Sheriff Joe: Obama Birth Certificate National Security Issue

Today the long awaited press conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office took place at 5:30pm EST. Its goal was to bring forth new evidence that provides indisputable evidence that the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a forgery.

The Sheriff's Office spokesman, Lisa Adams, opened the conference and said that they hope to take no more than 60 minutes to complete. She also said that no questions would be answered in regards to anything unrelated to the press conference pertaining to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, such as the recent immigration ruling by the Supreme Court. She also scolded the media for their lack of reporting and their scoffing at the investigation. She then encouraged them to keep an open mind.

Sheriff Joe then took to the podium and took only a few moments to run down the history of the investigation and introduce Mike Zullo, the Cold Case Posse lead investigator.

Zullo presented more evidence that proves that the birth certificate presented to the people of America in 2011 is not an authentic document. Though the information in the prior press conference specifically dealt with the document itself and the many anomalies in it, in this conference Mr. Zullo provided evidence of a different nature.

The first bombshell he dropped was that he and his investigator located 95-year-old Ms. Verna K. L. Lee, who was the registrar that signed the birth certificates in Hawaii. She informed him of a coding system that would indicate that the birth certificate provided by the White House has been altered. This coding would have been done by hand and then rechecked by another. This would also have kept the document from being out of sequence by date or time.

Thus when compared to the now famous birth certificate of Gretchen and Susan Nordike, it clearly shows that someone has altered what was on the document that the White House presented. Mr. Zullo also pointed out that these would have been stamped in sequence of batches by whatever region they were in and since the Nordike Twins were born at Kapiolane and Barack Obama also claims that, then there should not be an out of sequence number.

One of the things that Ms. Lee informed reporter Jerome Corsi about during a phone conversation was the hand-written number 9 in the number 9 box where the race of the father is listed as African. While much of the focus has been on the term African being used, Ms. Lee informed Mr. Corsi that the 9 indicates that the applicant for the birth certificate did not provide any information to put there. If they had a number 1 would have been written in. Therefore, the box should have been left blank, not filled in with African.

Furthermore, Zullo confirmed the conversation between Jerome Corsi and Ms. Lee was recorded.

Investigators also were troubled to find key information missing from the verification document Hawaii provided to Arizona's secretary of state Ken Bennett in May.

When they spoke with Hawaii's deputy attorney general, Jill T. Nagamine, she confirmed that the state has a birth document on file, but refused to identify the document that the White House put out as the document that the state has.

What is most telling in the last part is the history of Hawaii law. No one had to witness a birth in order to obtain a birth certificate in Hawaii. As has been reported, many Japanese people who were not citizens obtained birth records for their children. All they had to be were residents, not citizens, to obtain the birth records for their children.

From 1955-1982 this was the case because birth registry could be obtained by an adult simply coming in and filling out the paperwork. They provided unsworn testimony and there was no investigation to see if the testimony was truthful.

“It appears that in the case of Hawaii law, any person can obtain a birth certificate if any adult or their parents can prove that they resided in Hawaii for one year and paid taxes,” he said. “There is no requirement to show that the child itself was actually born in Hawaii or on U.S. soil.”

It was at this point that Mike Zullo stated that this is a "national security issue."

The national security concerns raised by the investigation are based on Hawaii Revised Statute 338.17.8. which states:

338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of state.

Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

Because of this information all Hawaiian birth certificates are suspect. Zullo also believes this is in conflict with the Supreme Court's ruling on SB1070, as does Arpaio, since state and federal law cannot be in conflict, though he tried to keep the focus on the document.

At the end of the press conference both Zullo and Arpaio kept trying to point reporters to the evidence and said it was not a political investigation. Both men have said they would have liked to clear the president in this matter, but the evidence lead them somewhere else. They also stated that the majority of their work has been taken care of by donations and by their own willingness to do the job.

It seems the reporters who attended were more interested in smearing Arpaio and Zullo than actually asking pertinent questions about the evidence presented to them, for which they were scolded.

Arpaio stands ready to provide the Congress with all the necessary documentation for a more thorough investigation and he called upon them to do just that. Both Arpaio and Zullo also said that they are not stating that Barack Obama knows of the forgery. They are simply stating that the document is a forgery.

UPDATE: Click here for the full press release from Sheriff Arpaio's office.

UPDATE 2: Click here to view the entire press conference.

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  • LRWW

    How can the American people be so blind and not see the obvious. We have let a non citizen into the white house. He is working with communists, marxist and the like. It is so obvious that he is up to ruiing our country. The fake birth certificate was verified before the second time he was elected. What happens if they prove this is true. Since Obama would never have been qualified, his VP could not be qualified to take his place since Obama appointed him. Could they possibly have to go back to the last president and put him back in until we can get a legal replacement?? They are allowed to servce 10 years.

  • Penny Haulman

    I left a message today, where is it?

  • Penny Haulman

    Obama is not qualified, according to constitution, to be our president because Obama's daddy was not an American born citizen. Quit beating around the bush and get to the heart of the matter. A person has to be a Natural citizen of USA, both parents born in America, before they can legally hold the office of the USA. The TRUTH!

  • WrongDocuments

    I think people are looking at the wrong thing. The thing to look for is hospital billing records in Hawaii and Kenya. If he was born in a hospital, there would be billing records in one place or the other, but most likely not both.

