Obama Administration: First to Fund Organization Tied to Cop-Killing Terrorist Group

We're continuing a list of Obama's "firsts" as President. There will be one more, since this takes up so much time and effort especially when time and effort is now needed to show how Obama covered up the September 11, 2012 terrorists attack upon United States Citizens and which shows that Al Qaeda is now growing, not running scared as Obama would like for us to believe, the more one knows about Obama, the more he displays his Marxist/Communist upbringing!

Obama is the first President to have his administration fund an organization tied to the cop-killing terrorist group, the Weather Underground.

Now just how could this happen? Consider the fact that Bill Ayers had a fund raising party at his house for his neighbor and dear friend, Obama! Just how many other Presidents could be found that have done such an outrageous and very close to treasonous act? We will not write a huge explanation why this should never happen mainly due to the fact that we wish to cover the remaining 32 Firsts by Obama or any other President in the history of our great nation, sorry, but Obama does not think our nation should be that “great’ so let us now look at the rest of his demeaning and sometimes scary Firsts!

Obama is the first President to publicly announce an enemies list (consisting of his opponents campaign contributors; and to use the instrumentalities of government to punish those on the list).

I guess if I keep writing about all the bad stuff this Liar, Coward, and heaven knows what else, will place my name on his list and if he wins in November, I may get picked up and sent to one of his camps to re-educate me into the Socialists ideology!

Obama is the first President to attempt to block legally-required 60-day layoff notices by government contractors due to his own cuts to defense spending, because the notices would occur before the election.

We have seen a bit of this on the news lately where Obama told the companies to ignore, let me repeat that, ignore the law and not hand out any layoff slips and the Government, meaning the taxpayers, will pick up any law suits filed against the company for not abiding with the LAW! Now just how many former Presidents, from any party has ever told anyone to ignore the Law as it is written? And now he wants another term, I would think he would not even tell the companies that if he were re-elected since he would then claim himself as dictator and no laws would be in affect!

Obama is the first President to intentionally disable credit card security measures (in order to allow over-the-limit donations, foreign contributions and other illegal fundraising measures)

Let me see here, to “allow over the limit and foreign and other illegal fundraising measures”? What is going on here? Why are Congress and the rest of Washington just allowing Obama to do, as he wants? He is not a dictator, yet.

Obama is the first President to send 80 percent of a $16 billion program (green energy) to his campaign bundlers and contributors, leaving only 20% to those who did not contribute.

Is it a big surprise to learn that nearly everyone of these companies have either failed or they are in the process of failing? How could anyone do this to our nation unless they had intended to destroy our nation to give rise to a more Marxist ideology, remember that it was Obama whom while at Occidental in California did in fact say he wanted a revolution so he could “change” the United States. Now why would an elected President even consider changing the United States?

Obama is the first President to propose an executive order demanding companies disclose their political contributions to bid on government contracts.

Now just why was this done? Could it be that if these companies did not contribute to the Obama camp, then they would not be chosen or maybe even allowed to bid on Government Contracts? Does this sound like a proper and “open” administration to anyone? It is like Obama does not want anyone to openly bid on any contract that did not contribute to his campaign! Just how does a President get the power to decide this? Where is the separation of Powers here?

Obama is the first President to issue an executive order implementing a "racial justice system", a system that tries to achieve "racially equivalent outcomes" for crimes.

Just how is this done? Do they determine if maybe a Hispanic did a crime due to his lack of education? Or maybe it is a black that had education but found it more profitable to deal drugs? Just what does the term, “racially equivalent outcomes” really mean? Once again, so many questions so few answers! But once again, why does this President find it better to use or rather Abuse his power to create new laws? Is this really what he wants to do, circumvent Congress and create his own laws, which by the way can be ignored according to the very Constitution he is Circumventing!

Obama is the first President to send millions in taxpayer dollars to his wife's former employer.

Just what did her “former” employer do? Maybe he “contributed” thousands to his campaign. Why is he even allowed to do this at all, is this not a form of corruption? This lends itself to more questions than answers.

Obama is the first President to preside over a cut to the credit rating of the United States government. (Source: Reuters)

Now this is something that should rattle everyone as it has an affect upon anyone whom tries to borrow money since this was the First time our triple A credit rating was downgraded! If this happened to us as individuals, it would mean that we could NOT borrow anything until the rating was brought down yet this President, ignores this as if it were a mere bother!

