, (had he made a meeting), about the terrorists attack upon Benghazi and he should have known in time to take a huge action to help the 4 men that were killed, instead, he went to bed and slept to wake up the next morning and lay blame upon a video that had nothing to do with the attack! He then flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser while the bodies of the 4 men were being recovered. Is that the display of a leader or is that the display of a man obsessed with re-election? Since it is clear that this was known, did Obama know or did he just ignore it? If he did know, even 15 days after, why did he continue to blame this on a dumb video? Why did the President make such a fuss over a video when it was clear just hours during this attack that it was planned? His administration made a deliberate attempt to divert attention to a video as the cause of the attack rather than deal with the reality that it was a pre-planned attack.

With these documents, it becomes apparent that President Obama either ignored the terrorist attack in Benghazi, or he just walked away from his responsibility and left that to others so he could prepare for a campaign and fund raiser speech the next day? These are questions that need to be answered NOW and not after the election! President Obama should not be running for re-election. He should rather be running from a jail term due to the lack of leadership and action he could have taken to save the lives of 4 men he seemed to ignore! Now the people of the United States have to make the decision between placing Obama back into the White House where he seems to be more interested in making television shows than telling the truth or kick him out and see what charges he should face for the deaths of 4 men he may have been able to save, had he done what he was supposed to! It is our choice and I hope the people see through the lies and deceit of Obama and replace him now!

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  • cbcnd1

    Worst President EVER!!!

    • ssilv48

      cb, you have something very, very wrong. oboma is not and legally ever be an American President and this is why our forefathers wanted to make sure that the President of the United States was a natural born citizen and have both parents being born in America, so there is no allegiance to another country,,,,,like kenya muslims, muslim brotherhood. oboma is not a president, he is just illegally sitting in our w/h

  • http://christiancitizenshipforum.blogspot.com/ OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    UCMJ Article 92:3.3 Dereliction of Duty - Derelict.
    Punishment: (If) Willful. Bad-conduct discharge is forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.
    UCMJ Article 92:3.3 Dereliction of Duty
    (c) That the accused was (willfully) (through neglect or culpable inefficiency) derelict in the performance of those duties.

    A person is derelict in the performance of duties when that person willfully or negligently fails to perform that person’s duties or when that person performs them in a culpably inefficient manner. “Willfully” means intentionally. I t refers to the doing of an act knowingly and purposely, specifically intending the natural and probable consequences of the act. “Negligently” means an act or omission of a person who is under a duty to use due care which exhibits a lack of that degree of care which a reasonably prudent person would have exercised under the same or similar circumstances. “Culpable inefficiency” is inefficiency for which there is no reasonable or just excuse.

    Maximum punishment.

    (1) Violation or failure to obey lawful general order or regulation. Dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 2 years.

    (2) Violation of failure to obey other lawful order. Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.

    Note: For (1) and (2), above, the punishment set forth does not apply in the following cases: if in the absence of the order or regulation which was violated or not obeyed the accused would on the same facts be subject to conviction for another specific offense for which a lesser punishment is prescribed; or if the violation or failure to obey is a breach of restraint imposed as a result of an order. In these instances, the maximum punishment is that specifically prescribed else wherefor that particular offense.

    (3) Dereliction in the performance of duties.

    (A) Through neglect or culpable inefficiency. Forfeiture of two-thirds pay per month for 3 months and confinement for 3 months.

    (B) Willful. Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nannybear50 Elaine Bruemer

    Obama should be arrested thrown in prision and tried for treason. The sooner the better. Also I believe someone should have gone over his head and sent in the troops needed to save all American lives and to hell whith the consequences.

  • DGKY

    Obama's actions (or lack of them) regarding the Benghazi attacks is outrageous. Obama should be impeached if not defeated in the election.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H6YDPAOSKRKSDREHLEQBJWPMAE Val

    For Obama to go to bed and SLEEP, proves to me ,that he really is NOT an AMERICAN, he has NO feelings or concerns for anyone outside his family (I'm guessing he cares a little for them) He is one of those people who have NO feelings at all except for himself. He is a Criminal . To do nothing to help those 4 men in Libya, is MURDER, To send someone ,even if it was too late, would have been MORE HUMAN, BUT, I GUESS NOT IN HIS CASE.! HE'S A TRAITOR,against the USA. WHY is he still able to walk around ?? He is not even a US Citizen, he has never given anything but FAKE Birth cert. Social Security #, forged Draft records .EVERYTHING IS A " RED Flag" and we do zip. WHY ? WHY ? (IF it was me, doing all he has done, MY AZZ would be in JAIL a long time ago !!!