Agenda 21 - Road to the New World Order

There has been a frantic global push for a New World Order since the George H W Bush Administration. In several of his speeches, he mentioned the creation of an New World Order (NWO). From the first Gulf War in 1990 and all that has taken place since then, including the events of 911 is geared to remove the sovereignty of the world's countries in general and the United States in particular, for a central world governing power.

I've noticed that since the Reagan Administration it doesn't seem to matter who or what party is elected, because the agenda of a United Nations (UN) sponsored power grab seems to be top priority with all of them.

President Obama's power grab in the form of hundreds of Executive orders have become a part of the UN's vision of an NWO. Along with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which in essence, removes all political boundaries of sovereignty of the United States, Mexico, and Canada in lieu of unrestricted trade, the illegal immigration issue, all environmental laws and treaty's have all become a part of this same New World Order. The nucleus of this vision comes from the UN's Agenda 21, which was born from the UN's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, where George H W Bush and Al Gore were instrumental in bringing into fruition. In a nutshell, Agenda 21 is a vision of a world government giving the UN total control over the world's countries in the guise of saving the earth's environment. Under Agenda 21, the world government would control every aspect of daily living in the lives of all citizens living in countries that signed the treaty.

One of the main tools to bringing Agenda 21 to reality is to present the world with an overall threat that must be fought by everyone. In this case, the threat to our survival comes in the form of global warming/climate change. No greater tool could be used by the UN to get countries on board to accepting Agenda 21 than GW/CC, since the core ideals of GW/CC are exactly the same as those of Agenda 21.

Each and every UN treaty dealing with the environment and GW/CC, the carbon trading scheme, deindustrialization, and the push for renewable energy has its base in Agenda 21.

The whole concept of GW/CC is based on a theory supported by computer models, graphs, manipulated satellite data, and forecasts designed to convince everyone that the world's climate is warming due to human industrialization. The fact is no sign of warming anywhere in the world can be found in actual weather and climate records. Each claim presented by UN sponsored organizations dealing with the world’s climate such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the UN climate change boss Christiana Figueres is based entirely on conjecture with no concrete scientific evidence in support of it.

Another interesting fact about these organizations is that no real meteorologist heads these organizations and only about two exist at any level in all of these organizations put together. The two that do have positions are avid environmentalists with a proven green agenda in their track records.

Christiana Figueres who heads all UN climate change organizations and dictates GW/CC policy has only a Masters degree in economics and nothing in weather, climate, or atmospheric physics.

Rajendra K. Pachauri, who presides as president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is a well educated man who has a PhD in industrial engineering, yet he has no degree at all in meteorology. One would think a man who heads a UN climate organization would have to be an expert in atmospheric physics, but this isn't the case with Rajendra Pachauri or other members of the IPCC. Some members of the IPCC are only political activists and environmentalists having no formal education in a science of any kind.

The President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), David Grimes has no degree in meteorology at all and has only an honorary degree in meteorology.

What we have here, is all UN organizations dealing with GW/CC who are supposed to be experts in the sciences of atmospheric physics being totally staffed from the top down with individuals who have no business dictating anything related to weather and climate because they are not qualified to do so academically.

What the people of these organizations do share is a common political goal of a one world government and using the threat of GW/CC as a guise to achieve it.

Most real meteorologists who fully understand weather, climate, and the mechanics of atmospheric physics disagree with the idea of GW/CC and consider it a political scheme. This is because meteorologists are true scientists who deal only in the reality of weather and climate through records and actual data while not relying on conjecture.

To believe in the GW/CC agenda and consider those in the UN climate related organizations as experts in the genre is like asking your attorney for medical advice on an ailment requiring a medical doctor.

Another part of Agenda 21 is the ruination of the American economy through deindustrialization. Here we have a push to degrade the economy while forcing the US in particular, to become a Third World Nation. The evidence has become more apparent during the Obama Administration to the point that Obama has become known as the most anti-industry and anti-commerce President ever in the history of the US.

When Obama was elected in 2007, the nation's unemployment rate was at 4.6% and today it is at 8.3%. The current 8.3% is as good as they could manipulate the numbers down to before the election.

The official 8.3% reflects some 12.8 million Americans currently receiving unemployment insurance benefits and does not count those still unemployed who are not receiving UI benefits either because their benefits ran out or those who never received UI benefits. If all who are actually unemployed in America were counted, the unemployment rate would be above 20%.

In some areas of the country even with the Feds playing down the percentages, we have an official unemployment percentage at 30% such as California's Imperial Valley.

Agenda 21 has become even more apparent in schools and society where it has become an anti government act to say the Pledge of Allegiance and considered terrorism to speak or display any form of Patriotism.

The acceptance of high unemployment, a deficit into the trillions, along with the post 9-11 wars designed to further drain the economy, and saving the planet's environment are all sinister tools being used to force Agenda 21 on the world's nations and put the UN in charge as a central world government.

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  • Greta

    GW/Cc is a political tool, that is all. A book came out in the early 1900s called "Socialism and the Environment" (found it in the U of Mph library for a paper I wrote) In the book, we are shown a world where the environment is used to take power from Capitalist nations and given to socialist/communist politicians, where the people live in a post-depression era world where cars are owned and driven by the government officials, and everyone else has to walk, ride bikes, or ride public transportation. Energy for heating homes is not existent, you might have a wood burning stove to heat the house, but not heating / cooling like we have now. Cardboard in the soles of shoes for repairing hole. Food scarcities. This is the home of the former Soviets, but it was dreamed up long before most of us were born. If you can find the book, get it, it's very illuminating. Because this is the agenda of the UN and the Liberals who are pushing this agenda. The death of capitalism and the re-birth of communist controlled nations.

  • Dr William B. Mount


    The Only reason the CIA has not killed most members of Congress is because we have Pistols.

    Do not feel safe in your underground bases either.

    Remember Hitler: He Ban Guns and then proceeded to Kill Congressman and Senators

    Let us hope that congressman and Senators are not as stupid as they appear and ban Pistols and Rifles form Law Biding Citizens.

    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount