Michele Bachmann Warns Of Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration In US Govt

A host of Republicans are ripping Michele Bachmann, including John McCain, about her call for several executive offices to investigate potential “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood." Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's longtime assistant and wife of disgraced representative Anthony Weiner, is among those she names. Four other congressmen joined her in cosigning the letters: Reps. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, Thomas Rooney, R-Fla., and Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga.

Bachmann sent letters to Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-05), the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and to John Brennan.

Bachmann followed up her letters with a July 18 statement that read,

“The letters my colleagues and I sent on June 13 to the Inspectors General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of State – and the follow up letter I wrote to Rep. Ellison on July 13 – are unfortunately being distorted.

I encourage everyone, including media outlets, to read them in their entirety. The intention of the letters was to outline the serious national security concerns I had and ask for answers to questions regarding the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical group’s access to top Obama administration officials.

Most recently, the State Department shockingly decided to give Hani Nour Eldin, a member of an Egyptian designed terrorist group, a visa to not only enter the country in violation of the federal laws prohibiting material support for terrorism, but to be granted a meeting inside the White House with National Security Council officials.

The terror group member used the opportunity of his White House visit to call for the release of the imprisoned leader of his organization, the “Blind Sheikh,” Omar Abdel Rahman, who is currently serving a life sentence for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and later planned terror plots inside the U.S.

This is just the latest example of the dangerous national security decisions made by the Obama administration. I will not be silent as this administration appeases our enemies instead of telling the truth about the threats our country faces.”

Rep. Ellison, the first Muslim-American elected to the U.S. Congress, says he doesn't understand why she makes accusations to the press if the information is as sensitive as it is.

“If she has sources for this type of information, she owes it to the country to reveal them to the proper authorities, but definitely not this way,” Ellison said. “If she doesn't have this type of information, she should not be whipping up fear and hysteria about a very important matter.”

Specifically she pointed out Huma Abedin, the deputy chief of staff for Secretary Hillary Clinton and she claims that three members of her family are directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. As such, the access Abedin has to Clinton has led the department, in Bachmann's words, to take "actions recently that have been enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests.”

This statement is true. Abedin does have family that is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Her father, Syed Z. Abedin, founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization supported by the Muslim World League, a Brotherhood organization. Her mother, Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood.

Even more was pointed out in the letters such as the failure to “characterize accurately the jihadist motivations” of Major Nidal Hassan, the alleged Fort Hood shooter, a denial of the DHS to accurately define a jihadist threat in America and instead turn the tables on Christians as the DHS uses “its approved words effectively equate those perpetrating this threat with ones said to arise from ‘Christian patriots,’ ‘constitutionalists’ and ‘militia extremists'."

Why is it that spineless people such as Senator John McCain, John Boehner, Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Jeff Flake, and Sen. Scott Brown will not take seriously a threat of national security such as this? Instead, these politicians go and attack the messenger rather than deal maturely with a most important issue facing our country.

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  • saga west

    Over the last fifteen years on my drives to and from Los Angeles CA, through Arizona, New Mexico to Texas, I've seen the landscape change from lush desert to bare dirt and trash. I have seen prayer rugs and Korans left in the desert, I've seen "rape trees" with female underwear snagged on the thorns. The Muslims are here, they entered the country with illegal aliens from many countries including Mexico. The illegals suffer assaults from the criminals leading them, and unbelievable hardships as they travel and look for jobs here in the U.S. Our government has not ignored these illegals, the government awards them with an open border, welfare, scholarships and too many perks to even list to gain their illegal votes. American taxpayers will pay a heavy price, not just for the damage in property and life, but in the changes these illegals will vote into law. I respect Senator McCain for his military service but he should be supporting Sheriff Joe and Michelle Bachman. She is sounding the alarm. We must decide what kind of country we want for our families, freedom to worship as our founding fathers stated in the constitution or under sharia law waiting for a federal hand-out.

  • sjw

    We desperately need more people like Bachman who have the guts to stand up and speak out about the greatest threat to our country.....creeping Shariah law and Islam are slowly tearing this county down....their intent...and our administration is opening the doors for them to walk through....

  • Harvey

    Bachmann looks more like Joe McCarthy as time goes by. If she keeps throwing out accusations like this, without a shred of evidence, I hope she ends up similarly.

  • spoony

    Where in heavens name have you been Michele? Your own sectretary of state Hillory Clinton admitted she is a "Progressive Socialist"; the new cover up name for Communist!
    Our president has appointed two muslims into strategic position regarding our national security which is insane! Are you aware of this disaster?
    What's more, 73 at last count, of your fellow congress members are members of the American communist party! And you are just now becoming aware of this infiltration?
    Who the heck is minding the store up there?
    Now who is going to stand up and clean house and FIRE these threats to our nation? You? Who else but we the people will be the ones who will have to do the dirty work to rid ourselves of these vermin!
    Second Amendment time is approaching and we the people will have to stand up once again as our forefathers did; because we can no longer trust or depend on our servants in Washinton to do the honorable thing!
    What a mess we find ourselves in!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Sosa/100002957876404 Dave Sosa

    how could anybody believe this crap, brotherhood my rear. the region is right, but they ain't muslim. only one country attacked USA from this region.

    • Ruth

      What, is your head in the sand like the other sheep that believe everything the Liberals do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/woodjbg Howard Phillips

    Mrs Bachmann is just doing the job she was elected to do and my money is going to work.Ellison is one of those liberal IDIOTS who is Muslim.We don't need those idiots infiltrating our government we already have one there trying to ruin our country.

  • gracemarie

    Wake up America, and see what is happening in our country. Do not let the Muslims take over! Look at what is happening in Michigan.

  • victorbarney

    One would have to be an idiot NOT to believe Michele Bachmann KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE! After all, it's in their own idiology for/against government! Just saying what's written...

  • FLgeezer

    Not to worry. The muzzies will never wrest control of the US Government from the current owners:



  • FormerLadyLaw

    This issue is addressed big time in "Rumors of War III"
    and is exactly what Ms. Bachmann is now addressing.
    The documentary will just reinforce what she's just
    said. You won't believe what the REST OF THE STORY
    is about either!!!!

  • Jim Alexander

    I completely agree with Michelle Bachmann. Our government, even our complete nation is no place for Muslims. The term, "Radical," is a worthless term, used to defend most Muslims. As a fact, all Muslims are radical and their bible, the Koran, commands ALL OF THEM to convert, subjugate or kill all infidels. (All people not Muslims)
    Bachman's value has increased 100% with me since she made this public statement. She proves she is a patriotic, freedom loving American, not afraid to speak up with the truth. Now we American citizens need to act on her words and rid ourselves of the American haters in our nation. We need THOUSANDS OF E-MAILS AND PHONE CALLS TO HILARY CLINTON AND TO CONGRESS DEMANDING THE REMOVAL OF THE RADICAL MUSLIMS FROM OUR GOVERNMENT...before it is too late.
    Oh, maybe Bachmann for VP??