The Second Amendment: Gone

If we as a free nation do not stand together, fight the attack going on right now against our Second Amendment to the Constitution, this will be the next headline news!

Politicians will say: Now that the Second Amendment is gone, I think we should do away with the search and seizure part of the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment stands in our way and makes it harder for the government, police, FBI, and CIA to do their jobs properly. While officers and government officials are waiting on an approved search warrant to go into and search a person's private home, or business, the criminal could be getting rid of the evidence we need to prove them guilty. On many occasions we (the police, and government) try to obtain a search warrant and are not given one due to lack of evidence. When we know they(civilians) are doing illegal activities. How are we (the police, the government) going to catch the murderer, drug dealer, rapist, thief, gun holder, if we are not given the extra power to go into their (civilians) homes, places of business, to get the evidence we need? It should be up to law enforcement and government officials discretion whether or not to enter into the home or place of business. The following people would be exempt from this law: The President of the United States, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Supreme Court Justices, Judges, and any and all law enforcement (state or local).

Many people may think that is extreme thinking and very far fetched. This would never happen here in the United States! Were just trying to use scare tactics to have our guns. Not true. Wake up, it has already started! On April 2, 2012 The Supreme Court ruled on a case entitled Florence vs Board of Freeholders in a 5 to 4 decision that allows police officers to strip search people whom are arrested for any offense before admitting them to jail. This decision holds true even if the officials have no reason to suspect illegal activity. If we the people allow our constitution to be altered by those that are trying so hard to destroy it, our land will no longer be free, our freedoms an illusion, and dictatorship will rule. Our Children and grandchildren will learn how our country used to be free in history books only. That is if the government allows it (then goes Freedom of Speech).

After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA this actually happened. On September 8, 2005 the Police and National Guard were given the order by the Governor to go street by street, house by house and confiscate all weapons. Martial law had been put into effect. They were entering homes with their guns drawn, as if all the victims of this tragedy were criminals. They went door to door confiscating law abiding citizen's legal weapons. They handcuffed law abiding citizens as if they were criminals, later letting them go without their weapons of coarse. The police and National Guard (under orders) entered homes without permission of the owner/resident (illegal search and seizure) to confiscate all weapons. This happened in both the poor and rich neighborhoods alike. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

Some may say that this is just an isolated incident and that it was due to the storm. Does that make it alright for our Constitutional right to be infringed upon? Does that give the government the right to take our weapons, to search our homes without permission, to assault law abiding citizens? No, it doesn't! As always there is a double standard when it comes to government officials, and police officers.

Staff Sgt. Joshua May knew this was wrong and refused to be involved with the gun grab. He said it was a direct violation of our constitution and he would not do it. Thank you for standing up for Our Constitutional Rights, and for defending us against both foreign and domestic enemies.

There are many great police officers in our country. They work hard, believe in what their badge stands for, they serve and protect our families and communities, and are true Americans. However, there are some police officers out there that are crooked, do not follow the law, and use their badge as a source of power to tromp on the rights of the people. This is where the problem lies.

If we as law abiding citizens are unarmed, how are we to protect ourselves against crooked police officers, politicians, government, tyranny, or foreign enemies? We will not be able to. (Hitler vs Jews). This is why the Second Amendment is so important for all people. The Second Amendment was written for that very reason. It guaranteed the citizens of the United States a way that we the people would never again be an oppressed people by a tyrannical government. We the people have the right and duty to uphold our Constitution. God gave us our rights and the Founders enumerated some of those rights, including our Second Amendment which outlines people's right to own, carry, and bear arms with no restrictions. Why, no restrictions? Because our Founding Fathers knew if there were restrictions, it would create a more powerful government. The Founding Fathers of this country wanted us to be able to be protected, and for us to be able to protect our country in which they fought so hard to establish, a free nation. Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed! Their wording was very strong for a reason. They wanted to make sure that no form of government would ever be able to dispute, change, or alter our right as American Citizens to protect ourselves, our families, our Country, from those whom would gladly destroy it.