  • budman

    I think the only document that the State of Hawaii has on record is the Certification of Birth (COB). Since the Governor of that State stated that he was certain Obama was born in Hawaii and alleged that he was going to prove it, they are now in a situation where criminal action could be taken for concealing no long form on Obama exists. The Governor went silent on the issue of his birth there.This is also the likely reason they are unwilling to reveal/show the actual birth certificate.
    A Hawaii State election official checked on the birth record of Obama while Obama was campaigning for President and discovered no record of birth existed except for the certification of birth which his mother executed. Previous information indicates she did this after returning from Kenya where Obama was born to make it appear he was born in Hawaii and also placed an article about his birth there in the local newspaper.
    Why didn't the Sheriff obtain a sworn statement from both the person who signed the certificate which was likely the COB, not a long form certificate and also a sworn statement from the official who found no record. Both of these sworn statements could be very useful in a lawsuit regarding his eligibility to be the President. Congress is a waste of time and they should be taking the actions to prove he likely is not even a U.S. Citizen.

  • truthmatters

    How strange it is that Congress nor the Supreme Court Justices are willing to examine the issue of Obama's eligibility for the presidency. What does that tell us about our "government of the People, by the People, and for the People"? Perhaps we should consider the very real possibility that we are mistaken that the Constitution has any meaning or relevancy. It seems to have no relevancy to our acting president, members of congress, nor the justices.

  • Al Benson Jr.

    I watched the video of the interview. Sheriff Joe and Mr. Zullo did a good job of presenting the evidence. It was clear and concise. The "news" media had no interest in the evidence. They were there to do a smear job and put their leftist spin on the interview and truth was the absolute last thing they were concerned with, but then anymore, this is so typical of our "news" media.

  • ralphwylie

    Arpaio and Zullo will soon mysteriously turn up dead. Obama, Holder and Napolitano will make it happen.

  • James

    Why does obama's birth certificate list his nationality as "African-American" when those words weren't invented yet? Why was his father's birth place called "Kenya" when Kenya didn't exist until 1963, two years after obama's birth? How could his father be born in a country that didn't exist? The hospital listed as obama's birth place, didn't exist until 1978. His book says he is proud of his father's duty in the 2nd world war. He was born in 1936 and the war began in 1941. He was the youngest warrior ever.

  • Francis Marion

    I admire sheriff Joe & commend him on all of the fine work that is & has done, but the birth certificate thing, while I believe it to be invalid, is over. The clown had enough financial backing to pull it off & everyone needs to concentrate on removing him from office this November.

  • The Girl

    No surprises here. Throw the bum out!

  • John

    The bottom line here is that obummer is holding the office of the President of the greatest country in the world and is not eligible or capable. NO MORE obummer!! Impeach the sucker NOW!! Congress, get some backbone and guts and do the right thing for the USA!!

  • C E Donaldson

    I hear that this week's issue of THE GLOBE has some additional information regarding Obama's birth place. Too bad the 'media' are all blinded by their liberalism and cannot do the job of actually reporting factual news.

  • John Spindler

    Mitt Romney needs to relay the message to the American people

  • shallowdeath

    An American Enemy

    Be he legal or illegal Barrack Hussein Obama is not an

    An American does not hate the Country of their birth as he

    An American does not help other countries do the job that
    Americans can do as he did with Brazil by giving then 2 billion too enable them
    to drill oil and use America as a customer.

    An American does not abandon its allies or friendly
    countries. Obama has given Arab Countries such as Saudi F350 aircraft that is
    equal the same aircraft Israel uses. Israel
    has always been surrounded by enemies and now it has one in the White House.

    An American does not make secret deals with an enemy state
    as he has done with Russia.
    Barrack Hussein Obama has also told the world Israel
    has air bases in Abidjan North of Iran preventing Israel to defend its self.

    At every turn Barrack Hussein Obama has done his best to
    destroy the country that we call The United States of America.

  • Eddie

    Be careful whom you vote for in 2012 election. The muslim has vowed to kill all infidels - that is YOU my friend. Who, in their right mind, would vote for someone who has vowed to KILL THEM ? ? Only an IDIOT would do that !

  • kegan05

    I was shocked to learn from Sheriff Joe's conference that Hawaii truly IS a threat to our National Security and should be thoroughly investigated for their method of giving out Certificates of Live Birth to ANYONE, whether they are a citizen of the United States or not! Truly shocking! How do they get away with this? Any Muslim Jihadist can acquire a BC and can become an instant "Citizen" of the US as long as they go through the Hawaiian procedures.

    Congress needs to ACT ON THIS ISSUE NOW!

    Thank you, Sheriff Joe, for all you do for our country. I hope everyone will support your efforts to shed light on the Obozo Birth Certificate fiasco! We have to dump this LOSER in November or our country is toast!

  • OnTheBall

    In addition, it would appears that the communist-in-chief is forging more than just his birth certificate. This photo shows a poor Photoshop attempt to tie bho with mother and grandfather...the problem is Ann's hand is black! Who did they Photoshop out of the picture and replace it with Ann?

  • belovedofgod

    We must impeach obama and biden to prevent them from pardoning all the black criminals and terrorists before he leaves office.

  • Rightwing Patriot

    I admire the sheriff for his investigation, but its just too late now. And if anyone really knows, we have already had one illegal president in office, that being Chester Arthur. If you look at his background, he didn't qualify for the office but back then, no one did anything to boot him out.