Romney & Rice - Do Conservatives Think This Should Be On The Menu?

No it isn't the latest dish at your local restaurant or that you will find in your grocery store. According to the Drudge Report, on Thursday evening, the Romney campaign was looking at former National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush as the frontrunner to be selected as a potential vice-presidential running mate.

Though Mitt Romney has claimed that only two people know who is being vetted as a potential running mate, that would be himself and Beth Myers. However, it was his wife Ann that came out and said a woman "looked at as an option" as running mate.

Drudge reported,

Late Thursday evening, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign launched a new fundraising drive, 'Meet The VP' -- just as Romney himself has narrowed the field of candidates to a handful, sources reveal.

And a surprise name is now near the top of the list: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

The timing of the announcement is now set for 'coming weeks'.

All of this ends up being pure speculation. However many conservatives think this is not a good idea.

Katrina Trinko from National Review wrote, “I’m surprised. Both Rice’s views on abortion (she has said that she is “mildly pro-choice“) and her years in the Bush administration seem likely to generate controversy, while I’m not seeing any group of voters that she would automatically attract."

HotAir blogger, Allahpundit wrote, "I don’t buy it. Problem one: Bush, Bush, Bush." He also points to Rice's views on abortion and thinks that Romney is wrong if he thinks it will help him on the ticket.

"The left will attack any woman and/or minority VP choice viciously as 'inauthentic' and illegitimate in order to avoid losing any women or minority votes to the GOP," he continued.

Even talk show host mark Levin pointed out the danger of bringing Rice aboard with ties to Bush, calling it "bad politics." “Not only will Romney be defending Bain up through the election, now he’s going to have to be defending Bush and Bush’s policies right up through the election,” he said. “This is a bad idea. No offense, Condi Rice.

"Pick a damn conservative who’s managed something,” he added. “You’ve got a strong bench to choose from and stop playing it safe.”

All I have to say is there was a reason that conservatives were not fully behind Mitt Romney from the 'get go.' It's because of one thing: his record. For Romney to nominate someone like Condoleezza Rice should come as no shock at all to anyone who has followed the record. However, I tend to agree with Rush Limbaugh and think it is far too early for him to be announcing a running mate. He has to be officially nominated as the party's nominee first.

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  • Sofie Kellogg

    Condi for VP? No way. The libs will tear her apart.....part of Bush adm., pro-choice, and with all due respect for Condi, NOT BLACK ENOUGH!!! Too Oreo, black on the outside and white on the inside. Better choices, West and Rubio.

  • Doris

    Alan West is the best pick.

  • apache6

    For those who don't know,I saw "CONDI'S" name on the "BILDERBERG" web site !!!

  • apache6

    For those who don't know,I saw "CONDI'S" name on the "BILDERBERG" web site !!!

  • Bobemakk

    I think Rice, West and Rubio are the best VP choices. Lets hope Romney announces his choice soon.

  • Sarah417

    Romney should nominate someone totally unlike himself just to even things out. I think Col. Allen West would be just the man for the job. He is an officer and knows how defense works. I like his truthfulness and outspoken personality. After all, he has been the only one to tell us how many communists were in Obama's administration. I believe he said eighty.

  • Diane

    Rice is totally unacceptable as a vp nominee because of her pro-abortion and pro-immigration standards.
    I have to wonder about the conservative mind-set of those like Hannity and others who not only see those like Rubio and Jindal as viable candidates but give them full support. Both are NOT 'Natural Born', a distinction clearly spelled out in our Constitution where the issue of 'Natural Born' and 'Citizen' are addressed and mentioned only for the presidency/vp. Rubio is a citizen but not 'natural born'.
    West is my favorite but we hear little of him and that I suggest is because Romney's back room handlers are Republican Progressives who attack conservatives continually.

  • mark

    Allen West is the best choice for VP!!! A true American Patriot!!!

  • Bunny Kale

    Condi is 2nd choice.....Allen West is the Best .....He is America and my hero.....

  • Daniel Coman

    Have you ever wondered why Rand Paul back Romney before his father?Looks to me if he was VP he would would cover both ends.The logical choice would be steal the votes from Ron Paul who actually has the numbers.And if Pops stepped down at the last minute it would be a landslide.I feel that there maybe a game in play here.

    • Wayne Bauer

      So far you are the only one with slight of common sense. Millions of PAul supporters will never go for Romney. Romney is to weak to go ANYWHERE without them. Talk all you like but the winning control is not there.. And GOP has done NOTHING to sway or BUY it.Polls are FOR propaganda but the actual feelings are there, Romney can't beat ODUMBO. It's not getting better, you haven't seen any of the DAMAGE yet. 80% of the country doesn't know it's election year yet.

  • Battleship Daughter

    Condi Rice is an intelligent capable woman, but I thinks there are others, most especially Allen West, who bring "strength and honor" to Washington, DC. Newt Gingrich, Jim DeMint, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio (to me he is a bit too young, however) would also be possibilities. Chris Christie - well let's just keep him in NJ. I believe he is a fiscal conservative but I'm not sure he's a 100% 2nd Amendment supporter. My choices have nothing to do with race but we need conservatives willing to stand for our Constitution against the upcoming lies by the Socialst/Leftist Party (pretend Democrats) and we HAVE TO WIN THIS ELECTION.

  • AR454

    Isn't Condi Rice a dyke???
    I could never vote for a dyke.

    • DixieAngel_76

      How is that relevant to the job of VP? She did an excellent job as secretary of state, and if she is homosexual, she sure keeps it on the down low.

  • Daniel Coman

    I'm voting for a true Conservative,A Constitutionalist Conservative Ron Paul.Track records Don't Lie.Romney is a puppet and always has been.Condi.worked for the same puppeteers from the beginning along side Chaney.Do you really think things are going to change for the better?Look we all know who was at fault for stripping away our rights with the Patriot Act and what the purpose was.Is this what you want?Last chance people,There will not be another!

    • DixieAngel_76

      It's time to say goodbye, then. Ron Paul will never, never, NEVER get elected. Got it?

    • tncdel

      Ron Paul is NOT a "strict constitutionalist" as he postures himself to be. He almost totally disregards one of the most basic constitutional tenets: DOMESTIC national defense, when it comes to the illegal alien invasion and Islamic encroachment.

      One cannot be "pick 'n choose" about what one upholds of the Constitution, then credibly claim to be a "strict constitutionalist." Ron Paul's son Rand is closer to the mark than is his dad.

  • 44rd11

    If Romney picks Rice - I guarantee that he will lose not just my vote - but a lot of others - he needs to pick a conservative to bolster his establishment liberal problem.

  • rose

    No, no woman or you will lose like McCain did. I hope this is just heresay.
    You need a STRONG running mate.

    • DixieAngel_76

      Being a woman doesn't mean you aren't a strong running mate. Fess up.... you're really a guy, aren't you?