RNC Shuts Out Grassroots Despite Loud Opposition

While some think that the rules adoptions today was all about Ron Paul, they are mistaken. Cynthia Kennedy reported in two stories that the RNC were setting up last minute rule changes to go into effect before the nomination process. As a result, the party overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney to represent the party, but they also approved rules that will effectively stifle the voices of any and all grassroots efforts in the Republican party in the future.

Before things started today on the convention floor columnist Michelle Malkin Tweeted:

Later on as things were developing and the RNC was pushing through their power grab via the head RINO, Speaker of the House John Boehner and John Sununu, they didn't even try to differentiate between the yes and no votes. Personally, I think either Boehner had one too many drinks or needed his ears cleaned or both. Because even on C-Span you could hear there was significant dissent.

On top of that the RNC would not seat the Maine delegates and that brought about chants of "Seat them now!" However, at several tweets indicated that some convention people were to chant "USA!" in order to drown out dissent.

Michelle Malkin reports,

Update 2:50pm Eastern…The Rules Committee just voted 78-14 to accept the Romney-approved deal on Rules 15(16) and 12. There is now an effort to gather enough signatures to force a floor vote on the minority report. 25 percent of committee members are needed.

Apparently, the Virginia delegation was stuck on a bus and didn’t make it in time for the vote.

Update 3:34pm Eastern Dissidents have until 3:47pm Eastern to gather enough signatures to force the floor vote, according to right-leaning Examiner’s Tim Carney, who is on scene. Left-leaning BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller, also on scene, says it appears dissidents have gathered enough signatures for minority report on Rule 12, but not yet on Rule 15(16).

Carney says that Drew McKissck has emailed a minority report to RNC leaders within the rules deadline…


Update: 4:34pm Eastern Well, that was…something else. First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

No vote on the minority report.

FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t have gotten away with that trick.”

And the show went on…GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn just declared that “this has been a great exercise in grass-roots” and that GOP stands for “Great Opportunity Party.”

So my friends, if you are in the Tea Party or a supporter of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul or anyone else in the future that the establish does not want nominated, too bad for you. You'll get exactly whom they say and you'll have no voice in it. Things were bad, but now they took a major nose dive. Even Romney supporters said it was bad, like Morton Blackwell, whom i was told was unable to make his case before the committee regarding the RNC power grab because security held him and his bus up. Isn't that just perfect?

Romney took the nomination with a total of 2061 votes. Should he be elected this year, he will also determine who the delegates are in 2016. That's right, grassroots people will no longer have a say in the matter.

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318 thoughts on “RNC Shuts Out Grassroots Despite Loud Opposition

  1. The only opposition was from a small number of big-mouthed militant Paul-bots who were in a snit because they failed to hijack the convention!

  2. It looks mome and more like the RNC wants a 3rd party to form.  It would be a truly conservitive party. 

  3. Gary_L_Thompson says:

    Two things strike me about this convention.  One is that the Columbia School of Journalism-dominated mass media tried for months to come up with even one substantiated example of a racist incident at Tea Party rallies (while ignoring blatant examples to be found at Occupy sites)--yet an event dominated by the RNC and extreme security, reports circulate about an incident involving a CNN camera operator and two attendees are reportedly ejected from the hall--why is it that this kind of rowdiness never happens at Tea Party events with none of that high-level security?

    Second, why is it that the RNC eagerly tripped over itself to get Clint Eastwood on, but was tepid about using  Collin Raye instead of its traditional greybeards musical entertainment? One of the obvious evils of the Democratic Party is that they're hypnotized by Hollywood (and visa versa), but country music is one entertainment form still largely dominated by the people of the American heartland.

    And that last may be the very thing which is so telling.  The most powerful weapon the Republican Pary potentitally has in this election campaign, that could even concieveably destroy the ability of their long-time tormentors at the alphabet networks to hold the last of their audience in thrall and getting them to dismiss conservative media as marginal, is to open the public's eyes that Washington D.C. (and even corporate boardrooms, education systems, union bosses, establishment media, et al across the land) have become dominated a governing class of privilege, out to smother the economic mobility (and even geographic mobility, given its hostility to the automobile) of the people across the land.  Like the voracious defenders of Alger Hiss who identified with him as a fellow elite Ivy Leaguer, New Jersey tamely accepted in 2010 the mass media campaign on behalf of a Marxist radical versus a woman actually acquainted with their workday life and family values--duped into rejecting the candidate who committed the crime of being more like themselves than their would-be media masters!  The greatest danger to the Tea Partiers that manage to get past RINO opponents in the primaries is that the media is horrified by the notion that the people they identify with as their own social class could actually be replaced by plumbers, farmers, small business proprietors, assembly-line workers, housewives, salesmen, barbers, security guards, et al.

    If the GOP leadership is revealing that it too is just part of that governing elite, and resisting the Tea Partiers as an unruly mob threatening their turf, then their ability to govern any more effectively, and provide a compelling alternative to the Democrats, over the long term has to be regarded as being in very serious question.

  4. I have stood by the GOP as (at the very least) the last bastion of truth, justice, and hope and I will do so because the  alternative on the left from the Democrats is hopeless.  However, this makes us who favor the GOP look like we are nothing but leftists in GOP clothes.  We cannot allow the RINO's win.  We have to make our voices heard in a steady drum beat from now until the next election.  We are better than that and now we have to prove it.  It's our country and even our own Party is participating in the subjugation of us the "electorate"---Politics is brutal but this is outright tyranny being exercised by our so-called friends in the GOP.....We are beating the left in the Democrat Party.  Now, we have to beat the left in our "own" Party....

  5. I think this is business as usual for politicians and it makes me furious but at least we need to get the socialist out of office first then deal with the old cronies

  6. I am a democrate and do not like the way our party is gone. Our leader is more of an enemy then an american. Our leaders do not want to stop the spending and wants to tax us more. Our leaders wants to degrade our military and wants to award failure. Our leaders are doing everything to kill jobs and make us slave of the government....True american should be ready for a change. Let kick the unamerican out and put true americans in office..................Left Click Your Mouse Here: Mr. Scam Man

  7. Well I guess in 2016 we will just have to be ready with our 3rd party. It is beyond time as the dems were lost a couple of decades ago and the repubs are not far behind. The republicans are nearly as bad as the dems so we won't be losing anything by getting rid of them.