Obama is the first President to bypass Congress and implement the DREAM Act through executive fiat. (Source: Christian Science Monitor)

Wait, does the Constitution mention that Congress has the power to make and enforce laws? Is this an indication of what Obama is planning? Is he really just bypassing Congress and the Constitution because as he says, “This thing called the Constitution keeps getting in my way of doing things.”? President Barack Obama. How many other Presidents even tried to do this as openly as Obama is? Obama took an Oath to uphold the Constitution and yet if Congress says no to him, Obama goes out and makes the very thing Congress said NO to a law by way of a pen! Sounds like a want to be Dictator to many!

Obama is the first President to move America past the dependency tipping point, in which 51% of households now pay no income taxes.

Now if 51% pay no income taxes, just how will the Government run without any revenue coming in from 51% of those working? How can any nation sustain itself when it does not have enough money coming in to cover the expenses? I am very sure that if individuals did this, they would lose everything and maybe be sent to jail for some sort of fraud!! But Obama does not care, all he does is call up Geithner and tell him to print more money that goes down in value each time he does that! What a way to run a nation!

Obama is the first President to increase food stamp spending by more than 100% in less than four years.

We are going to just say what? It just does not make any sort of sense unless, unless one is planning to ruin the nation so he can take over as dictator!

Obama is the first President to spend a trillion dollars on 'shovel-ready' jobs -- and later admit there was no such thing as shovel-ready jobs. (Source: President Obama during an early meeting of his 'Jobs Council')

Now this may have been the golden moment when Obama actually admitted he made a mistake, one that cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion!

Obama is the first President to threaten insurance companies after they publicly spoke out on how Obamacare helped cause their rate increases. (Source: The Hill)

Of course Obama does not want the public to know that HIS plan for health care is going to run Doctors, hospitals, and nurses out of the nation in addition to costing much more than if he had just left it alone! But this was not his plan; actually it was one doctor's idea from when Obama ran for Senator!

Obama is the first President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

Can you say General Motors? It should really be called Government Motors since it is the first company to be nearly bought out by the federal government. Why even do this? Our laws are very specific and should have been followed. If GM was going to fail due to bad practices, they could have just claimed Title 7 and cleaned up their act, but no, Obama wanted to help his Socialist friends in the Unions, especially Trumka who sat with the Communist Party! Is it strange that a lot of Obama’s friends somehow are all linked by either the Communist or Socialists? Maybe they just sat at the wrong table for a few moments.... like the entire night!

Obama is the first President to propose budgets so unreasonable that not a single representative from either party would cast a vote in favor. (Sources: The Hill, Open Market)

Now this is really strange, all of Obama's budget proposals were voted down by a vast amount of both parties. Wait, the Socialist Democrat Party voted for them, all 74 of them!

Obama is the first President whose economic policies have the number of Americans on disability exceed the population of New York. (Source: CNS News)

Obama had just recently brought the ceiling for getting welfare down to new LOW levels, all one has to do now to say they need welfare is to say they read a book about employment! Now that is a great first! According to Obama, if you sneeze and hurt your back, you should be on disability! That may not be far off the mark by the way! People should be happy with what we have here because if all of these handicapped individuals were in any other part of the world, they would have to fend for themselves because the United States is the only place that takes care of the handicapped, as of now, but maybe Obama plans to do away with that also since he likes the Europe model that does not have handicapped!

Obama is the first President to sign a law requiring all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

Obamacare became the first law that mandated that every person in the United States have healthcare insurance. If one didn't purchase healthcare insurance, then one would be taxed due to not purchasing the product.

There will be a final article demonstrating the rest of "firsts" by Barack Obama. It's quite amazing to see how in just one term he could have been first at some of these things and yet, he still remains in office.

This is the third article in a series. Read Part One. Read Part Two. Read Part Four.

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  • underthewire

    The ignorant in this country will be our downfall. Obama banks on it. Only we are the bank paying the bill.

  • daveveselenak

    Really, is it surprising that the Muslim-Marxist is helping his Muslim Brotherhood? Hell, it's been outted that his wedding ring that he so proudly has worn since his college days has this inscription on it: There is no god but Allah, now what do you suppose that tell's you? The sycophants that are propping up this scumbag will be in the same boat as the rest of the infidels - what fools!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O24NYT5HOQNDEJ3TUT5QOTLOF4 TM

    obama + Death to America plain and simple and will do anything to appease his muslim brotherhood.

    Wake up America while we can still call obama a liar and chief without being beheaded.

