Paul Delegates Confirm Five State Plurality & Will Nominate Ron Paul From Floor Of Convention

While Ron Paul campaign spokesmen Jesse Benton has said that the Texas Congressman will not seek the nomination from the floor, his supporters are intent on doing just that. During an update just moments ago with Cynthia Kennedy, national delegate from Nevada, I listened as Paul came to the floor of the convention to cheers of "President Paul!"

Paul will address the delegates there. They are intent on putting his name into nomination today, even if it means that they are thrown out of the convention. The new rules being imposed they believe are heavy handed and unwarranted and will in fact take away the grassroots voice.

Ashley Ryan, a delegate from Maine, was also on hand and confirmed that the Paul delegates do have a plurality of delegates from five states, despite what the RNC is claiming.

So it's all or nothing for the Paul crowd today. If the new rules are approved by the RNC then no one else at the grassroots level will have a say so in their delegates in the Republican party from now on.

Rules are still to be voted on this afternoon.

I was also informed by Mrs. Kennedy that the entire freeway is closed off and that they have not seen protesters anywhere near the convention area. Only buses that transport the delegates were allowed on the freeways, along with secret service that did light checks of persons for security and rode along with the delegates from the hotel to the convention area.

The reason for Paul's appearance with the delegates is unclear. I would assume from the past that he will commend them to be respectful, though not tell them what to do in terms of nomination.

We will find out in the next few hours what will take place.

Mrs. Kennedy did report that the entire area is filled with Romney/Ryan memorabilia, TV screens promoting them and a gift shop with Romney and Ryan novelties. Most delegates were not even concerned about the rules they will be voting on or other matters up for vote this afternoon. Instead they had their minds on shopping, where they were eating and other things, rather than the business at hand. This is what we have come to expect in American politics though. The convention is bearing this out. There is lots of fluff and little substance.

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130 thoughts on “Paul Delegates Confirm Five State Plurality & Will Nominate Ron Paul From Floor Of Convention

  1. "Democracies are as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths"
    -James Madison

    The Founders purposely structured America as a republic with respresentatives for ALL of the people, not a democracy enforced by a majority of the people.

    Sadly, Representative Paul did not garner enough popular support to win through, but did get some of his issues into the platform.

  2. WarinaBuffetina2 says:

    If we elected the president by a nationwide popular vote, this would not be happening.

    Ron Paul did not come in first position in any state in which he was on the primary ballot.

  3. Ron Paul did not win one primary, much less five, Republican's do not support him, anywhere.

  4. Not to worry the RNC just put a shot across the bow of those of wanted to make changes to the party for the better. The fight has just begun. It may take several more years but the changes will come or the party will go into history as to ridged to make changes for the better of the Country

  5. It is obvious from reading the posts here that there are a lot of Paul supporters blogging. The Paul supporters need to swallow their pride and support Romney and I truly hope they do