Party Crasher Joe Biden To Be In Tampa On First Day Of RNC

What? No, I didn't say Joe Biden would be at the Republican National Convention. However the vice president will be holding a rally next Monday in Tampa, Florida. Seeing that his numbers for attendance have been down I'm not expecting a strong showing there.

That doesn't mean that the national media won't be covering the event though.

The Obama campaign announced Monday that he would travel on August 27 and 28 to Tampa for a number of events. I wouldn't put it past him to make some cynical comment about many of the people in the region who have made their home in Tampa.

The Hill reports,

It would be an unprecedented move for a presidential or vice presidential candidate to crash a rival convention; the parties have traditionally allowed each other to take center stage during their convention week and used the time to raise funds and to rest.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said that the GOP would respond strongly to any attempt by Democrats to disrupt their convention.

"I think it's pretty common among parties to play with each other's conventions, and we'll have a pretty big presence in Charlotte as well," Priebus told Buzzfeed on Tuesday. "The nice thing about going first is that whatever they do to us, we can do ten times over to them."

"I'm a big believer in: if they punch us, we put on the brass knuckles and punch back," Priebus said.

Well let's not put anything past this administration. As we know they are known for doing "unprecedented' things. At least The RNC is ready.

Biden's advance team is already in Tampa now. After last week's encounter between the advance team and a small business owner, "Crumb and Get It," had a great sales week after they told Biden take a hike because that they were not interested in his entourage coming into the business that they had built. I'm expecting some more stories like that from the Tampa area in the upcoming weeks.

As a side note, while Joe Biden will not be speaking at the RNC, Former GOP candidate John Huntsman will be speaking at the DNC in Charlotte. This should come as no surprise since Huntsman is a RINO and served in the Obama administration. My how politics makes strange bedfellows.

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  • gnafuasusual

    Looks like the clown will be in town. Let's watch him juggle the words from his mouth again.

  • WASP

    Does anyone care where Deputy Dog is? Well, maybe the Czar that the Kenyan appointed to keep track of the moron. His job is to keep the sock in Crazy Joe's mouth.

  • Gmarshall

    RNC should allow Joe to be a featured speaker at the convention. He would provide amusement and levity and would allow the world to see just what a buffoon he is.

  • J J

    It will be interesting to see what news story the main stream media has as their lead story. We all know that Joe is being sent there to cause trouble - something he is so very good at.

  • fedupinky

    Oh goody! Now we can play pin the tail on the donkey!!

  • Edward Jones

    No need to worry. Dumb Ole Joe won't even know he was in Tampa until the following week when he sees it in the news.

  • Zardos

    Who Cares? Seen one clown, seen them all.

  • bhs3kgt

    Glad Huntsman is showing his true politics now so we won't have to see him in running in the GOP again. His family gave money to Harry Reid's campaign.

  • Sandy

    No class Demorcrats, showing their thugery. Obama is really desperate.

  • oneway

    It's another Screen Job to take the attention away from the REP. CONV. and stir up mpre BS.

  • doug63

    maybe biden is going to lead the new black panthers? I guess he is out of the time out room.

  • cmjay

    As a TAMPA resident, I welcome BIDEN. We need FREE ENTERTAINMENT. He is like an STD - the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Guest

    Biden in Tampa? So what? If he's there and opens his mouth all that'll result is another series of gaffes. The guy couldn't move his tongue without a brain transplant.
    I sure hope nothing happens to Obama in the next 4 months! His replacement would have us looking up at Afghanistan as a role model.

  • Bullet

    John Huntsman will be speaking at the DNC in Charlotte.My my my, how his father must be proud.