America: De-Industrialized By Green-Eyed Monsters

I wonder how it happened that some people woke up one day and decided that using energy to power our lives is a bad thing. That is what has happened. I sit here with the lights on, in my climate controlled house, typing away on my computer while my clothes washer is running, and wondering why some people think energy starvation is a good policy. I have never been anything but grateful for abundant and critical energy supplies. Those same people who despise energy will never do without light and heat and hot water or a car to take them somewhere. Yet they demonize energy sources and usage as if the masses are the blood suckers of the world for having affordable energy. The technocrats have figured out how to syphon buckets of money from the masses in so many ways for using energy, my head spins from trying to count them. Are we headed for the dark ages on purpose?

“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.”

Vaclav Klaus
Blue Planet in Green Shackles

First, what do you call punishing people (with higher prices) for using energy while at the same time refusing to maintain and increase the energy infrastructure? Energy starvation. And what do you call it when you figure out how to profit from misery? Diabolical.

The American energy grid is not being expanded. It is being designed into something else; a device for controlling users of power and massively reducing the power available. Germany could be a lesson in what not to do, but our leadership is not listening nor caring about the consequences of energy starvation policies.

Energy Starvation Policy in Germany

"Energy prices are rising and the risk of power outages is growing. But the urgently needed expansion of the grid, as well as the development of replacement power plants and renewable energy sources is progressing very slowly. A growing number of economic experts, business executives and union leaders are putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of Merkel's coalition, which pairs her conservatives with the business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP). The government, they say, has expedited de-industrialization."

"The price of electricity is moving in only one direction: steeply up. For the Krefeld plant, the cost of a kilowatt hour of electricity has tripled since 2000."

"And there is no end in sight. When Merkel's new energy policy was introduced last year, says plant manager Behmenburg, planning for the future became virtually impossible. Behmenburg says that it is impossible now to know what will happen to the supply situation and the price of electricity in the coming years."

The entire article from Al Fin is a good read for anyone concerned about what lies ahead for our future.

I heard an abomination coming from the mouth of Art Laffer who said, to my disgust and shock, that we should "start taxing carbon." For God's sake. I can't help but wonder who got to Art Laffer on that one. He's lost his mind or his moral compass....or both. I could not believe my ears. Who has promised him boatloads of money for selling his soul? This comes at the same time, Senator James Inhofe has declared Cap & Trade dead forever. (Well, maybe Congress will not approve it, but it is being done anyway through totalitarian federal agencies.) So, one man tells us we can stop worrying about taxing carbon at the same time another one, who is supposed to be a Reagan conservative economist, comes out and says we should tax carbon?


We are heading down a very dangerous path. Green energy is a killer. The higher energy prices due to these starvation policies, the worse economic shape we will be in, more unemployment will come, costs for basic necessities will squeeze more people into poverty. And this is supposed to be saving the planet? For whom?

Green is the color of death. Death of economies. Death of peoples who will not be able to afford energy. Death of industrialization, therefore jobs. Death of affordable goods. Death of affordable services. Death of freedom of mobility.

All by design.

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  • Libertarian58

    Energy is Liberty! The real reason that all of our viable energy sources are being systematically replaced with non-viable ones is to rob us of our liberty and put bureaucrats in control.

  • guest

    "Free Energy;" Google it, or better yet, Youtube. Come out of the dark ages. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come, except maybe bureaucrats in the back-pockets of the fossil fuel industry.

    • Dale, left coast

      There is NOTHING known to man that will replace "Conventional" fuels . . . oil and gas . . . tomorrow and power a Modern Industrial City. FACT ! ! !
      Anyone who thinks windmills and solar panels, both part-time energy sources, is the solution is patently nuts ! ! !
      While the greenies spin their lies, the citizens are being priced out of the market . . . and Chinese emissions will double and double again in the next 20 years . . .

  • 1gentready

    The Green eyed monster goes by the name of Barrack Obama today and what name he will use tomorrow who knows.


