Tea Party Is Onto Agenda 21

Below is a copy of the speech I presented at our local Tea Party meeting back in June of 2011. The topic of Agenda 21 is finally beginning to gain exposure in mid to small cities across the country due to the over-reach of unelected governmental organizations which are over-riding the will of the voters. I am hoping this is not a day late and a dollar short....but at least I could say it is better late than never. You may read the speech here and have a preview of what I hope is the beginning of the end of Agenda 21 in America.

Here it is:

Thank you for coming and showing your concern for our city, county and most of all our government. I’m here because I am a concerned citizen and I have important information to share with you regarding regulations being put into place without voter approval.

Every time I opened the newspaper over the last few years I began to see a recurring pattern of legislations emerge from our mayor, council and commissioners that I have never seen on a ballot. I kept asking myself, “Where is this coming from?” “Where are they getting these crazy ideas?” “Who gave them the authority to do this or that?” So I decided I needed to do some research and find out who, what, why…. and how this was happening to our area. I’m also here because I believe we need to act decisively and fast to stop an anti-American juggernaut, born in the United Nations, called Agenda 21. We need to vet our political candidates to expose their positions on the subjects of Sustainable Development. Smart Growth, and ultimately, Agenda 21. What I found is very complicated, so I am going to try to give you a brief synopsis and I hope you will research this subject yourselves.

While I am speaking to you, I want you to think about 2 things: POWER and MONEY.


What is Agenda 21? First, I want you to know it is NOT a conspiracy theory. Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan…a 40 chapter document…. A “Vision Statement for Our Planet for the 21sst Century” that was promoted at the United Nations Earth Summit at the Rio Conference in 1992. George Bush Sr. signed onto Agenda 21 at the Rio Conference. But, when the “Vision” of Agenda 21 was exposed to our Congress as a UN treaty, our Congress did not ratify it. For good reason. Agenda 21 usurps sovereignty, property rights, economic liberty, and basically hands over power, resources and land to unelected elitists… to control the populations of every country in the world. Agenda 21 purports to address environmental issues, but calls for wealth redistribution, resource redistribution, food redistribution, energy restrictions, supposed social justice, and more. It is NOT about the environment, though it pretends to be. The phrase Sustainable Development became the popular term in America to define Agenda 21. It is a political ideology being infused into every level of government in America. In short, it’s a Marxist plan for global control of everything.. with the United Nations at the head of central planning.

Agenda 21 is comprised of 8 program topics. These are:


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management


Energy and Housing


Public Health

Resources and Recycling

Transportation and Sustainable Economic Development

When our Congress refused to ratify the treaty, Bill Clinton established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) in order to implement Agenda 21 through federal government agencies such as HUD, DOT, DOE, and the EPA. Environmentalists saw this as an open door to Federal government financing. As Sustainable Development grants and subsidies penetrated the revenue stream, corporations, non-profits, the American Planning Association, thousands of environmental groups, local city and county governments all jumped on the bandwagon to grab the money.

As time has marched on over the past twenty years, you have seen indoctrination at all levels of our society to support the global agenda of Sustainable Development. When you started hearing about man-made Global Warming it was because of the United Nations pushing for Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development in America. In my research I found substantial evidence that there is no such thing as man-made Global Warming and …by the way, CO2 is not a pollutant. When man-made Global Warming was proven to be false, they changed the name to man-made Climate Change. Now we are hearing about man-made Climate “Disruption.” They keep changing the names to try to draw you in. Smart Growth, a nice sounding name for central planning, is the tool to implement Agenda 21 in cities and counties across the country. CO2 restrictions and man-made “Climate Change” are not about environmental issues. They are, however, about controlling wealth and resources. (I can give you more information on how that is taking place without your vote… if you wish to contact me later.)

