Obama to Release One Third of Gitmo Inmates to Libya

Yesterday I wrote about the man that is the alleged leader, Abu Sufian bin Qumu. behind the Libyan attacks that led to the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. He was formerly held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Now Barack Obama is set to release 55 Gitmo prisoners into Libyan custody.

According to a list that was made public by the Obama administration, most of those to be released are from Yemen.

Politico reports,

Since 2009, the U.S. Government has kept under wraps the list of detainees approved for release. In a court filing back then (posted here), the State Department's envoy for Guantanamo, Ambassador Daniel Fried, cited a need to coordinate diplomatic efforts to resettle the war-on-terror prisoners.

However, in the new court filings Friday, Justice Department lawyers said that need no longer merited keeping the list secret. They didn't quite concede that the resettlement process has stalled, but that was the implication. Congress has also greatly complicated releases from Guantanamo with a series of legislative measures attached to budget bills that Obama signed into law.

"In the over two years since the [Guantanamo Bay Review] Task Force completed its status reviews, circumstances have changed such that the decisions by the Task Force approving detainees for transfer no longer warrant protection," the DOJ lawyers wrote in their notice to the court (posted here).

"The efforts of the United States to resettle Guantanamo detainees have largely been successful – they have resulted in 40 detainees being resettled in third countries because of treatment or other concerns in their countries of origin since 2009. In addition, 28 detainees have been repatriated to their countries of origin since 2009. Consequently, the diplomatic and national security harms identified [by Fried in a 2009 court filing] are no longer as acute. In Respondents’ view, there is no longer a need to withhold from the public the status of detainees who have been approved for transfer."

The release of the Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo was planned in 2010, but it appears the Obama administration was unwilling to do so because it considered the conditions of the country to be too "unsettled" at the time.

Remember, one of Barack Obama's promises was to close Gitmo. Could this be the opportunity he has waited for? One thing is for sure, in the wake of the Libyan attacks, this seems to be a very poor move on his part.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has also advocated the close of Guantanamo Bay. ACLU attorney Zachary Katznelson said, “These men have now spent three years in prison since our military and intelligence agencies all agreed they should be released."

The ACLU website put out a statement on Friday that reads in part:

Today, just weeks after the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking the information, the government released the names of 55 of the prisoners approved for transfer from the prison at Guantánamo Bay. The prisoners were unanimously designated for transfer by President Obama’s inter-agency Guantánamo Bay Review Task Force, which announced a summary of its findings in January 2010. But before today, the government had said the list could not be released because doing so would hamper efforts to repatriate and resettle prisoners in other countries.

Today’s release is a partial victory for transparency, and it should also be a spur to action. These men have now spent three years in prison since our military and intelligence agencies all agreed they should be released.

Not on the list, of course, is Adnan Latif, who died in his cell earlier this month despite having been repeatedly approved for release from Guantánamo.

It is well past time for our government to release and resettle these unfairly imprisoned men.

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237 thoughts on “Obama to Release One Third of Gitmo Inmates to Libya

  1. I sure hope Romney talks about this in front of the media! I sure hope Romney talks about this during a debate with the usurper! ROMNEY is 2012!!!

  2. Every damn day a list of dead American soldiers is posted...............what does Odama do about it..............HE GOES ON VIEW WITH THE SLUTS

  3. Congress can not let this happen. Obama is now recurting for out enemies. What a shameful president and man he is. He not only doing the stupid stuff he doing things to hurt all of us. Just look how disrepectful he is to our american flag. It not bad enought we have our enemies burning it . Obama has to deface it also. Please help americans kick this guy our and hold him accountable for his crimes.............Barack Obama's disrespect and even desecration of our nation's fundamental
    values and symbols reached a new low last week when his campaign began selling a
    redesigned American flag.

    Here it is....

    + Obama's New Design Is "Flag Desecration"!

    It's one thing to
    stylize the American flag, but to blatantly put your logo and image at the
    center of our flag is, as one blogger called it, "virtual flag desecration."

  4. Obama will be responsible for the murders of Americans this Gitmo inmate will commit.

  5. Let's exchange the Gitmo "detainees" for ALL ACLU lawyers instead. That bunch of liberal
    traitors should be in jail themselves. The aclu is the most despicable bunch of so called "officers of the courts" that I have ever seen in all my 80 years of life. They make "ambulance chasers" and used car salesmen look like angels.

  6. They should all be transfered. In a box.

  7. We can only hope they don't come back to bite us.

  8. This guy is out his mind! How do release people who want to kill to a Country who has NO PROVEN Government!!

  9. All of you conservative grandparents and parents really should sit your voting aged (and near voting aged) down and give the whys of not voting for obama. It can make a difference !! It did with our two voting aged grandkids !!

  10. Let Obama deliver the terrorist safely to Iran, then call Israel that it's time to push the button to exterminate terrorist.

  11. I say we release Obama and the ACLU to Libya with a case full of muzzles.

  12. I see our @#$%^&*& President, is still trying to buy friends! When will he send the BLIND SHEIK BACK TO EGYPT?
    This #1 FOOL will really bring us back into the "stone age" because many polls show that most people think he;s doing just such a good job! The it is we JOHN Q PUBLIC who are are just plain dumb!

  13. I think its wonderful that The Muslim-in-Chief will send 55 high level insurgents into the mix in Libya where the success of anti-Obama militancy has resulted in the rape/murder of 4 US Diplomatic corps employees including the US Ambassador with the President apologizing to them for the anger that caused them to express their indignities against America.

  14. i say forget the polls and vote this SOB out of office. The attack on the Lybian emabssy was LED by someoe we releaed from Guantanamo. So from that lesson we release 55 more?? This insanity has to stop


  16. He would release them all if he could. It would be all that many more to kill our troops and eventually more Christians.

  17. With luck it will only be 50 or so miles east, drop them in the water & let them swim the rest of the way. but throw a little 'chum' in the water, too

  18. This should NOT surprise the USA- web search shows 'Obama admits he is Muslim'
    He is NOT out to Tolerate Christians, Islamists, etc. He shows outwardly His intolerance, but this release of terrorists, undoubtedly, is one of the parts of THE PLAN that He wanted to succeed in doing. He is true to the Brotherhood. Of course, when these 15 kill more Americans, we should include 'accomplices' in the trials and reincarcerations in Gitmo.

  19. When these terrorists show up again in future terrorist plots against the United States, and they will, one hopes that Barack Obama will be impeached, tried and punished for his treason of aiding and abetting the enemy! Unfortunately, this will probably never happen because those in Congress are inept, intellectually dishonest, spineless fools who are so corrupt that they are "owned" by others who are actually in control. Otherwise, they would act in the interest of the American people!