Obama Whines Michelle Doesn't Collect Salary As First Lady

And now we get more of the whining Barack Obama we've come to get annoyed at and despise. At a campaign stop in Colorado on Wednesday, Barack Obama got in touch with his feminine side, which isn't that hard after he's been hanging out in Chicago bath houses, in an attempt to sweep some women voters off their feet. Just what was his tactic? He complained that his wife Michelle did not receive a salary for her First Lady duties.

First Lady duties? Say what? No one elected Mrs. Obama or gave her a post to represent the people. Why should we then pay her for being Obama's wife? Listen as Barry tries to play the tiniest of violins as he appeals to the emotional women in his audience.

“I want to make sure that when she's working she’s getting paid the same as men,” Obama said. “I gotta say that First Ladies right now don't [get paid], even though that's a tough job!"

It's a tough job? Please! It must be tough running around the country at tax payer's expense for purchasing expensive lingerie, spending millions for a Hawaii vacation, as well as, flying all around the world with an entourage of gullible liberal groupies and attending big dinners with famous people. Yes that must be quite the job Mrs. Obama has. I bet she hardly breaks a sweat or a nail.

Now compare that to my wife. Yes I'm going to take time to praise the woman that God gave me. We were recently made aware that she is not just a mother of nine, but now a mother of ten. That in and of itself is a huge job, but she cooks, cleans, washes clothes, runs a small business, helps to educate our kids at home, is a chauffeur, a fashion designer, a nurse to injured kids, a promoter of what is good and much more, yet still has time to keep herself up and look amazing all through the day! Does she get a salary for being a mom? No. She helps me accomplish a goal and that is the dominion mandate from God. I give thanks to God for her and sing her praises to those I come in contact with. As the Proverbs declare, " Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land." I am known by my wife and she is known to all by me. "Her children rise up and call her blessed." She is a wise and virtuous woman whose worth is far above rubies. She is a gift from the Lord. She is my equal, our purposes are the same, but our roles are vastly different.

No other president in our history has made such a selfish, self-serving and ridiculous request as Barack Obama did. I have an idea for Obama: Split your salary with her, which is what should be happening anyway. Matter of fact, just give her all of it. I mean you've told us you don't need a tax cut. I say you don't need any of the pay taxpayers give you. Give it to your wife for another vacation and set the example instead of whining like a little, hen pecked, angry man.

It appears that for Barack Obama his wife is simply a sidekick that needs to get paid for........wait, what is she supposed to get paid for? Telling me how to eat healthy? Demanding that I exercise? Please. It won't be long until Barry will be whining about his two daughters not getting paid for being first children.

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1,091 thoughts on “Obama Whines Michelle Doesn't Collect Salary As First Lady

  1. Maybe she has a job "under the table" lol

  2. 100 million dollar vacation she is the best paid WHORE in the world

  3. Make her butt apply for welfare.

  4. Why would she deserve pay? She doesn't even harvest her own garden.

  5. Linda Ambrose says:

    In the working world only the person that is hired gets paid no matter how many side kicks he brings alone for example take a contractor he gets paid then it is up to him to pay his help they don't all recieve a pay check from the person that is wanting the job done .,

  6. Vance Robinson says:

    I think she should be scrubbing toilets to earn the roof over her head. Damn We all have wants.

  7. The guy who wrote this is doing his own variety of "whining"... lol. Give the President and First Lady a break by not dissecting every single word. Here in Canada we don't give the Prime Minister's wife a hard time -- we treat them with more respect. I used to believe that Americans treated their elected officials with respect too but not anymore. It is really so pathetic.

  8. No other First Lady in America's history has been paid a salary. So why is he whining? Oh, I'm sure it's a racist issue. Another thing to try to divide the American people.

  9. All she does is spend money on trips. She spent billions on trips and shopping like she rich on the taxpayers dine

  10. They are ready to take a million dollar trip to Africa yet they cut one hot meal a day to our soldiers. GRRRR I despise the ILLEGAL ALIEN MUSLIM that is occupying our WH. How stupid are you that are still back him? I have to stop asking “ how stupid can you be?” Some people are taking this as a challenge!

  11. NO FIRST LADY COLLECTED A SALARY the greedy B@$T@RD$. Seems she gets plenty of the taxpayers money on her 10 million dollar vacations several times a year on TAXPAYERS DIME. How many of you have taken a 100 thousand dollar vacation in the past 4 years??? They take split vacations double dipping into taxpayers money. The list goes on and if the libs would just watch the news (except NBC) they would know the truth. Time to IMPEACH this ILLEGAL MUSLIM ALIEN before he totally destroys America.

  12. Pompous, arrogant socialist! And so is his wife! Neither one has any class and are a disgract to the White House.

  13. How many idiots are there in the whitehouse at this time?

  14. go see 2016 now.

  15. watching you! says:

    what hatred! just like a republican but i am not surprised.