This week I read an article by Mark Tapscott – who is a Former Heritage Foundation director for media and public policy and has long list of other credentials. He explains:

“Today’s environmental movement includes hundreds of environmental nonprofits in Washington, D.C., that employ thousands of political activists, community organizers, media strategists, policy analysts, legislative tacticians, fundraisers, think tank managers, computer programmers, and experts with every other important skill imaginable."

"The movement receives billions of dollars in annual funding from government grants and contracts, activist liberal foundations, individual billionaires like George Soros, and legions of smaller donors around the country responding to direct mail and Internet appeals for money.”

"They marshal thousands of volunteers during political campaigns and direct millions of dollars to favored candidates and incumbents at all levels of government."

"They help train journalists in covering environmental issues, teach millions of elementary, secondary, and post-secondary public and private school students, and occupy posts throughout government wherever decisions are made on where people can live, what they drive, how they earn a living, and virtually every other aspect of daily American life.” End quote.

Here's another supporting article.

So here we are in 2011 and every day we see our council and commissioners working with unelected boards and regional government organizations who are not accountable to the voters. We’ve seen greenway maps laid over our county and city regardless of who owns what property. We’ve seen our mayor and council use eminent domain to support a local greenway. We’ve seen wealthy individuals buying up land in order to donate it in perpetuity to lands conservancy projects, enriching themselves with tax breaks and impoverishing the taxpayers with maintenance of property that is now held collectively. We’ve seen projects for infill, high-density living centers, mixed use developments which increase traffic congestion, expensive light rail projects, and downtown development which is subsidized by an extra tax burden on everyone. All of this instead of allowing private enterprise and the free market to work. They used to talk about watersheds. Now they include something called “view”sheds. That means if you own property with a nice view, it should become part of the collective and restricted or owned by government. The appetite for control of wealth, land and resources is huge.

Sustainable Development - Smart Growth is being implemented locally through the Centralina Council of Governments, the Catawba Regional Council of Governments, the UDO, the American Planning Association, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the SEQL Sustainable Development for Quality of Life). DENR (Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources) and countless Non-governmental organizations. …too many to list here. None of these groups are accountable to the voters, yet our council and commissioners are taking grants and subsidies from these groups and the federal government to implement tax funded projects about which the voters have no say and most likely don’t want. The grants and subsidies come with strings….you play their game or your don’t get the money. The strings have become complete strangulation of our liberties.

So, what can you and I do about this?

We have local elections this fall and we have national and state elections in 2012. We must find candidates who will reject Sustainable Development and Smart Growth who will bring sovereignty back to the United States and to our local area. The country is broke and 14 trillion dollars in debt. The state is broke and in debt. Gastonia and Gaston County are not flush with expendable capital. Recently we are told we have no money to buy a necessary fire truck for city safety. But we have money to subsidize taking private property for a greenway? We have money for subsidizing infill projects, but no money for services to neighborhoods, such as trash pick-up? That doesn’t make sense to me. Does that make sense to you?

Using tax money and borrowing… putting us further into debt in order to implement a system that takes away our Constitutional rights is suicidal. There are ways to protect the environment, our food supplies, our water supplies, and our property rights without wrecking the American way of life in the process. Our country is only successful as long as our Constitution survives. The juggernaut of Agenda 21 is in place and it is up to us to dismantle it. Agenda 21 is wrecking our country faster than a catfish can swim across the Catawba River. We need to act now to get rid of Agenda 21.

Again…I have lots of information on this that I will share with you if you wish to contact me.

Thanks for coming, and thanks for being concerned about this vital issue!

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  • StopThePoison

    What do you think these "elitists" are up to? Something evil and diabolical? You people are sick

  • BigJohn555

    Agenda kinda sounds like OBAMA'S NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER #13603 -- complete control of everything in the country in case of National Emergency, which he will get to define.

  • Joanne

    Maybe Obama wants to be a global president. The Narcissist-in-Chief can't help it, he's that arrogant.

  • KenEyring

    This is being implemented in the US under HUD/EPA/DOT. Here are some other links that define the details of this insidious program:



    In NH, they are using this program to justify the confiscation of our well water:


    Learn as much as you can and spread the word!