  • f8tul

    another first no one seems to mention: Obama,, the first ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA to gain access to our white house

  • Originalintent

    The problem is the many people like him who want to see our country destroyed. The people who have been educated by our academic system which has been completely over by the progressive/left/communists/democrats/whatever theyt are calling themselves this week. The problem is all the people who did not believe Kruschev when he said "We will take you from the inside." and who have stood, or rather sat by watching soap operas and sitcoms while they have done it. The problem is all those people who want our country to be this way because they believe this is the way it is the way it is supposed to be, or worse, they just don't bloody care. Look at all the reports of all the people who have already said they refuse to vote this time because their candidate didn't make it; or because it doesn't matter; or for someone who doesn't stand a snowball's chance at aTexas BBQ in August at getting electected. I have to stop as I'm getting my dander up. These are just a few, but the main examples of what's wrong and what has happened to let a lowly lizard like presidon't nobama get elected into shaming our great country.

  • maddie75

    where is the movie 2016 being played?

  • Sgt York

    those who want FREE stuff will vote for O'Vomit,the Lazy, the Black ,The white married or living with a Black,The mexican Illegals, and the Stupid College kids who Have been Brain Washed, none can see the demise of America just a freebie or a new path into America. Look at Calif. now wanting to give Illegals a ID card. Is this to vote? you damned right. VOTE these Thugs OUT. Vote R/R

  • A. Levy

    Here's another first. Obama is the first president to openly insult the intelligence of the American people, (assuming you believe they have any) on an almost daily basis, and have it tolerated by those people. He is also the first devout Muslim to be elcted POTUS, and also the first full-blown Marxist to be president. And he was brought to you by the weakest, most gullible, and the dumbest voters on the planet, who BTW, just may be getting ready to do it again.

  • Shannon

    No surprise here! The real surprise is that there are still some MORONS out there that will still vote for this Marxist/Communist terrorist of a POTUS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pami.toll Pami Toll

    The USA didnt put CHILDREN on the AUDIO TRANSMISSION, the Sauds and undergrounders did.. THE USA Refuses to speak about the clarification with the REAL WITNESS And takes info and hires terror operatives and criminals to SMASH HER REAL STORY, harrass her and make a game out of a tragedy that has a daily outcome WORLD WIDE And effects thousands of people around the world.. BAD DATA FROM LYING SUE LESIAK AND DEBBY PROSTITUTE MEYERS LEVAKOV.. Who stole my NAME! AND MORE..

  • http://www.facebook.com/pami.toll Pami Toll

    The President never gets it correct cause he TAKES HIS DATA FILTERED From the sleeper operatives protecting a BAD AND FALSE UNDERGROUND OPERATION.. that harms and surpresses a REAL INTEL WITNESS BECAUSE OF FRAUD THEFT AND IDENTITY THEFT that proper govt agents COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE CORRECTED UP TO 7 years ago.. DUE TO BLACK UNDERGROUNDERS AND THEM CALLING HER A RACIST when she was identifying the proper sources of the leaks exposure and humiliations to the US GOVT. .They CALLED HER CRAZY. IT TTAKES 3000 people to try to change ONE REAL TRUTH HERE. I WONT BACK DOWN!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002053006576 David Williams

    Who knew. Would expect anything else from a president who wants to destroy this country and an administration too dumb to realize it.

  • Steve

    Tell me folks are you really falling for all of this propaganda ? I will vote for Obama because know one else is willing to do anything to help people who are unable to get decent health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. I am a diabetic and unable to work due to complications from this disease. I have applied for disability as per the advise of two of my doctors with their full support. And still social security has turned me down both times. Obama is the only one who is trying to help people like me. If Romney wins, who is a felon himself. I guess I would be expected to become a criminal as well in order to support myself and pay for my meds and doctor bills. Our government is full of crooks, liars and cheats. Our government desperately needs change. I'm not saying Obama is the one to do it . But I know I don't trust Romney to do anything to fix things in Washington. The problem with all of these commercials we see on TV is that they are all filled with half truths and sometimes flat out lies. So it makes it hard to know what or who to believe.All I know right now is that I am looking out for my own best interest. And Obama seems to be the one who will help people like myself the most.

  • ingerson

    What is really scary - he loses then he has about 45 days to destroy whatever he hasn't already - plus declare marital law - and incite the inner-city illegal aliens to riot (which is already widely being discussed.

    • Death2Unions

      You nailed it! Bingo! Mearnwhile America's "Ignorant Class" is clueless to the reality. America is a sinking ship. It has been sucker punched and is seeing birds chirping as it lays down on the canvas. Marxist President Hugo Chavez is slapping his knee saying; "Dang, I didn't think the boy could do it."

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KYBBI27Q7O4BW6FBNWSJ3O4QHI Edna R.

    It is unfortunate many will be voting like Samuel Jackson who says

    “ I don’t know or care about his(Obama) politics, I am voting for him b/c
    he is black!”

