Climate Change Propaganda Breeds Addiction

The psychology of propaganda is very clever. Think about what makes you want to do something or buy something. And think about the psychology of people who want to make themselves feel good about something. What makes a person feel good? And if doing that something is running around telling everyone to buy a smaller house on a smaller lot, get out of their cars, or cut their heat down, what made them feel good about that? If someone feels good about the 1.5 gallon toilet they own that needs flushing 2 or 3 times, do they can go about their daily lives with their ego on cloud nine? Or if they think they are saving the planet by using the inferior light from a CFL... all the better, right? And if someone feels really, really good and superior to other human beings for doing such things, is that addictive?

What causes addiction? Usually it is something that a person does that makes him or her feel, at least temporarily, totally wonderful! (Sex addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addictions, etc.) So how do you get an entire population of scientific numbskulls addicted to a flawed science that will make them do whatever you want them to do? Propaganda. Indoctrination. Money. Behavioral manipulation. Positive or punitive responses. (Pavlov's dog)

Just in case you think our nation is not under a psychological attack, I want to suggest you take a look at the American Psychological Association. Yes, that's right. The American Psychological Association has signed onto a concerted effort to convince the American public of the dire importance of "Climate Change."

A task force has been set up by the nation's psychologists, under the President's direction, to address how to convince the population of the importance of compliance with "Climate Change" doctrine. From the APA announcement of this:

"The task force’s report reviews a wide range of research and practice relevant to climate change, including work in environmental and conservation psychology, studies of human responses to natural and technological disasters, efforts to encourage environmentally responsible behavior, and research on the psychosocial impacts of climate change."

Among the topics addressed in the report are:

  • Perceptions of global warming and climate change risks, including people’s tendency to discount the likelihood of future and remote events and the role of culture in how people conceive of and respond to risks.
  • Human behavioral contributions to climate change, such as population growth, energy use, and consumption, and the psychological and contextual drivers of these contributions.
  • Psychosocial and mental health impacts of actual and perceived climate change, including stress, anxiety, apathy, and guilt, and interventions to promote coping, adaptation, and healthy responses to climate change.
  • Social and community impacts of climate change, socioeconomic disparities in climate change impacts, and ethical and social justice implications of climate change.
  • Psychological barriers that limit individual and collective action on climate change.
  • Empirically-based approaches to understanding the nature and determinants of behaviors that affect the environment and the development of interventions to alter such behaviors.

I personally believe the people I know who are participating in this hoax, no matter at what amount, are addicted to an ego trip. The appeal is multi-faceted. First it makes a person think they are doing something heroic by sacrificing all kinds of things; money liberty, comfort, time, energy, etc. Secondly, it makes a person adopt a superiority complex by making them feel they are so much better than others for doing these so-called heroic things. Thirdly, when added to a group of like-minded people, it appeals to the herd mentality and makes people think they are part of something big (really important).

Americans have been particularly ripe for this sort of propaganda picking. They have had 30 to 60 years of indoctrination in the public schools, for one thing. They have been told for how many years now they need to feel guilty for having a prosperous society, that Americans are too rich compared to the rest of the world. Americans like to think of themselves as strong and willing to do good in the world. The last two generations haven't had the positive feedback for saving the world, as the WWII generation had. Just the opposite. We've been told how greedy and uncaring we are, in spite of "policing" the world and handing out the most foreign aid of any nation on the planet. No. We've been told we are very bad people. So what do folks need to make themselves feel better? "Save the Planet" works for most...even though the entire set up is a monumental lie.

Who would know this better than psychologists? I would further point out that psychologists are not immune to propaganda and the same ego addictions as the rest of the population. Their systemic (excuse the word) insanity in this case is evident for all to see. It is worth reading a resolution put forth by this group here.

"Therefore it is resolved that APA recognizes the role of psycho-social processes in perceptions and beliefs about global climate change that can potentially hinder public understanding of global climate change."

"Therefore it is resolved that APA supports psychologists’ involvement in research, education, and community interventions in improving public understanding of global climate change impacts and psychological contributions to mitigation and adaptation efforts that address both environmental and human, including psychological, impacts of Global Climate Change."
So there you have it. I could go on for a long time on the psychology of propaganda using sources from and about tyrannies in the past. But staying on the subject of "Climate Change" as the subject du jour, this time we face a global tyranny, not just a national one...though our nation is in this up to its eyeballs. I find it extremely disappointing that so many fellow Americans are easily duped and vulnerable to such an addiction to propaganda as this. If you doubt me, try to tell someone participating in the madness that they are wasting their money and time buying that Chevy Volt or those stupid CFL's. Good luck with that. Like any addict they will turn on you, growl, and call you every nasty name that comes into their Kool-ade soaked mind.

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  • TexasJester

    Anyone else old enough to remember the "global COOLING" scare of the late 70s and early 80s?? I vividly remember articles in magazines like Omni, Science, Popular Science, etc, showing plausible or fantastic ideas to WARM the earth, lest we become a global iceball..

    Flash-forward 20 years: The same groups, if not the same PEOPLE, are testifying in front of Congress AGAIN, this time because the earth is WARMING.

    And now: We have been in a global COOLING phase for the last 10 years or so.

