Maine's Gov Threatens RNC Boycott Unless Ron Paul Delegates Seated

Last week Romney supporters sought to try and challenge the seating of Maine's delegates to the Republican National Convention. Team Romney has been behind the scenes in various states, including Nevada, Arizona and Massachusetts trying to remove official delegates in an attempt to silence those of the liberty caucus who support GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.

However Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster made an attempt to compromise with the Ron Paul contingent, but those supporters rejected the compromise. The agreement really was one sided in the fact that it would have bound delegates to vote for Mitt Romney and prevented them from voicing their opinions publicly.

The compromise laid out to Maine National Delegates is as follows:

1. A majority of the delegates sign a statement agreeing that, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, they will vote at the Convention for Mitt Romney.

2. Instead of Brent Tweed, Charlie Webster or Paul LePage would serve as the spokesperson for the delegation and announce the votes cast for president. That spokesperson would also handle all media on behalf of the Maine delegation.

3. There will be nothing negative said about Mitt Romney or positive said about Obama (especially to media)

4. The Delegation will be admitted to the Convention, and to all committee assignments, without barrier.

5. The Contest brought by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette will be withdrawn

Now ladies and gentlemen, this is no compromise at all. This is only to benefit Mitt Romney and that is all. It is a stifling of these people's First Amendment rights to speak their consciences in public and on the floor of the RNC. Personally, I find it offensive that such a thing would even be presented as a "compromise."

Not only that, but Romney supporters are apparently in favor of unseating Paul delegates, though they are not making the same attempts with Santorum or Gingrich delegates. A.J. Higgins writes:

(Charles) Cragin is a government affairs counselor with an Augusta lobbying firm who has extensive experience in Washington in military affairs and national security. He lost his bid to become chair of the GOP state convention this spring when Paul supporters elected Tweed. He said the Maine challenge to the Paul delegates is the result of a failure between members of the Romney and Paul organizations to reach a compromise. Romney is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, but Paul's supporters maintain their candidate still holds a plurality in at least five states. That's the minimum threshold he must meet in order to be on the ballot at the convention. Paul has not endorsed Romney, nor has he suspended his presidential bid and his supporters want him to have a prominent speaking role at the convention. Cragin said Romney's supporters do not want their candidate's victory diminished by a competing message from Paul.

"This is Mitt Romney's convention," Cragin said. "He's the presumptive nominee and he will be the nominee and therefore his folks are very engaged in making determinations as to who will speak at the convention, when they will speak at the convention and to a great extent what they will said when they speak at the convention. So when you're dealing with outliers, there's a substantial negotiating process that takes place."

Outlier is hardly a word that Matt McDonald, a GOP national convention delegate from Belfast and Paul supporter, would use to describe his candidate. He expects all 14 of Maine's unbound delegates who support Paul will be seated by the convention committee. But Paul's delegates to the national convention are facing challenges in other states and McDonald said there will be some unhappy people in Tampa if they are not allowed in.

This is the Republican National Convention. It is not Mitt Romney's convention and the people should have their say at the convention whether Romney supporters like it or not. They don't want people to disagree with anything that Mitt Romney would say apparently.

Mr. Tweed has it absolutely correct when he said, "The national convention was never intended to be a coronation. It was intended to be the place where the nominee was chosen." He also went on to point out in a statement that,

"It is unreasonable for the Republican Party at either the national or state level ... to attempt to pressure the Maine delegation to vote any particular way. We will not be intimidated into signing political deals under threat of being unseated. We are accountable to the Maine Republicans who elected us, not the Mitt Romney campaign."

Mike Tipping writes,

Tea Party leader and Ron Paul delegate Pete “The Carpenter” Harring even took to YouTube fully-eagled to speak out against the proposal.

Today, conservative talk show host Ray Richardson announced on Faceboook that Governor Paul LePage, the only elected member of the delegation not challenged by Romney’s supporters, has announced that he will boycott the convention if the Ron Paul delegates are not seated. From Richardson’s post:

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, in a conversation five minutes ago said that if they do not seat the Maine Delegation at the RNC, he will not go. These folks need to be seated.

The Governor gave me explicit permission to make this public.