    How soon do all people, especially
    black people(pro-Obama supporters), forget the words of Martin Luther King:

    “I look to a day when
    people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of
    their character.”

    Anyone care to google all of Obamas illegal CZARS?

    In the movie; 2016 ...

    Dinesh speaks of how Obummer here would like to get rid of ALL-OF-OUR-NUKES!

    He is willing to trust all foreign countries to do the same!

    Can YOU or anyone really believe his naivety?

    ***Anyone know Gary Samore? He is Obamas WMD POLICY czar.

    Former US Communist. Wants US to destroy all WMD unilaterally as a show of good

    faith. Has no other policy.

    ***How about Ashton Carter? He is the weapons czar.

    Leftist. Wants all private weapons in US confiscated and destroyed. Supports UN
    ban on firearms ownership in America. No Other policy.

    ***Or George Mitchell? Obamas Mideast czar!

    Former Senator from Maine. Left wing radical. Has said Israel should be split
    up into 2 or 3

    smaller more manageable plots. Anti-nuclear, anti-gun, & pro homosexual.

    ***Or Joshua Dubois? He is Obamas "FAITH-BASED' czar!

    Political black activist. Degree in Black Nationalism. Anti gun ownership

    Obamas is definitely on a mission to "change" America! His ideology
    his agenda is NOT on the same page as the rest of the country from years past
    ... as our forefathers had designed or wanted for us & our country.

    These czars speak for Obama and their function is to ensure compliance with
    Obama's policies within the Executive Branch.

    The American People don't know who most of these Czars are. They've had no
    background checks. There is no Congressional oversight over the Czars, unlike a
    Cabinet position. They are appointed by Obama and are extraordinarily powerful,
    simply because they take their direction from and report directly to Obama.

    We don't know how much money they make. We don't know how many tax-payer
    dollars they oversee. We don't know how large their staffs are. We don't know
    how much power they wield.

    Where are the checks and balances?

    "The problems we face today exist
    because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for
    a living."

    The following groups & people endorse
    & support Barack Hussein Obama.

    WRIGHT, BILL AYERS(American Weather Underground terrorist), GEORGE SOROS &
    foreign Islamic countries & wealthy muslims.

    Voting for OBUMMER is
    definitely like a chicken voting for Colonel

    "If you voted for
    Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist ,

    you'll have to vote
    for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot ."

    Save our country & DO NOT BE IGNORANT!

    Be an INFORMED VOTER … by
    watching the movie: “2016”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516859771 John Sweet

    First president to include enemies of the state inside of the Administration under the Muslim Brotherhood. First president to do the bidding of an enemy to expand their reach in the middle east. First president that qualifies for charges of treason against the nation.


    Im not surprised are you surprised. He must back anyone trying to kill cops and our armed service personal because he know when the sheet hits the fan they will not stand with him and fight with the american people. This JOKER IS WAY BEYOND TREASONIST. He is a radical Jehadist thats right he is one of them not us. He has embezzeled and laundered our money to all zionist jehiadists as well as his marxist friends. Be prepared people he did not do all this to leave office without setting us on fire. I know the polls show this race close but i really dont think so i see Romeny winning by a shalacking like Nov 2010...All his news minions are saying its close because they want you to think that so when he looses this big A-- he and his marxists can scream voter frauda and suppression. They have already started doin that and this will be the excuse they use to null and void the election. Be prepared at that time is when the fight it on. Be ready to meet the U.N. troops from marxist counties face to face.

  • Al Steeleman

    Leon, how much Agent Orange did you get in Vietnam? It scares me that people believe everything in this article is etched in stone. I can tell you have never been in business for yourself. As President, Obama is better than some, worst than others. Oh well, At least he didn't start this national debt. With G.w. spending spree of 11.32 trillion, Obama is behind on spending or didn't you notice that.

  • granny

    Yep, what we intelligent legal citizens knew..... BOZO the muslim is creating the destruction of these United States, giving our tax dollars to the ones of his choosing, and has been the biggest liar of the centuries past. No wonder honest citizens are firing up their weapons & letting the muslims know that we are tired of his BS. aka Malarky. He has no idea that his time will be cut short. This mornings news stated that BOZO is winning by 53%.(only mexicans & muslims voted...lol).....Romney = 47%. Isn't it hilarious that people changed their minds after the debate to vote GOP, and the percentage has not changed one iota. The media is courting their own destruction. Who will listen to them anymore when our man ROMNEY is President. Their jihadists will learn soon enough that their destruction is imminent , along with the news media,