Obama To Wield Executive Order To Prevent Attacks

An executive order is being drafted by the Obama administration that would create a program that protects vital computer networks from cyber attacks. The news comes from two former government officials with direct knowledge of the effort, according to Bloomberg.

“An executive order is one of a number of measures we’re considering as we look to implement the president’s direction to do absolutely everything we can to better protect our nation against today’s cyber threats,” White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in a statement today. “We are not going to comment on ongoing internal deliberations.”

AP reports,

The Obama administration is preparing an executive order with new rules to protect U.S. computer systems, after Congress failed earlier this summer to pass a cybersecurity bill. The provisions include voluntary standards for companies, a special council run by the Homeland Security Department and new regulations covering especially vital systems, according to a draft of the order obtained by The Associated Press.

National security officials have warned that electric grids, water plants, banks and other essential industries operated by the private sector are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Yet there are deep divisions over the best approach for keeping hackers and other criminals, foreign governments or terrorist groups from penetrating these systems, which rely heavily on computer networks to remotely control switches, valves and terminals.

Critical infrastructure systems provide services that are part of everyday life. But an enemy with the proper know-how could cause catastrophic damage and chaos by giving them incorrect commands or infecting them with malicious software. Potential nightmare scenarios include high-speed trains being put on collision courses, blackouts that last days or perhaps even weeks, or chemical plants that inadvertently release deadly gases.

Last month, White House counter terrorism adviser John Brennan said, "If those intruders get into those systems and then can determine how they can in fact interfere in the command and control systems of these systems, they can do things."

“If the Congress is not going to act on something like this, then the president wants to make sure that we’re doing everything possible,” Brennan said.

Senate Republicans block the cyber security bill that came before them earlier this year citing Constitutional and privacy issues. Brennan claims that opponents misrepresented the bill, which he claims called for "minimum performance standards." “Believe me, the critical infrastructure of this country is under threat,” Brennan said, adding that foreign states and hackers “are developing advanced technologies, and we have to improve our defenses on this issue.”

Bloomberg reports,

This is the big issue. How much control will the federal government have over the internet and those that use it. The Department of Homeland Security has already demonstrated its inability to handle such power and with such power government ends up becoming tyrannical.

The Obama administration is already circulating a draft presidential directive dealing with a related issue: collecting and disseminating information about cyber security threats. That reflects “early” discussions about how to update a 2003 directive for protecting the most critical U.S. assets and “is not close to being done,” Hayden said on Aug. 29.

One issue that the proposed directive didn’t clearly explain is how much authority DHS would have to tell businesses what they must do to protect their computer systems from attack. The document says only that the department would plan “requirements for vulnerability and risk assessments.”

Presidential directives typically address national security or foreign policy matters. They are issued by the National Security Council and may be classified. The directives carry the same weight as executive orders, which deal with management and operations of the executive branch.

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67 thoughts on “Obama To Wield Executive Order To Prevent Attacks

  1. Don't you just love it? The closer we get to the election, the more he tries to look as if he's doing everything he can to protect this country. He flies around the country, smiling that ingratiating smile of his, smooshing the impressionable college kids whose brains haven't yet fully formed, and trying to look presidential. Too little, too late in my book. God, I can't wait until Nov. 6th.

  2. So far, every ex o this muslim has signed has cut another chunk of freedom, privacy or liberty from the lives of Americans. This too, will be another fine example of our king zero bypassing the law of the land, dictating to the people how HE will rule America.
    This item was canned for REASON by the normal processes, it no doubt has serious implications of monitoring every keystroke posted on the web even more so than currently. And don't forget, the more 'dressy' the title of a bill any more, the more fish hooks are buried in the bait. Such as 'the affordable care act', which of course is anything BUT affordable.

  3. Executive order? Your executive orders are worthless! Obscumbo does not have the legal authority to order anything -- especially when his is a fraud and a fake with a forged and fraudulent so-called virtual birth certificate when there is no original document. He needs to be run out of town on a rail --- a rail car that is bound for life incarceration in Leavenworth Kansas!!!!!

  4. I ask everyone this: WHY, I say again, WHY are CRITICAL Computer Systems even CONNECTED to the Internet, in the First Place????? What IDIOT in the Government said lets Hook-Up our Most CRITICAL PC's to the WAN ????? Any 12 year old would know that it should be Setup on a LAN with NO Internet Connection!!!!
    Next these A-Holes will Regulate how much TP we can use Per Wipe, to Save the Trees and Prevent the Polar Ice Caps from Melting,...

  5. Does anyone trust this President to start passing laws on the internet? I certainly don't.

  6. once again, our gay kenyan is exceeding his authority as president.
    If he wants to write orders, he needs to send military units at Libya. Attacking an Embassy is an act of war and this is recognized world wide. We have a longstanding problem with Libya from the days of the Barbary Pirates to Kadifi. Now that there is a new and heavily Islamic government, we need to do the same as previous president have done. Reduce Tripoli to rubble,, destroy all ports and airports, carpet bomb everything that moves for a week. All you liberal wossies can have the vapors but the fact is, this is your fault for not recognizing that Islam is not a religion of peace but one of war and oppression.
    Islam is a threat to the would period

  7. Music please . . . Here he comes to save the DAY, "It's not my fault Obama's" on the WAY! We can not "Eject the Reject" soon enough! Please Lord, give us the strength we need until we can get a REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT!

  8. Dictatorship by Prisidential Exicutive Order!

  9. Okay. And did you tell you I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska for sale, cheap?

  10. With this order, he can shut down dissenting websites such as this. Hitler is ready to complete his dictatorship, with the exception of his phony re-election.

  11. With this, Hitler. can shut down dissenters websites, such as this one. A dictatorship is only functional when you have total control.

  12. He is wielding his executive order with a stroke of his pen to grab power but the pen is too heavy when it comes to the Keystone pipeline!. This man cares about the middle class? Really?

  13. Voting the wrong way in this election will make it that you never have to be concerned with voting again. You will be the same body of people china your freedom will be gone and all your military sons and daughters that you are so proud of you will be the one that kills them for you will be there number one enemy with the smoking gun waving your phoney flags to pleases the smiths and the jones.

  14. Obama is not the greatest trash in washington. The united states senate is the largest body of scum in washington shielding and abetting this thing they refer to as a president and supporting the removel of God from our nation

  15. Many of these utility companies and others under discussion KNOW the responsibilities they have and the threats that exist. The best way to maintain their systems as secure is by not spreading how they keep them secure. That includes the government where there are more leaks daily than people born on earth! Obama's administration would love to have access to their systems so they could "create" their own disaster pushing it off as an attack by an "unknown" terrorist, then creating Marshall Law and activating the many Exective Orders already passed to "control America" and bring about HIS change.

  16. The biggest threat we have as Americans is this fake president and his progressive communist agents.

  17. Obama uses these things for evil purposes. We won't give it to him and he's gone anyway in November.

  18. The 'threats' can be stopped by ousting the progressives aka communist agents aka useful idiots aka fellow travelers in November!!!

  19. Security my great aunt Trudy's patootie! Is nothing more than the first step to completely censor the Internet. Dirty Diaper Had Obama doesn't miss a beat he was total domination and will do whatever is necessary to get it.