Create Your Own AR-15 Semi-automatic Pistol at Home Legally

Yes this is going to sound like something out of the latest Mission Impossible film, but it's a reality. A user by the name of "HaveBlue" constructed the lower receiver of an AR-15 using a 3D printer. The lower receiver is the section of the weapon that is considered the "firearm" as also has a serial number affixed to it, should it be purchased alone or complete with upper. You could call this a "home brewed AR-15," and it will definitely get under the skin of gun grabbing liberals like Michael Bloomberg.

What's interesting is that the lower is made out of ABS plastic. The design called for steel so HaveBlue had to reinforce some of the areas of the firearm. He then printed the design to an older model Statasys 3D printer and used a conversion kit for a .22 pistol.

While some said the part would fail and could cause him serious injury, HaveBlue put the unit to a test, firing some 200 rounds with no problems. He then stepped it up a notch and added a full metal upper and shot some .223 rounds. His design has held up well and shows no sign of major wear.

Making guns yourself is not illegal as long as you don't sell or distribute them.

Oh I'm sure the libs are going to have a hay day with this one! As for those of us who are conservative and love the Second Amendment, the 3D printers have serious potential for us to guard our Second Amendment rights well into the future.

With technology advancing the way it is, the cost of these kinds of printers will obviously become less and less expensive. Guns are no the only possibility with these devices either. Tools, skeletal implants and all kinds of prototypes can be manufactured relatively cheap.

While this is not the first 3d printed gun part, it very well could be the first one that has been made into a fully working firearm.

So what is the result?

Pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

To see how 3d printing works, click below:

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22 thoughts on “Create Your Own AR-15 Semi-automatic Pistol at Home Legally

  1. Have any of you ever been to a place where comparing dicks can get you killed?

    Some things are better left unsaid.

  2. I have an AR lower but I still want one of these... Nothing like having something that "they" don't know you have (can't confiscate what they don't know you have)

  3. There are plenty of guns out on the market which use plastic lowers. The Glock is a perfect example and it has no issues in that respect. As long as you stick with .223 ammo there should be no problems. If using 5.56 X 45 then the higher chamber pressures will be a huge problem. Contrary to popular belief the two rounds are not the same. This is a viable platform & as has already been said I'm sure the government will try to find a way to regulate it

  4. Be good if have access to nothing else or in a pinch.

  5. The 'problem' isn't that Obama will ban guns, but he's taken a different stance and will just ban 'ammo.' Without ammo or getting powder, make your own ammo....what good will the weapons be? Work on that one!

  6. I've been keeping an eye on this technology for awhile and it's at the place now that if you can afford a good computer system then you can afford a 3-D printer. Government is not going to let the average joe have one, just you watch . They will have laws put in place to license the printer itself and they will have to limit what is produced. No problem if you want a custome pair of shoes but if you want a lower receiver for an M-16, forget about it.

  7. Come a long way from the little .22 zip guns people used to make out the bottom piece of car antennas. Part of town I grew up in the late 60's, those little .22 pistols started popping up everywhere after they started desegregation and bussing. Saw some pretty slick ones; some even with mulitiple barrels. My point is, outlawing guns in America is nonsense. There are so many ways garage shop machinists and today's modern plastics can be made into firearms. Gun control flies in the face of American liberty and freedom. Bad guys will always be able to cob something together to give them a lethal edge if they are so inclined. Honest people would be the only ones without defense.

  8. It IS NOT legal in Michigan.

  9. Can anyone get a 3-D printer to make metal parts?

    • Chris in Kalifornia says:

      Not yet.

    • siquijorisland says:

      home milling with CNC machine is real metal but is is computer controlled router or milling not a printer. You can get kits to make them at home.
      Also lazer CNC machines.

    • There is a type of powdered metal that universities are using as printer medium but as far as production versions are concerned that is a few years away.

  10. David Msg ret says:

    Or buy an Olympic Arms I have...and it works great even with a 100 rd beta mag

  11. We have a 3d printer at work. Don't think our plastic would hold up to this job.
    Looks fun, but I bet that rascal's LOUD.

  12. that is actually pretty cool for a back-up wep in a clinch!

  13. Go get a real , metal one.

    • True, VERY true. It is a gimick and will not perform like the real thing.

    • Chris in Kalifornia says:

      No of course not but it will do the job in an emergency till you can take one from a blue helmet that no longer has a need for one.