If we as a nation allow our Second Amendment to be torn apart, destroyed, or altered in anyway, then our other rights guaranteed by our Creator and outlined in our great Constitution will also be in jeopardy. Once the process has started, it will not end with just the Second Amendment. It will create a spiral downfall disintegrating our Constitution and everything we as a nation stand for. We are called the "Greatest Nation in the World." There is a reason for that. So now is the time for all American citizens (gun-activists and anti-gun activists) to see the bigger picture, to stand up for what is right, and stand together as one nation defending our Constitution.

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About Lorri Anderson
Mother of four wonderful children and grandmother of four. Poet/writer/investigative reporter/singer/dancer/model/business owner/non-profit business owner etc... Started D.P.A.A.W.L. INC, a non-profit animal rescue in the state of Kentucky that worked closely with animal control, law enforcement, as well as the Lewis County S.P.C.A. in which I was elected to Chairman of the Board . Volunteered and worked with: Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Senior Citizens Social Services of Pike County, Community Action Committee of Pike County, Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Food Pantries, Children's Services in both Ohio and Kentucky, Lewis County S.P.C.A., Lewis County Humane Society, as well as many other organizations. I believe strongly in our Second Amendment right to "BEAR ARMS". I am a licensed CCW carrier and proud of it.
  • Saxondog

    How can this occur if our elected officials are actually representing our will,and our direction?

    If the Constitution is violated,then the rules change. How many will allow the criminals in office to remain free,safe and employed?

    Once the steps are in place the FREEDOM is gone in days not years,Yet OUR CHILDREN are in other Nations spilling young blood on foreign soil for their FREEDOM,while the Laws that oppressed these Nations are being forced on us?

    Does the need to force our rights come after their gone? No we must organize town halls meetings that our Congressional and Senate representatives are present.

    And present to be told what their job is,how they are to vote,and we want this in writing.

    Most are Lawyers,and in most Jobs today we have Job descriptions with a list of task and responsibilities.So why do the employees in our Government not have structured,detailed task and responsibilities?

     And if this is not a indication of the need for TERM LIMITS then we are not smart enough to deserve the FREEDOM WE TAKE FOR GRANTED!

  • Doc

    The governor at the time was a liberal was the mayor of New Orleans.....

  • MuckrakerW

    I wrote a blog at in which I try to explain why I believe the Second Amendment as well as the Bill of Rights are untouchable by either the state or federal government. Please read the entire blog at the above website. Excerpt below:
    The Second Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights states,
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
    The first clause is obsolete because America has a standing army. It is the second clause that has validity today in 2012. "The right of the people." These five words denote that the Second Amendment is not a favor or kind gesture politically granted to the people by the federal or state government, but rather a given right of the people, who gave this right to themselves. That is to say, the Bill of Rights are given rights the people endowed to themselves above all other rights in the U.S. Constitution.
    These primary rights are absolute and unalienable. This means neither the state nor the federal government can trespass on these rights for any reason whatsoever.
    For Americans of African descent this was not always the case. That's because from the time of the American Revolutionary War down to the Civil War, Blacks were considered chattel, not human beings like White Americans. So the Bill of Rights didn't apply to them. It wasn't until the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were drafted and ratified, that Americans of African descent could claim the 'people status' starting with the preamble of the U.S. Constitution, clear down to the Bill of Rights, and on into the text of Constitution itself.

  • Pc Arroyo

    SSG Joshua May, though superior in rank, it is my privilege to initiate my salute to you, honoring, as you have, the oath we took to our Constitution of the United States of America.

    Đại úy Paul

  • Kris

    Alot of us have been awake since the beginning but unfortunately there were more sstupids that voted then the awakened! WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR IS A LEADER! A LEADER LIKE V, THE CHARCTER IN THE MOVIE, V FOR VENGENCE! So far there is no one who can fill that spot or at least no one we know about! Hussain has been placing those of his same mind in top positions in the military so maybe that's why in a poll, 30% of the military stated that they would fire on American citizens. Is it to late already? Even Petraus has gone over to the dark side!

