Obama Appoints Mega-Donor's Wife To UN Post

The wife of Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban has been appointed as the U.S. representative to the upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly. Saban has been a mega-donor and at one time a top giver in the Democrat Party.

While he was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2008, he basically sat out the election that year. However, he finally wrote his first check to the Obama campaign and over the summer he donated $1 million to super PACS that backed Democrat candidates.

Politico reports,

He recently penned an op-ed in the New York Times, defending Obama's polices in Israel and announcing his full support for the president. He also visited the White House at least twice, meeting with President Obama and then-chief of staff Bill Daley. After a December 2011 meeting, he told the Hollywood Reporter that his conversation with Obama helped change his mind and that it was "time to get active again" in politics.

In Democratic circles, he's largely been seen as a possible counterweight to big-money Republican donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers.

Administration officials point to Cheryl Saban's qualifications for the position, including nonprofit work with 50 Ways to Save Our Children, CARE USA, Children’s Network International, Mercy Corps, and Plan USA — as well as a long record of philanthropy and public advocacy.

What is most interesting is how a woman that no one elected or chose to represent them is appointed by Barack Obama to represent the United States before the world at the United Nations. And she is doing it simply because her husband wrote a generous donation to the Obama campaign.

What's even more appalling is how Barack Obama talks about "big money" pouring into the Romney campaign, when his own has plenty "big money of its own. Oh the hypocrisy!

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12 thoughts on “Obama Appoints Mega-Donor's Wife To UN Post

  1. Let's see, we've heard all about what the husband does, so what are this woman's "qualifications" that would make her "intelligent enough" or "willing" to speak for US! No qualifications, then NO confirmation! Obviously she would be just another "puppet mouthpiece", just like Mz. robotrice!

  2. Shows everyone how unimportant the U.N. really is. Put a warm body in the chair as their vote or decision mean nothing to anybody!

  3. freedom fighter says:

    It's called buying the justice you want said BO - cronyism and membership fees to go along to be included in the one world government which this scumbag is trying to vortex this country down to b/c freedom is opposed to the servileness that the one world govt. constitutes. Although Romney is not the best, he is a necessary evil as opposed to the incumbent two-faced sellout we currently call president

  4. Wow, drop a few bucks and get a high government position.For Sale : The White House ?

  5. Oh well, typical BHO two faced politics. Nov. can't happen soon enough.

  6. The Un is zionist-operated, Barry is a jew, and now we have another filthy jew in political power. Guess it's true: it's NOT who you KNOW, it who you BLOW!

  7. BeautifulAmerica says:

    This is mind-boggling. How can Jews be doing this?
    We absolutely MUST get OUT of the UN.

  8. One goodreason the US should get out of the UN.

  9. The fact that he spent a million dollars on Obama the traitor show that this guy bought hi wife a position. This is not the way it suppose to work. Should Obama pick the best person for the job . This shows he can be bought by the highest bider.;;;;;;; TEN REASON TO FIRE OBAma......http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=51446)

  10. Are we in the GOP above board on this issue?

  11. pay for play