Obama Declares National Emergency In Latest Executive Order

On June 25, 2012 Barack Obama declared a national emergency in his latest executive order. The order titled, 'Russian Highly Enriched Uranium," stated that in light of earlier policy EOs (12938, 13085, 13159) that Barack Obama finds,

"that the risk of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material in the territory of the Russian Federation continues to constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."

The original order was signed by former President Bill Clinton in 2000 and was to protect payments that the U. S. made to the Russian Federation under the agreement between the two governments concerning the Disposition of Highly Enriched Uranium Extracted from Nuclear Weapons, or what is commonly referred to as HEU Agreements.

Under these agreements, the U. S. pays the Russian Federation to convert approximately 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium that is left in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union into low-enriched uranium to be used as fuel in commercial nuclear reactors.

The USEC, which has been subsidized considerably by taxpayers (recently with $280 million), is the firm that converts the uranium from weapons grade to fuel for the reactors claims that up to ten percent of electricity generated in America comes from this uranium through the Megatons to Megawatts program.

The program itself is scheduled to end in 2013. At that time the USEC claims that it will have converted 20,000 Russian nuclear warhead into nuclear fuel.

However, Russia has indicated that it will not renew the agreement and will begin selling its "downblended" uranium to India and Japan.

Obama also sent a letter to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the President of the Senate, Joseph Biden, regarding the executive order. In the letter, Obama restated the declaration of a national emergency:

I have exercised my authority to declare a national emergency to deal with the threat posed to the United States by the risk of nuclear proliferation created by the accumulation in the Russian Federation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material.

According to U. S. Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman, “We are talking about the situation in which a matter of kilograms of this material is highly dangerous and could be used for terrorist purposes, and which we have repatriated many multiples of that quantity."

In a statement on Tuesday, Russia and the U.S. signed a statement which confirms the intentions of Russia to begin converting its own research reactors from highly enriched to low enriched.

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425 thoughts on “Obama Declares National Emergency In Latest Executive Order

  1. Perhaps some Republican in Congress could investigate why the Federal Government is buying vast amounts of ammo. Do they expect Al Quida's army to invade ??? Or are the Feds getting ready to deal with "We the People" ???
    Boehner ??McConnell??? Anyone home ???

  2. The scariest thing are the emergency powers this or any "national emergency" will make possible. We'll find out the day after the election when he issues an Executive Order taking whatever power he wants. We need some division commander with cojones to engineer a coup and get rid of this guy.

  3. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    All you right wing terrorists better get your Russian Enriched Uranium on ebay NOW!
    [/sarcasm] for all you government snoops out there. I know things have to be spelled out for you.

  4. Do not be surprised if America does NOT have the November elections. Obama needs more time to completely sign America over to the United Nations
    AGENDA 21, and Martial Law will be ordered so that He will supervise the Communist takeover. How many of our Congress are secret turncoats?.If only the Constitution had included term limits for the Senate. Big Mistake.
    And the promise to Redistribute the Wealth, has probably happened for Michelle and Barack's accounts,

  5. For all of us who swore at one time or another to Defend the Constitution against all threats, internal and external, there is a tremendous organization growing up in our ranks, called "OathKeepers'. Find them at http://www.oathkeepers.org and join today. The key to winning this astonishing fight to restore this nation, is first of all to recognize where we have gone far astray; repent and turn back to the Lord, after all, it was US, a nation of fools which elected the current POTUS; then we need to be sober and watchful; more organized than they are; and make sure God Almighty is on our side.

  6. The declaration of national emergency should empower him to confiscate virtually all assets of Americans, according to another, earlier EO. This may be an interesting couple of weeks.