    A family of three adults, in a townhome, in Hawthorne, and our electricity bill in September is over $320.00 , just for one month. One small portable aircon set at 74DEG., a largish TV, a microwave oven, and a family size fridge. Our electrical power company is killing us with their bills, following Obama's requirements. It's time for us to become Mexican citizens, and just walk into America , and have the other Americans pay for all that we need.

    • smartgranny55

      Mine was less than $30, but with winter close at hand, I expect it to increase by 9-10%, so I can't keep my house comfortably warm. Gas prices are so high, I can't afford to go anywhere.

  • fliteking

    Irony: In America we have labor laws and proper disposal of toxic by-products - - - in china, they don't.

    Outcome: Greenie-weenies have increased child labor and the pollution of the earth.

    Nice job. Idiots.

  • randykyle

    Well, that's the logical outcome of a society who has been brai...well, "washed" to believe that National Geographic is Gaia's prophet and mankind is a pestilence on the "planet". It really has very little to do with "energy" per se, and much more with the population control of the human "infestation". These are the dirt worshiping little voluntary sub-humans who insist that we "reduce our 'carbon' footprint, allow ourselves to be caged one on top of the other like chickens and walk to whatever "job" the collective say's we are responsible for. These are the morons who think 1984 is a version of the Bible. Surprise. Not enough people have been successfully "programmed" for their pipe dream to be brought to full fruition, but they can and DO adversely affect the lives of FREE people, and I believe, will ultimately be cast off like chains in the not too distant future.

    • Tamara Dippel

      These green people, most of them, are NOT sub-human at all! It drive me crazy when people talk like this! They are mostly well-meaning people who have been tricked with false scientific data and because of this truly believe the earth is in danger! I was one of them but I looked into the info from the skeptics and realized I'd been lied to. I didn't want to hurt or control people, I really thought we were all in danger. Now I know global warming is a lie but because of all the confusing info it is hard to discern truth from lies. Add in there the fact that we've been taught to believe the "experts" almost blindly, and to trust scientists blindly. Most of the time it a tooth and nail fight to get real information out to the public and even the regular news will not publish information if hey are ordered not to!

      The ones you should be mad at are the ones who knowingly perpetuate these lies. They have caused a panic and are turning people against each other - promoting death to supposedly save life. The real enemies are the liars, the rest are just deceived and are not meaning to be your enemies or to harm you... They wouldn't do these things if they knew they were lied to, they're afraid of human species (and whole animal and plant) extinction!

      Keep trying to inform people, don't give up! It is frustrating but the information is so important to make sure it is available for people to see. I realized i was deceived, other "greens" may too.

      They become chains because they have been convinced that chains are the only way, just as many people are giving up personal freedoms for "national security" not realizing it is far worse that way. It is sad. See what fear can do? They want to be free I think, they are afraid of the loss of life which ultimately is freedom. In their fear they will crush the spirit and kill many that needlessly. The lying bastards at the top are the ones that deserve our hate, they KNOW this is all false and the KNOW there will be great unnecessary suffering and death. They need to be stopped!!

    • randykyle

      It is to these very people that I point my comments. However, as you yourself know, the individual in a FREE society can never be absolved of the responsibility to learn and ACT UPON the truth. The World War II generation was much less concerned about "national security" than the necessity to decisively WIN the war against an evil enemy. Whether our enemy is domestic (as in this case) or foreign as in the case of the Islamicist, the responsibility falls to we the individual to hold those we elect to account. Fear truly is the enemy, and fear is what the manipulators of the eco-con are pushing. Ignorance cannot and must not be an excuse.

    • Libertarian58

      Just to clear things up, 1984 was meant as a WARNING of what to expect, not a Bible of what to do. Have you actually read it?

    • randykyle

      The point is, (and "1984" is used here only as a metaphor) when people acquiesce to an unelected bureaucracy like the EPA then invariably the unelected bureaucracy will (and has) overstepped it's bounds. I don't need to "read" 1984, since I have very little interest in fiction, to understand the premise of government encroachment over a free people. That doesn't mean "no laws". That means Constitutional law needs to once again be made the law of the land. Original intent and straightforward application.