  • 1LTLos

    Most of the gun grabbers in NEw Orleans were out of state cops in addition to NOP's When I was at Gulf States Relief Katrina, the Police Department was rouge and the Mayor Nagin had abandoned his post. I feel that due to Nagins dereliction of his duties to prepare in accordance with FEMA Emergency Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness procedures before Katrina made landfall ( like years before) that he is complicit in the deaths of about 1500 New Orleans civilians. And the focus is on displacing the Second Amendment? Bu#%@hit!

  • sovereigntyofone

    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution of the United States for a good reason. Our founding fathers of this nation knew from experience that unless a safe gaurd was provided for the rest of the Constitutional rights, they would become meaningless unless something was provided to ensure their protection from tyranny of future govenment. The 2nd Amendment is our watchdog, our armed sentinel to protect our God given rights and the rest of the Amendments. If the 2nd Amendment falls, so does the rest of them.
    In every case of a total take over of a country, the first thing to happen is to disarm the people with exception of corrupt police and armed military personal.
    Once the people are disarmed they are at the mercy of the leader(s) of government control. Hitler, Stalin, Castro.. the list goes on and on.
    Will you allow your family to be taken quitely into the night? Or will you stand and defend them and the Constitution of the United States? The choice is yours.

  • Mike

    I've been a law abiding citizen for most of my life. I did get into a little trouble when I was a teen but, since then, I have served in the US Army Infantry for 22 years. I have sworn an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegience to the same". I don't recall "until I'm retired" being in the oath, so it is still in full effect. Now, it is the Second Amendment that guarantees us that the government can not take away the others. If the Second Amendment falls, the First Amendment will soon follow and then the rest of our rights. As long as I breath and can apply 5-8 pounds of pressure with my right index finger, I will not allow the government, or anyone else, to disarm me. It is my right and it is my duty.

    • sovereigntyofone

      You will not stand alone my friend, there are other of us that have not forgotten the " Oath " we took those many years ago.

  • Graywolf12

    This has been the grand plan from Marx to today's progressives. As long as the population is armed they can not take over and control everything as the UN Agenda 21 plans to do. With the courts on their side they have won all of the battle except the Supreme Court and if obama is reelected that will be completed. Good By the Great, Grand, USA. Hello European style socialism if we are lucky or say hi to the Mao way from the barrel of a gun.

  • Paul Jahnke

    Excellent writing.

  • Dianna


  • sean murry

    The SOBS come for my guns they will get a hot greeting.

  • Mickey

    I have to give thanks to O'Bama the ILLEGAL/MUSLIM/SOB. He has shown me,(woke me up) as to things I never paid any attention to before, I took for granted our rights, and that they could never be violated, especially one one radical ILLEGAL/MUSLIM. Yet our congress is doing just that, they are letting him run rampant, with no intervention for stoppng his reign of radical terroism. Did you ever imagine, that this could happen in these Uninted States? How/When did we come about in giving one person so much power to go around congress to get things on his agenda done without them? O'Bama has shown us things that need to be corrected ASAP within the office of the Presidency. First the Executive Orders power he has should be taken away, along with the office of the presidency should not be the Commander in Chief, and in general revamp the pwers of the presidency entirely. The president should be held accountable for all ILLEGAL expeditures he should not have two huge aircraft, and two huge helicopters to abuse.

  • Blusportie

    Abolishing the 2nd Amendment & rounding up all the weapons owned by decent, law-abiding Americans are two completely different things - as Comrade Obama may soon find out.

  • Liberty1941

    The 2nd Amendment is gone when, we the people say it is gone. Nothing this president or congress does can change that simple fact of our nation. Only when enough people surrender their weapons, will they ever stand a chance at removing them. Anyone attempting to take your Constitutionally required firearms is, a traitor, and should be dealt with as such. Stand Fast, and Hold The Line, against tyranny.