All I can say is that the Republican National Convention will be sure to be filled with some excitement. The liberty caucus will certainly bring some fireworks to the event and you can be sure they will be heard.

Stay tuned as FreedomOutpost will have our own reporter inside the RNC. Cynthia Kennedy will be reporting for FreedomOutpost. She is not only a national delegate to the convention, but she is also on the National Platform Committee. These will be exclusive reports from from the inside you won't find anywhere else.

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  • Leon Welch

    I as a delegate to the RNC will only tell you this one time so pay attention. We as the Republican Party are shooting our selves in the foot. I am a Republican Delegate and I am down right mad at the way our Party has been involved in voter fraud and unseating delegates in several states. This is not my Republican Party. We have only one chance left and that is to nominated Ron Paul. If we do not do that at the Convention then we are beat. Make no mistake about that. You will have Obama back if Romney gets the nomination. You have been warned.

  • fort9erdon

    You say the convention is the place where we will choose our candidate? WRONG!!! The candidate is already chosen, and it ain't the troublemaker, Ron Paul. He can't win, he can't do ANYTHING EXCEPT DISRUPT the ebb and flow, in a feeble attempt to embarass the Romney camp. Romney won this thing. If Ron Paul makes even "one little peep" of disruption, he AND whatever delegates he claims, should be removed from the premises. It is well known that any disruption would be viewed by the Obama camp, and they would explode it and lie about it into a much bigger thing! Paul, you twit, you did not win! GO the hell home, old guy!

  • Steven Lemon

    Ron Paul needs to go back to birthing babies or something. He has nothing to contribute to the debate except a bunch of crap that only the kook fringe is interested in.

    If these ninnies would rather screw up the convention for Romney and help Obama, then so be it. Ron Paul will eventually go down in history as ROSS PEROT redux.

    • Michael Witt

      You're a Democrat puke

  • Lindy

    AND, in such an important election as this one is, why does not Ron Paul be a good citizen and think of his country over his own aspirations. All a third party does is takes votes that could go to the Republicans in November which helps Obama to win.

  • Lindy

    I thought this was a REPUBLICAN convention and Ron Paul is a Libertarian? Why should Libertarians be seated at a Republican National Convention after Mill Romney has been chosen the candidate for President on the Republican ticket. I do not dislike Ron Paul, except for his views on Iran and foreign policy, but why don't the Libertarians have their own convention?

  • Tonya Byrum

    Ron Paul 2012! America is watching and we love an underdog. The republicams are showing themselves as the lying, cheating, criminals they are. No better than the democrats. Come on lets think outside that red and blue box we are forced into!

  • pcsrocky

    Delegates and Alternate Delegates are bound or not according to their State's rules conerning convention elections and primary elections. If the votes are not bound, they are not bound. If the votes are bound, it is usually for a certain number of votes for the office itself not any other votes.
    Rand Paul is speaking at the convention. Is it possible that Ron Paul was asked and declined to speak? I don't know the answer. Neither side is right and neither side is wrong - at least not completely. There are people on both sides that have chosen to dig in their heals and not budge. Both sides have used some ugly language and deeds. Both sides need to apologize and then accept the apology.
    We have a common enemy - the Obama/Biden ticket. We should be concentrating on how best to win against that ticket in November. Oh, and plan for a contingency where Biden is removed from the ticket.
    By the way, I am and Alternate Delegate to the Convention in Tampa. I look forward to meeting people from across the country and comparing notes on the differences and similarities between areas.

  • Doug Harms

    Just a bunch of libertarian crybabies who keep trying to hijack the convention and go AGAINST the will of the voters whom they supposedly represent!

    • Bill Hartman

      No, just want to be seated, heard, respected, and our votes counted. We know that Mitt has the votes for the nomination.

  • Ron Mathis

    The Paulbots never give up and I wish they'd take down all the stupid signs from the 2008 election. Paul lost. Get over it.

    • Bill Hartman

      And so did Goldwater in 1964. But if I still had a bumper sticker from that election (I went door to door for him), I would proudly put in on my car now, as it would still convey the same message of liberty today as it did then. A Ron Paul sign doesn't mean that the individual believes that he is ever going to even run for office again, let alone get elected. It is just one small voice for liberty.