Biden: Yes, We Want to Raise Taxes by $1 Trillion

On Thursday vice President Joe Biden gave a speech in Iowa in which it should have utterly sunk the Obama campaign. He acknowledged openly that he and Barack Obama want to raise $1 trillion in taxes and let some of the Bush-era tax cuts expire. No doubt Republicans are going to pick this up in October ads.

“On top of the trillions of dollars in spending that we have already cut, we’re going to ask the wealthy to pay more. My heart breaks. Come on man,” Biden said.

The Vice President claims that Republicans often say ‘Obama and Biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars.’

"Guess what? Yes, we do in one regard: We want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn’t have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super-wealthy. That’s not a tax raise. That’s called fairness where I come from.”

Now friends, that would be the last nail in the coffin of any campaign. Why the Obama camp is not sending old Joe back on vacation is beyond me. I cannot understand why he would be allowed to speak after his many gaffes in the current campaign.

Ryan Williams, a spokesman for Romney, said Biden’s comment revealed an uncomfortable truth for Democrats.

“Fresh off admitting that America’s middle class has been ‘buried’ over the last four years, Vice President Biden went a step further today and fully embraced the president’s job-killing tax increases. The choice facing Americans in this election gets clearer every day,” Williams said.

The shameless hypocrisy of Biden was on display fully as he declared:

“It’s hard to keep up (with Romney and Ryan). You never know what game Gov. Romney is going to come with.”

“Ultimately, presidential races, unlike any other race, get down to character. They get down to the character of the man or woman and the character of their convictions: Do they mean what they say and will they do what they say. What I find fascinating, though, is that on nearly every issue, they don’t tell you what they are for anymore, and they deliberately misrepresent what they say we are for. You saw it again last night in the debate.”


Watch the clip below:

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  • icthelite

    Our taxes are being slowly raised through the ACA program.

  • SGM Bob

    What can the Dems say? Biden is (and has always been) an absolute moron. He fits right in with Obama. Screw America -- that's their slogan. Yeah, he got it right -- "This is a big fu**ing deal!" Throws the bums out in November.

  • depaz

    It's almost like Biden is Romney's secret weapon. . . .

  • TexasOlTimer

    A trillion dollars in tax? How? If you were to take all the money of the wealthy, it wouldn't total this much and where would you get anything the next year? And why does the government think that what YOU earn belongs to THEM and kindly allows you to keep some of it (maybe)?

    The paragraphs below were part of a Wall Street Journal article (op-ed) published on January 4, 2012, written by Daniel J. Mitchell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.
    "First, there aren't enough wealthy people to finance big government. According to IRS data from before the recession, when we had the most rich people with the most income, there were about 321,000 households with income greater than $1 million, and they had aggregate taxable income of about $1 trillion. That's a lot of money, but it wouldn't balance the budget even if the government confiscated every penny -- and if it did, how much income do you suppose would be available in year two?
    "Second, higher tax rates don't raise as much revenue as expected. Upper-income individuals are far more likely to rely on interest, dividends and capital gains -- and it is much easier to control the timing, level and composition of capital income, so as to avoid exposing it to the tax man.
    "This doesn't mean that those on the left won't pus for class-warfare tax increases -- they will. But their main motive will be politics, not raising revenue."

  • gmarshall

    Joe is the best weapon the Romney camp has to win the Presidency. He blurts out the truth and thinks he is helping BHO's campaign. The debate with Ryan should prove to be very interesting if Joe stays true to his nature.

  • MAG13

    Let him be, every time he opens his mouth he just confirms what a bunch of lying maggots they are, right? Ole "Goober Joe" thinks he's a comedian....

  • XX

    I love his version of where the tax money goes. He makes it sound like the middle class is on welfare. Sorry but those on welfare are not a class of working citizens. The differences in that group are the ones who are on there as a temporary help while they search for jobs, who have paid into the system for years and truly deserve the help they receive now during a rough time; and the ones who were raised on welfare by parents raised on welfare, and think it is a culture to be proud of. Cell Phones anyone? How about getting paid to picket? maybe Biden/Obama count that as part of the jobs created by them.

  • oldcoyote

    Bided is just another dumbocrap, what else can one expect?

  • One Human Being

    Is this news to anyone with a Brain? I don't think so. The Democrats always want to raise taxes! Tell Biden exactly where to go!!! Vote against him and Obama!!!

  • Dar

    Frikkin' idiot. And who's going to pay those taxes, asked the little red hen? Not I, said the cow. Not I, said the pig. Not I, said the 47% who already aren't.

  • Nonne

    There were very few smiles generated by the Romney / Obama debate # 1. But this upcoming Ryan / Biden debate is going to be like comedy central! WHAT will the hilarious dunce Biden proclaim next? Will we laugh -- or gasp -- or both??

    But I do LIKE it when Biden, unwittingly, tells the TRUTH about Obama's Socialist GOALS for America. Obama is clever at hiding his true intent in a cascade of wordy lies, but, simple-minded Biden tends to let secrets slip he has been privy to!

  • Henry

    I believe Boy Biden has had a couple of mild strokes. We must do what we can to keep the boy going. He is just simply precious. We couldn't ask for better! Paul Ryan could possilby cause Bubbles Biden to have a heart attack. My only question is, will it be covered by ObonerCare?

  • ARMYOF69

    NO MORE TAXES..unless you want to give away your money. Woops, I mean our money , which is what WE pay YOU.

  • randykyle

    Someone please offer this embarrassment a lifetime supply of "DR. Scholl's" toothpaste for his "hoof-in-mouth" disorder and send him someplace where the idiot media can't find him. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard every time he opens his pie hole!

  • hpinnc

    Didn't Mr Biden have a brain tumor removed a few yrs. ago? Could have affected his brain to reason & think things out.Probably explains why he is a dummycrat.He's brain-dead.That explains him,can't figure out for any others who claim to have 1/2 of a brain.If they raised the taxes by 5 T $$$ it wouldn't ne enoungh to finance all their give-a-way programs.One thing my Dad used to say many years ago,"The demacrats are experts on spending someone else's money.I have come to realize that more & more as the years go passing on.

    • Rawhide

      I think they took out his brain and left the tumor. Because he certainly hasn't thought much about what he's been saying lately. Maybe he has decided to campaign for the republicans for a change!

  • refurb001

    I don't know biden can utter a word; he always has his foot in his mouth. He is a one man destruction machine. He really makes my choice for president/vp very very easy! Vote Romney and turn this country around!