  • 44rd11
  • Eli Jones

    I am encouraged that American's are finally getting wise to this evil UN scheme. Time to rid ourselves of the elitists who are scheming to shove their New World Order tyranny down our unwilling throats. Let's start with Obama and his thugs on 11-6-12.

  • voterid

    This is exactly what the book "Food Me Twice" says and it is filled with documentation and links to back up the facts in the book...The book is much easier to read than this article because it puts the facts into chapters...there has always been some sort of conspiracy articles to read, but what makes this true is the mysterious facts that have been hidden about this president by the biased media and those with the money to buy silence. Obama has been the chosen man of the century and if he doesn't succeed, there will be another to take his shoes...these people don't give up..they are very patient and like a snake will eventually strike when given an opportunity to do so. We must always stay vigilant and on our guard, because we certainly witnessed a lot of our population asleep at the wheel during this last election! Wake up people before it's too late!

  • Michael

    Well, well, well,... finally some things are starting to make sense. I would comfortably say our President is not only a supporter of Agenda 21, he is also a decision maker with it. The thing I don't understand is why. It would seem he has more to lose by turning our sovereignty over to a world order by way of losing power to a so-called superior panel of elitists who would have the final say-so. Thereby weakening his power. Either way, I don't think they would ever succeed if this is exposed to ALL the American people. At least I'd hope not. Lord our country was always the last, best hope for immigrants who wanted to escape tyranny. Now it seems Agenda 21 wants us to be the proud sponsor of it.

    • Eli Jones

      @Michael: I feel that Obama truly believes that he will be in on the ground floor of the new world order thus being one of the elite that calls the shots. As vain as Obama is, he fantasizes about being the ring leader of this Godless UN scheme..

  • Guest

    Romney supports whatever we tell him to support. He responds well to pressure from We the People. Obama responds to nothing. He is a loser, a failure in life at everything who has to be given "Nobel Prize" like a participation award for doing nothing. He is a shameful, pathetic disgrace and he knows it. We the People support Romney, and like many presidents before him, will correct his poor choices with a good kick in the head where necessary.

    • BigJohn555

      I agree with most of what you said, but Obama is neither a loser nor a failure. He wormed his way into the Presidency in a way no one has ever done, with a very clear agenda - to destroy the USA as we know it, and to take Capitalism down. He has made more progress towards his goals that any President in recent history.
      He has already succeeded in dividing this country to the extent that it may never recover, and we could end up like Czechoslovakia. That's scary, to go from Super Power to a group of countries equivalent to Eastern European powers. He has wounded us severely, and it will take a country pulling together to save us from the abyss. He needs to be evicted from the White House, and we have to pray that we can hold it all together. (I would also like to see him and all his knowledgeable allies be prosecuted for the frauds they have pulled on this country).

  • Watchmanonwall

    elitist and statists are in every political party, in every industry and profession, in every country, throughout history. They believe they have "evolved" more than the rest of humanity and are smarter. Therefore, obviously, they should be in control. They can make decisions on our behalf much better than us. Just look at how screwed up the masses have made things. But wars are started by elitists. The masses don't start wars, they end up dying in them.
    Central planning does not work, never has, never will. It becomes corrupt, bloated, unwieldy, inefficient. In the end the elites have everything and the population is reduced to serfdom and slavery. surviving on subsistence. Unfortunately, elites are too ignorant to understand their plans will not work. Or, they don't care and just want the power and greed. The 8 topics are just a smoke screen to usurp power.
    If you love liberty and freedom and the Constitution, you will have to fight them in the polling place. Otherwise, you will fight their army in the streets. Or you will have to bow down and lick the hand of your oppressor. You have to be a watchdog constantly monitoring their actions when in office and power.
    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

  • Piltdown911

    The'll get over it, after all Romney supports Agenda 21.