    A bit of history: Back in the early 1300s, the Earth's temperature was about 5-6 degrees WARMER than it was at the peak of modern "global warming". They were growing better wine grapes in northern England than they were in France - can't even get grapes to grow there now.. France even tried to embargo English wine, because it was better than theirs.

    The Vikings had settled in Greenland, so named because what they could explore was all GREEN, not completely ice-covered. They had a successful community going.

    Then around 1350, the climate turned. Temperatures dropped. The grapes in England failed. The Vikings started to starve; they couldn't get supply ships in any more because of the ice on the oceans. They felt eating whale blubber was beneath them, only good for the "savages". The last recorded occasion from the settlement was a wedding in (I think) 1357.

    This was the start of the Little Ice Age. It peaked in around 1650. We are STILL feeling the lingering after-effects of it TODAY. Yes, the earth is warming; WE ARE COMING OUT OF AN ICE AGE!!! (BTW, we are still feeling the after-effects of the Great Ice Age of some 12,000 years ago.)

  • billwhit1357

    I am an expatriate, living in Austria. In yesterdays Sunday paper, they had a cartoon of Romney riding a bucking Elefant, crashing down on some frogs, and below it said that Romney is dangerous for the Climate Change Agenda. It is all Leftist Propaganda, pure and simple. We have enough Leftist nuts in American, but in Europe, the majority of them are Leftists and the Socialist Government here have brainwashed them into believing the Climate Change Lie. Believe me, with my Conservative beliefs and outspoken manner, I stand out like a sore thumb here, lol!

  • Don Bahn

    when a spider can stop a road improvement project it is out of control.

  • Former Lady Law

    What has always fascinated me is that all these "climate change" folks don't
    have a CLUE as to who is REALLY IN CHARGE. HIS name is Yeshua.

  • Sandra

    It is one thing to have good habits and a certain lifestyle where you care for your environment and other values but when it get to a point where it takes away human rights or worst then it is out of control. The Obama Administration, the UN, the environmentalists, etc. are out of control.

  • reggiec

    William Penn:
    "Necessity, it is said, is the plea for every infringement of human Liberty; it is the argument of tyrants and the creed of slaves."
    Socialism has a seductive message and has reared its head time after time in history. Mankind’s ego has always driven some idealistic based humans to believe they can create a utopia where all live in peace and prosperity. This hope is never realized in the long term for three very basic and brutally honest reasons.
    It is man’s ego that allows him to believe he is a primary cause of changes in global temperatures or adverse weather events. It is also his ego that allows him to believe he can correct any natural imbalance he claims man might have created as far as weather is concerned. Some individuals approach this belief with a zeal approaching a religion; that is on faith alone. This ego becomes particularly dangerous when it is combined with egregious political ideologies that are falsely supported by purposely warped science.

  • airdaleusn

    The Planet has been on a cycle since it's very beginning and guess what it still is. This global warming is nothing but a money gig for some (al gore) and a job security thing for the rest. Wish the H*)) I had thought of it first.

  • ZagoZana
    Who has most to gain and loose the most from our change in energy policy?
    Why, it would be the oil companies, of course, don'cha know!
    Is oil going to run out some day, yes of course.
    If we don't search for other sources what will happen when they do?
    1) Global temperature rise
    2) Sea level rise
    3) Warming oceans
    4) Shrinking ice sheets
    5) Declining Arctic sea ice
    6) Glacial retreat
    7) Extreme events
    8) Ocean acidification
    ...Are all be observed by scientist from all over the world.
    Documentation is shared by all of them and tested and analyzed
    using scientific practices and not just the whims of a corporate propagandists
    whose only hope to remain in absolute power over our energy needs is to
    discredit real science and replace it with absolute garbage and misinformation..

    • pj

      Really sucked into all the lies aren't you; How sad for you.

  • Edward Gallagher

    The fly in ointment when it comes to the rapid climate change agenda is the lockstep social agenda being put forth by the climate hysterics. They want to cut fossil fuel production regardless of the costs involved. They want to stop economic growth and impose a top down economy to ensure shared privation (except among the elite of course). They want to control all production of consumer products to ensure adherence to their myopic agenda. They seek to control food production through onerous regulations. The first result of every single aspect of their agenda is an increase in cost to dampen demand. We have reached a tipping point where energy cost are backing up against the food on the table. The climate alarmists see this as good and desirable, hey we can all lose a few pounds right? They seek to stop the use of any product in agriculture than increases crop output under the guise of safety where no safety issue exists. They want to stop fish farming, aquaculture, geneticly modified grains that are resistant to famine, disease and insects. They want to stop production of natural gas, petroleum, coal, and nuclear power. In short, a return to the dark ages is a social model for the climate hysterics. This is just another shell game by the social engineers. What they cannot win at the ballot box they seek to accomplish through regulation and collective guilt, however misguided or deserved.

  • Ohio Tony

    I for one don't believe global warming is real. If one looks at the supposed evidence, most of it is manufactured or altered. Man in all his pitiful existence is merely a pimple of the face of the planet. The real driver of earth's climate is located 93 million miles away and is called the sun. No amount of APA sanctioned psycobabbel will convince me otherwise.

  • TexasJake

    This is totally believeable. Those who would resist brainwashing would simply look at history and know that the climate will always have changes, without any help from humans. This year the North American continent was well above average, while those on the other side of the northern hemisphere were suffering extreme cold temperatures. It's called weather patterns, people. Don't let these idiots get in your head.