US General: Shariah Is Here Now

Retired Army Lt. General William Boykin is sounding the alarm the Islamic Shariah law is already inside the United States and presents a very real threat to the future of America.

In addressing a synagogue in Stoughton, MA Boykin said, “There is a threat to this country from Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood." He also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood has not been a recent phenomenon, but rather has been a presence in the U.S. since at least 1962.

“The new Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, said he joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1978 while he was in the United States of America. People who say that the Muslim Brotherhood is not in America are not dealing in reality,” Boykin said.

The General even says that those Muslims who do not agree with the radical agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood suffer for it.

He said, “Muslims who are not pushing for Shariah in the United States are pushed aside and don’t have a voice. They’re often marginalized in their mosques and sometimes not allowed to participate."

“People say that Shariah isn’t going to be a threat in the United States. Fifty-three cases in 28 states have been decided by Shariah law at the appellate level,” Boykin said.

“There are groups and websites in the United States pushing for Shariah law. They’re dedicated to spreading it and Mark Steyn has said that’s what’s happened in Europe.”

This is true. Americans and especially American Christians need to understand that Islam has a very optimistic view of the future in terms of their religion. They believe it will overtake the world. Western Christianity has basically claimed that the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, so why polish brass on a sinking ship. Polishing brass on a sinking ship is not the issue, following the Lord Jesus' command to "teach all things" that He commanded us and to "make disciples" is.

Nevertheless, we see the persistence of Islam in Europe. Their birth rates are enormous and they will overtake eastern Europe within the next two decades. The only thing keeping them from overtaking North America and specifically America itself is the fact that illegals have come in to offset the demographics.

In addressing the issue of how Islam is taking over in Europe, WND reports that Boykin said,

“The Europeans didn’t take the threat seriously and now Steyn has said that it’s not going to be more than a generation before Europe is overcome.”

Boykin told the crowd of the Muslim Brotherhood’s master plan for the United States.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is working to control the dialogue in the United States, ensuring that people don’t talk about Shariah or its objectives for the country,” he said.

“It’s gone into the deepest halls of our government too. It was no less than FBI Director [Robert] Mueller that had a March meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. The leader of the Brotherhood complained about the counterterrorism training manual,” Boykin said

I could not agree more and it is no more evident in the present administration dealing with the radicals of Islam more leniently than they have and also helping out alleged terrorists Al-Queda in places such as Libya and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood itself. Boykin is doing his best to warn the United States and yet time and again he is met with opposition, even to the point of not being allowed to speak at West Point due to the fact that he is an outspoken Christian.

It is time that America wake up and see the threat of radical Islam and the infection of Shariah in the American system and fight against it, our chief weapon being the Word of God and prayer. Yet we must be active, believing that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and trusting that He might subdue His enemies and ours beneath the feet of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of His gospel.

WND took time with an interview with General Boykin for further follow up. You can view excerpts of the interview by clicking below.

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109 thoughts on “US General: Shariah Is Here Now

  1. Gen Boykin was supposed to discuss U.S.-Israeli relations. Apparently he forgot which message he was supposed to talk about. Did anybody who was there notice that the hired security was an absolute JOKE! They were so busy socializing and at one point intimidating guests, that they never watched the doors for threats.... These are dangerous times, and attending an event like that could make you a target. I won't go again if those Clowns are the only protection I'd have.

  2. dem0n0cracy says:

    Replacing one idiotic belief with another will not help America. We need nonbelievers to rule this country on facts and equality, not the ideas they believe God might ordain.

  3. Wonder how many of our mind robbed robots supporting the muslim ideology even know what it espouses. For years our school curriculum has been modified by union thugs, minions of the clintn and obama school of thought who hate America and what it stands for. Cannot wait until the twits running around with all bared are forced to wear muslim garb and submit to foul smelling,bearded camel jockeys. The schools have done a great job of keeping the pertinent facts hidden and the majority of the youngsters today are spawned by sperm donors and incubators who are only interested in the increase in their welfare checks promised by the likes of BHO for every new kid produced. No one speaks for the innocent unborn into Obama's rapidly growing slave population now referred to as Entitled Ones
    Wake up America. ABO. 2012

  4. Raymond, you are the best. I also pass your words all over the net. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts. Thank You for not being afraid to speak your mind and for being in touch with reality.

  5. You know if any of these judges that ruled using sharia law, it would be a real shame if they were never to see or feel the sun light again!

  6. Islam is indeed evil! Wake up fools!

  7. how true, jean! we must fight against the wishes of the founding fathers who established this ridiculous democracy, with intelligent words like 'freedom of religion' and establish a totalitarian state where only people who look and think like you can be free. free to fear and hate all others!

  8. "THEY" don't have too tell me about "SHITRIAH LAW",I don't live too far from "DEARBORN MICH." !!!!

  9. That is one reason Obama wants the United Nations to have the power to confiscate YOUR guns here in America against your will. How could you protect your family against anything without your second amendment right ?

  10. The immediate point here is to stop mass legal immigration!
    Enforce immigration laws and deport, deport, deport!

    Safe annual numbers is less than 250,000 and have been at
    least at one million annually since 1985. Muslim immigrant numbers went from
    about 89,000 annually during the Bush 42 years to 700,000 by Obama’s third year
    in office.

    The current legal immigration rate is now 1.5 million
    annually. This does not include illegal immigration! From 2000 to 2010 60% of
    the babies born here in the US were born from immigrant parents.

  11. Hugh Billeaud says:

    The first item on the agenda is to vote out Barack Hussein Obama in November. Then, we have to aggressively deal with the Muslim problem in this country. Islam is a bankrupt "religion", which is, in reality, practiced as a radical and revolutionary political movement. As a radical, political movement, it should be dealt with as such. I am not advocating mass deportation of all Muslims, concentration camps, etc., but I am advocating intense and constant surveillance of the Muslim community here in the country, profiling where necessary and aggressive law-enforcement where appropriate. This will help to protect Americans from another Muslim terrorist attack, particularly a home-grown one. If you are a practicing Muslim in this country, unfortunately you will have to succomb to these measures to live in this country because your "religion" is ridden with violence and complete intolerance and a real threat to your fellow Americans' safety. It seems to me you have two options. One, do not buy into your "religion's" extremism and radicalism, do not have anything to do with it, and speak out against it always to secure your place in this country. Or two, convert to Christianity where you will finally find peace in your life and the strength to live a good life. In this country, a Muslim can convert to Christianity and not be legally executed, in a horrific manner at that, as is the law in Muslim nations dominated by radical Muslim extremists. Islam can never give you the peace and acceptance that you will receive in Christianity as Islam is and always has been a "religion" spread by the sword.

  12. FormerLadyLaw says:

    Jean: True and well stated. Gen. Boykin is in "Rumors of War III."
    What he says in that documentary will give you chills. Get it and
    watch it and LEARN.