FEMA Says Founding Fathers Are Terrorists

Video featured in 9/11 Road to Tyranny that was taken at an Oklahoma meeting where a FEMA representative tells the local police that the founding fathers and Christians were terrorists.

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  • Stargazersdad

    Since you have brought this back up; it appears that FEMA (the government) was already starting to plant thoughts in the minds of our civilian law enforcement. At what stage is that brainwashing at this current time?

  • http://facebook.com/pkeyrich Philip K. Eyrich

    Why is a FEMA person instructing on terrorism in the first place? Shouldn't that be a different agency? The instructor seems to have made a gaffe when he first said YOUR founding fathers, and then corrected it to include himself. Suspicious.

    • Nathan Thomson

      While this speaker is obviously a crazy person, FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) *does* handle counter-terrorism, as terrorist activities are generally seen as a federal emergency 😉

      FEMA received authority for counter terrorism through the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici amendment under the Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 1996, which was a response to the recognized vulnerabilities of the U.S. after the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995.

      Source: Falkenrath, Richard S., "Problems of Preparedness: U.S. Readiness for a Domestic Terrorist Attack" (2001)International Security, Boston.

  • Guest

    Dude, I can see the crystal meth coming out of your pores from here! You are a raving, freaking lunatic. You should be heavily medicated and restrained at all times. What kind of demons are hiding in your past?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.brozovich John Brozovich

    This vid was produced in 7/2001, even prior to 9-11. they were and are looking in the wrong places for terrrorists!!

  • Sol of Texas

    Who is this idiot on the video tape?

  • Mathew

    This "instructor" should be removed from this "training" program. He obviously has his personal agenda tied to the material. I wonder if his supervisor has observed his class and approves of his methodology. I would tell you that this guy's behavior is not the norm. I wish it provided more details of who he is, where he instructs and what department he is part of because I would love to send a link to this video to his supervisors and their supervisors.

  • mike88

    I believe most people don't realize what the true reason for our Revolutionary War against King George was all about. It had very little (if anything) to do with the small taxation on Tea, which is what all of the school textbooks teach.
    The real reason for the Revolutionary war was about, as stated by Benjamine Franklin himself when asked by King George to report on the status of the Colonists (in the hopes they could help the King replace his dwindling Treasure brough on by the endless wars with France)When King George found out that the Colonists were using their own interest Free Money and were not using the Kings Interest money and prospering because of this, King George outlawed the colonists from using their own Interest Free Money called "Colonial Script", which therefore forced the Colonists to use the Kings interest money again which brought about a big depression back to the Colonies after they began using their own Colonial Script.
    Yes, thats right the Colonies began using their own Interest Free Money by printing it themselves equal to the GDP of the Colonies,and they began to prosper, when Benjamine Franklin reported this to king George, that infuriated the King, and ordered Parliment at the prompting of the Rothschild family of International Bankers which has Controlling stake in the Bank of England and by the Colonists using their own Interest Free Colonial Script, the bank of England would stand to lose a lot of interest on the money they loaned to the
    Colonists. So in an outrage to the Colonists attempt to be Independent from the Kings hold on the Colonists, the Colonists began printing and using their own interest Free Money called (Colonial Script) and King George with the prompting of the RothSchilds Family Bankers to have the Parliment write a Bill outlawing the Colonists from using their own Interest Free Colonial Script money.
    That is the true reason for the Revolutionary War with England and King George and it appears we are stuck with the same type of Control over our money today with the Federal Reserve System, a system fashioned after it's mold the Bank of England. We were only free from England and it's financial interests for a few years until the 2nd bank of the United States was Established, then when Andrew Jackson refused to re-charter the 2nd Bank of the United States, we were again free of the Rothschilds and Englands influience on our nation, and our money until once again the establishment of the Federal Reserve System of Banking took over our nation which is still in place today and which is why we are indebted to the Federal Reserve Banking System once again. In order to be truly be free from England, we must abolish their banking influience they have on the United States called the Federal Reserve System Banking Cartel.

    • Dogface

      I'd like to see where all this new information is coming from. Ben Franklin is mention, but what documents? Where can I go to see these documents. They are bond to be in digits somewhere...

    • Tony

      Interesting post and history lesson. thanks, I did not know all of that.

  • True Red in Texas

    This kind of "training" gives new meaning to ridiculous! Our founding fathers were acting against a tyrannical King George who demanded more and more taxation without representation in the government. Great Britain wanted their colony to provide "grist for their mill" and were not willing to give anything back. More than anything, they resented being forced to be a part of the Church of England, and they only way they could be free was to have a revolution. Outnumbered, out-classed and with few weapons and almost no protection, the brave men who fought that war were fighting for freedom from serfdom. Wouldn't you do the same? Does that make you a terrorist? Perhaps in the eyes of Great Britain it did, but do remember how the French and the Poles came to assist us and we won...Great Britain lost. Thank heaven it worked out that way or we'd all be socialists by now.

    • http://profiles.google.com/rswantownsend Richard Townsend

      We aren't?

    • True Red in Texas

      Almost, but not quite...there is still time to reverse the progressive progress (if you can even call it that) in time to educate the next group of youngsters. Don't give up hope unless you give up.

    • Michael_in_NC

      You are talking about one thing and basing the war on one thing and that is WRONG! There were multiple reasons for the war, monetary being one, taxes being another, religious prosecution another. Don't focus on just one thing when it was multiple issues ... which brought about our constitution by those same men.