Doomsday Scientists' Ongoing Perpetration of Climate Hoax

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think back a few years before the daily onslaught of climate crisis headlines. Were there some tornadoes or floods now and again? Were there hurricanes and snow storms? If you weren't in the direct path of these acts of God, were you able to go on with your life?

As long as I can recall, people have been very adept at overcoming the elements. Heat, light, and shelter at the top of the list of giant accomplishments of mankind. (add mechanized farming equipment and smarter crop management, not to mention transportation. ) I grew up in a colder clime from where I now live. Ohio in the '50's and 60's was COLD. I remember my parents buying an electric under-sheet for my bed so I wouldn't freeze at night. I remember ice-skating on ponds. I don't remember people being hysterical over weather events, but vigilant and hard working to overcome what the planet could do at any given time. I remember people being helpful and compassionate to people in areas hit by storms. I remember our family stories of a river flooding my great-grandmother's house up to the second story. The hardship of efforts to save what furnishings they could and the triumph of no one dying; those stories stick with me today.

Fast forward to the age of hysteria today. Who caused this mass hysteria?

It has long been common knowledge that bloody frightening headlines sell. The media industry has long operated on the idea that people love to be scared out of their wits or love to read about mayhem. So take a public figure who is predicting the collapse of the world, á la Al Gore, and the mainstream media sees that as $$$ signs for selling to the public. Who wants to read that Mr. Smith down the street was able to pay his heating bills this month and therefore his family lived comfortably for the last 30 days? Who wants to read that there was a bumper crop of vegetables this year? Or that dairy products have given us stronger bones and teeth than any other generation in history? I suppose that is just too boring for anyone to care. But send out the doomsday purveyors of climate hysteria and sales are booming.

Back in February one of the Climate Scientist Gods was exposed:

Earlier this evening, Peter Gleick, a prominent figure in the global warming movement, confessed to stealing electronic documents from The Heartland Institute in an attempt to discredit and embarrass a group that disagrees with his views.

The real crisis is moral, not Climatic. It always has been. That someone would sell their soul to tell lies and deceive in order to further the Climate Hoax should wake up even the most devout, Kool-ade drinking, sycophant. The moral collapse is a two sided coin. You have to have the weak minded in order to sell the lies. It takes both, the corrupt liar and the weak-minded believer. The hope is the weak-minded believer wakes up and realizes he has been duped, therefore turning away from the liar. And I might add that there used to be an ethical responsibility element in the profession of journalism, at least to some to degree. Perpetrating lies to the public should be viewed as fraud. (I think it used to be so.) Somewhere along the way, journalists stopped worrying about fraud. Now we see that Climate Scientists have also stopped worrying about fraud.

But who decided to make Climate Scientists the Gods of the Copybook Headings? The media is culpable. They sell mayhem, even when there isn't any in this case. The media LOVED this ongoing crisis story, allowing the well-paid Climate Scientist liars to lead the charge. I still see it nearly everyday in the papers, laying guilt trips on the masses for ruining the planet. The Climate Hoax needs to die a miserable death. Preferably at the hands of a truth squad. And here.

It is entirely false political ideology, not Climate Science. It always has been fraud. I look forward to the prosecution of all who have perpetrated this fraud upon Americans and the World.

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12 thoughts on “Doomsday Scientists' Ongoing Perpetration of Climate Hoax

  1. The `gulf stream` has stopped apparently! Therefore, rather than global warming this will affect especially the northern hemisphere and we will get much colder weather! Look at the amount of snow the US had last winter!

  2. Hysteria sells newspapers. Anybody remember bird flu which was gonna wipe out all the domestic fowl? The return of swine flu? Get your shots, folks, cause it's gonna be bad this time. Mad cow disease? We'll have to kill off the cattle. Beef prices will soar.

    Of course, global warming can be run for the next dozen decades, simply because they don't have to prove it. By renaming it Climate Change, they can make it fit any pattern that they want to. Cold, heat, drought, excessive rainfall? Climate Change. 58 sunny days in a row? Climate Change. What caused climate change before there were SUVs?

    I think the ultimate purpose is to make us ashamed of the American way of life. Notice how cars are getting smaller, lighter, more deadly? How they keep showing us how two people can live in 300 square feet of 'flexible space,' if you don't mind that your bathtub doubles as a salad bowl and the cat has to sleep in the oven.

  3. ...And these are the beginnings of sorrows...but look to the Christ who is able to overcome
    and save your souls. Sounds like Security to me.

  4. Our climate constantly changes. It has been a lot warmer in the past...for heavens sake they were growing grapes in the middle of England during the Roman occupation. These idiots should be happy that we are in a warm period! An ice age would be devastating! Oh, wait, back in the 70's the climate gurus told us that was where we were headed! Idiots all!!

  5. The " HOAX" is costing us BILLIONS and BILLIONS of tax payer dollars in a myriad different ways. Money we cannot afford and need for food and today's gas prices.

  6. If the world wasn't meant to change, I'd have a dinosaur under my sink as a garbage disposal...

  7. If the world wasn't meant to change, we would have dinosaurs under our sinks as garbage disposals...

  8. Thank you Cheryl for a great article!! I totally agree and I am going to be more outspken with how i feel in the future as I totally agree with you......It is a HOAX!! One that has just about caused me a nervous breakdown watching all of these stupid jets in the sky spraying God knows what as if We The People are some sort of bug on crop!!! SO sick of it. So sick of being poisoned by these lies and yes, it does all begin with Al Gore ! He is evil and not only that has gotten FAT. a big FAT SATAN!!!! SO upset. But your article helped me not to feel like a the total outcast the way people look at me if I say in response to their ridiculousness, "Global Warming , MY ass!!" I am going to file their dirty looks in the trash and know that i am right and the Earth has worked in cycles of warming and cooling since the beginning of time! Peopel need to wake up and speak up !!! Thank you again for giving me some extra needed courage!

    • Tina, the jets aren't spraying anything. It is water vapor condensing from the hot exhaust.

    • Anziani, Thank you so very much for this comment. It means a lot to me. The kindness of strangers , as they say. I am getting better!!!!

  9. I hear this winter is going to be colder than the last. I thought the earth was warming.

    • NotRightNotLeft says:

      There is a very distinct difference between the climate, and weather. Of course we will continue to have weather changes. Our seasons will come and go just as before.