Univision Putting Faces On Murder Victims Of Fast & Furious

In light of all that has come to light in the Fast and Furious scandal in recent days, Barack Obama's interview last week with Spanish network Univision, where he openly lied about the operation beginning under George W. Bush, and the deaths of thousands that have taken place in Mexico as a direct result of the botched operation, the network will be airing a Sunday evening, September 30 at 7pm EST. The special report will put a face on many of those who have been killed by weapons that were tied to fast and furious, including the killing of Mario Gonzales Rodriguez, the brother of former Chihuahua Attorney General Patricia Gonzales Rodriguez.
ABC News reports,

Often lost amid the rancor in Washington are the stories of dozens of people killed by guns that flowed south as part of the undercover operation, and later slipped out of view from U.S. officials. Univision's Investigative Unit (Univision Investiga) has identified massacres committed using guns from the ATF operation, including the killing of 16 young people attending a party in a residential area of Ciudad Juárez in January of 2010.

Additional guns, previously unreported by congressional investigators, found their way into the hands of drug traffickers across Latin America in countries such as, Honduras and Colombia, as well as the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. A person familiar with the recent congressional hearings called Univision's findings "the holy grail" that Congress had been searching for.

National Review briefly recounts what happened to Rodriguez's brother as a result of the weapons of Fast and Furious falling into the hands of Mexican drug cartels:

On October 21, 2010, Sinaloa drug cartel members kidnapped Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, brother of Chihuahua State’s then–attorney general, Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez. She believed his abduction was in retaliation for her prosecution of Sinaloa narco-traffickers. A video promptly emerged showing Mario in handcuffs, surrounded by five armed, masked captors. That November 5, his tortured body was discovered in a shallow grave. Mexican police soon nabbed his suspected kidnappers after a shootout. Serial numbers confirm that two of the 16 weapons seized from eight of these hoodlums were Fast and Furious guns. These also were tied to the kidnappings of two people.

Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez said, “The basic ineptitude of these officials caused the death of my brother and surely thousands more victims.”

The report also goes on to point out the following:

Fast and Furious guns have befouled at least 200 crime scenes. Among them:

Members of the La Familia drug gang fired at a Mexican Federal Police helicopter on May 24, 2011, wounding three officers and forcing it to make an emergency landing near Michoacán in western Mexico. Five days later, four more helicopters attacked La Familia. The gang returned fire, striking all four choppers and injuring another two government agents. The police prevailed, killing eleven cartel members and arresting 36 — including those suspected of targeting the first chopper and its passengers. Mexican authorities say La Familia possessed heavy-duty body armor and 70 rifles, including several Fast and Furious weapons.

Two weapons purchased by Fast and Furious targets were recovered in Sonora on July 1, 2010, and tied to a “Homicide/Willful Kill — Gun,” the U.S. Justice Department revealed last September 9.

Two Fast and Furious guns were linked to a February 2010 assassination conspiracy against Baja California’s then–police chief, Julian Leyzaola.

Four Fast and Furious guns were found on January 8, 2010, and connected to a “kidnap/ransom.”

In addition, it was discovered that one of the weapons, which was recovered in Tijuana, was going to be used to assassinate police chief Julian Leyzaola.

In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor, Univision explained:

“Americans have been getting a lot of information about the possible cover-up in the Justice Department, the tragedy of Brian Terry getting killed, but what about the Mexicans?” says Miami-based Gerardo Reyes, Univision’s director of investigative reporting, in an interview Saturday with the Monitor.

“The sinister part of this, and I know it sounds very hard, is that the success of this operation depended in part on the fact that the guns were used in Mexico to kill,” says Mr. Reyes. “In order to reach the target of the operation, which was identifying the drug traffickers who were using the guns, [ATF agents] were waiting for the guns to be used. And how are guns used in Mexico? Killing people. I talked to an ATF agent who said there was no other way to explain it.”

While many ATF officials were hung out to dry by the administration because of Fast and Furious, the Inspector General Michael Horowitz let Attorney General off the hook. None of that means that Congress will be so quick to do so just yet.

This interview will be a bombshell for the Obama administration and no doubt the state run media in America will do its best to keep the information hush hush from the American public.

Updated: Watch the report below:

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13 thoughts on “Univision Putting Faces On Murder Victims Of Fast & Furious

  1. carlos J. Negron says:

    I am glad that Univision is reporting on something that has enormous impact on the Hispanic community and hopefully now they will delve on other matters of import.
    Most important ,is leading the way via use of special programs that illustrate how the U.S
    system ot government functions...start with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
    Then, show how our ( 3 ) levels of government are supposed to function...do away with the give a fish mentality and instead teach how to fish...in this manner other areas of interest will open up, and the Hispanic community will be better able to fend for themselves.
    Should Univision embark on such an endeavor, there is no doubt in my mind their viewership will INCREASE ! .

  2. Kudos to Univision. They have the courage to do what the "news readers" here won't do. I think they did a terrific job. Of course, they'll never get another chance to question the jerk who passes himself off as the president.

  3. Nothing will be left hidden .... Nothing ! Sooner or later all will come out, including the House and Senate members who have willfully turned their backs ! It will come out period

  4. Although Univision has done a great job, they failed to uinderstand those they are reporting on.

    The Liberals best kept secret is a love of death.

    Liberal soccer moms and weekend protesting dads will vote by the millions for Ob*ma, even while knowing the background of Fast and Furious.

    The deaths of a few hundred Mexicans and an American Officer mean nothing, just stepping stone to their hoped for outcome.

  5. The Criminal Cover Up Exposed Will Be Obama & The Administration Down Fall To Lose The Election & Land Them All To Life In Prison
    God Will Judge Those Who Opressed The People!

  6. Thank you and God bless you for reporting on this. Univision has decided, in spite of the liberals there and in spite of their desire to see immigration reform/amnesty from Obama, to humiliate Obama and Holder because they are just unredeemable--Univision would rather see Romney win now.
    Please be honest with me: Does that sound racist? I hope it does, because I am a racist, a bigot, a hater of people of the PHUKHEAD RACE, and there are no better specimens of phukheads than Obama and Holder.

  7. Colonel Robert F. Cunningham says:

    The ONE question all the whiners, media and government DARE NOT ask: "HOW MANY OF THE VICTIMS WERE UNARMED?"

    Try the same question with respect to any 'public' massacre ... Aurora, Colorado being but one prime example ... the list is long .... the ANSWER is the same, "ALL OF THEM!"

    It's time to start using walls for something besides holding the paint up ...

    Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

  8. Our Country Is Being Overruned By Criminals & Lawbreakers Communist, Progressives, Democrats That Has Put Themselves Above The Law No Longer The People's Government.
    This Knoiwn As Tyranny, Corruption, Anarchy, Commmunism, Treason.
    God Help Us. Pray For Devine Action From God To End Evil In America.
    God Will Answer The Christian American People Prayers To Save Our Republic.

  9. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Doing the job that the American "media" refuses to do.

  10. Well, by now it has already aired. I hope the audience was vast.

  11. Let me know when they put the faces on all the other murderers.

    We know they were Obama, Biden, Holder and the Department of Jack@$$e$, but who else?

  12. The news will hit the Spanish-speakers in this country. The lamestream media don't absolutely control all news outlets. So long as it turns those voters off so Nobammy doesn't benefit from any of their support.

    • It may not happen, but let's hope. Look how Obama as treated the Jews and yet the American Jewish population are still supporting him as a group. Go figure. Is "party politics" so strong a devotion that NOTHING else can prevail? Not even morality or common sense?