Obama To Military: Pay Up

On Friday, Barack Obama threatened to veto a defense appropriations bill partly because it did not include higher health care fees for members of the military. That's right. Obama was out to veto a bill because they didn't raise fees for health care on military personnel. This is just another example of his total lack of appreciation of the military and disgust with America in general.

In an official policy statement the White House wrote,

“The Administration is disappointed that the Congress did not incorporate the requested TRICARE fee initiatives into either the appropriation or authorization legislation."

In the most recent budget proposal by the Obama administration (no budget has been in effect the entire time Obama has been in office), billions of dollars worth of higher fees for members of TRICARE were proposed. It's one of the administration's means of cutting $500 billion from the Pentagon's budget.

Obama makes this move against what the House has already approved in May, which is HR 5856. It outlines a clear and precise military budget. But Obama's senior advisers say that he will veto it. The House bill has bi-partisan support.

It appears that our own military cannot depend on the psuedo commander-in-chief to look out for them while they continue to look out for America.

Should the bill make it to his desk and he veto it, it will be another in a long line of issues that Barack Obama has set up that Republicans can easily slam him for in this election season, but more than that, it will mean that it only becomes more and more difficult for struggling military servicemen and their families.

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  • aumuki

    Get for real, this woman doesn't deserve one penny for what she has spent already has put the United States in a deeper hole than we were already. As for Mr. Obama, if he is re-elected for another 4 years this GREAT COUNTRY will no longer exist. As for the Military paying more for insurance he has got to have lost his mind. Who does he think protects his sorry butt anyway? GOD BLESS THIS GREAT COUNTRY and ELECT ROMNEY for PRESIDENT.

  • kellys

    The UN needs to be pushed into the river if it werent for the poor fish.

  • wkelly10103

    oh, he'll just sign another exec disorder and do what he wants to anyway.

  • jack

    "Until we realize I am not joking the masses will only fight the
    conspiracy theory. Ask yourself why did Hillary Clinton get appointed to
    the post of sect. of state? Give me your best response if you are
    interested. If not ignore this question. Tell me why the ag of the U.S.
    is suing states in order for them to stop illegals from entering the
    U.S.! Tell me why the MOST expensive route was devised to print money
    for the bank bailouts when they could of gotten out VERY cheaply. Tell
    me why in this country's entire history this is the first ever downgrade
    of our credit rating! Tell me how many of your children are named
    Hussein? I could go on and on but your excuse for all this and more, if
    you do not believe,it is like Fox news likes to say. Mistakes, errors,
    does not understand, etc. This Muslim understands it all. He is not
    making mistakes. He is more intelligent than all of you combined.

  • jack
  • DennisDeMenace

    All Americans should contact their Senators and Congressmen to file a Citizen Arrest for Barak Obama on Three Counts of High Treason! 1. Obama's part with Eric Holder selling guns to Drug Cartel backed killers, who killed U.S. border guards in Arizona, why Obama told Holder not to turn over the transcripts, it implicates Obama! 2. Sending American combat troops into Afghanistan and then did nothing when their soldiers killed our unarmed servicemen! 3. Making an ally of a country who has wounded and killed thousands of our fellow combat soldiers an now the U.S. will provide weapons to Afghanistan who in turn will kill more Americans, those weapons will end up in the U.S. killing Americans here!
    All three counts are High treason and Obama, Holder, and H. Clinton who gave the announcement to Afghanistan are all Guilty, and should be brought before a firing squad and shot dead! GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of High Treason against our military and the American people!

  • Emil Gamm

    Its a sad day when the government sends our troups to a foreign country to fight a war for them and refuses to take care of them when they come home broken. I know our troupes are being taken care of now. For a president to request troups pay for their own insurance, when knowing insurance companies don't insure soldiers in combat or war zones.

  • Zoly12

    Now if they were Africans, go figure! He is an embarrassment!!

  • gunner48

    typical democrat ! They dont need us any more......The Black panthers will do it for less!!!! Our retirments are to lucritive......We dont get a retirement after 4yrs!!!!Like Poititions. Wehave to do at least 20yrs of our lives. In danger without our families. Our divorced rates show it. We have E5-E6 with families using food stamps because they dont make enough money.....This country should be ashamed of them selves. This move was spearheaded by John McCain.Our Vietnam war hero. And a Navy veteran like myself. He has forgotten where he came from. WHERE ARE ALL OUR HEROES GONE???? All these so called men have never done a day in the Miltary but presume to judge what we do and our benifits. When you have a Post Master general that make $800,000.00 a year and is constantly operating in the RED.....a union in the federal govt is like a teet on a boar hog! This country deserves to fall the way it treats us servicemen that gave our lives to it. biggest part of my teenage life. And all my younger years were spent in the navy with 14 yrs in Asia. 2.5 yrs riding river boats in Vietnam fighting Communist. .And most of my adult life till age 40. The Communist are we all should strive to be.....Especially when they come to you in the middle of the Night!

  • rmw15

    Our nescient Commandeer-in-Chief has no idea of how a patriotic soldier lives or how much they love their country. Mr. Obama is a by-product of a socialist lifestyle where everybody paid his way to America and college. He has never been gainfully employed, or paid tuition or otherwise participated in the American way of life. Now he wants to scavenge what little pay these dedicated, patriotic people are paid to offset his imbecilic decision to drive America to insolvency.

  • DAVE

    OBJECTIVE: Get as many as possible on the GOVERNMENT DOLE.
    OBJECTIVE: They will never vote themselve off the FREE STUFF.
    OBJECTIVE: Total control by the PROGRESSIVE PARTY.
    OBJECTIVE: I think you know the ANSWER.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.wadzinskijr Richard Wadzinski Jr

    The latest microphone caught the 1st baboon saying to odumbo " ALL THIS FOA A DAMM FLAG" run this fraudster #1 illegal outta office and send em packin back to his mud hut in mombasa kenya.....