U.S. Police Encourage Muslims To 'Stone' Christians At Public Event

Ok, for those who still think Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, take a look at this year's Muslim Arab Festival. This went on in America people! It happened in Dearborn, Michigan. Notice how the police see the quiet restrained Christians as a threat to public safety, while the bratty little Muslim kids assault them with milk crates, glass bottles, eggs and whatever they can find.

The police are complicit in the behavior of the Muslims at the festival. They encourage their rioting and their provocation.

The police also say they cannot spare just two officers to stay with the Christians, but notice at the end they have about 15 officers that come to escort the Christians out.

I'll also note that I didn't see any preaching going on per se. The Christians here were simply silently holding up signs. Personally, I believe if you are going to go, then preach, but I think probably one to one would have worked better. Yet, there is absolutely no reason for the Muslims to react this way towards anyone.

The policemen in this clip should also discover what actual law enforcement is. they turned blind eyes to the real culprits in all of this and if you will notice they don't have "free speech zones." Let me ask, where in the Constitution is it declared one must have a free speech zone to exercise the right of free speech? It doesn't. In fact, the very officers that were there were supposed to be protecting everyone's right to free speech, including the Christians. Sadly, they failed miserably.

UPDATE: Joel McDurmon over at American Vision News supplied additional information:

The non-uniformed police officer who pokes his head into the discussion is Wayne County Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar. He would later state that ”[It's a] great family-oriented festival. . . . The atmosphere right now is phenomenal–all the kids are having a good time, and we’re doing our best to keep everyone safe and I think our guys are doing a great job at it.”

While having an Arabic last name, it is not known whether Mr. Jaafar himself is a Muslim or not.

He can be reached at the sheriff’s office at [email protected]

WARNING: This contains obscenities and violence, not to mention law enforcement stupidity.

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  • Greg

    Nothing that heat packing Christian Americans can't handle. Fire them up!!

  • thisisit

    Why are we allowing the Muslims to take over the United States?

  • Randy K

    I fear I don't have the faith of Stephen. I will not stand quietly and be "stoned" whether it be by followers of the "moon god" or followers of Stalin. I realize the fate they who live by the sword. I just don't think I can go the other way.

  • Chained

    Islam is a cult not a religion and they pray and follow a homosexual, pedophile war monger called Mohummered

  • blackyb

    If someone is stoned by anyone else, I consider that potentially life threatening. I would shoot them, depending on the circumstances. Do not ever let anyone harm you and stand there and take it.

  • blackyb

    Muslims are hipocrits. Obama is obviously demoralizing the troops.

  • SheWho Plays

    Just like the Romans and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The soldiers hang him and stab him and the Haters of God Mock him. Muslims need to look in the mirror and see what Neanderthal traits they still retain.

  • DaveNTejas

    These times are described in the Bible, it is only going to get worse for a Christian.

  • Nobama010612

    This has been going on for several years.the mayor of Dearborn is pro Islamic and their police chief is an Arab and Muslim. This is the danger of letting violent people immigrate to our country and take over from within.thus is happening in Chicago and many other places around our country.these people are not peaceful in the western since of the word.they are quietly out populating us until they have the power to vote muslims into office, they can then enforce sharia law even if it is unconditional. And they strew backed by our Muslim president.

  • Dkruser48

    When the towers went down they through a party in dearborn we should have wiped them out then and how stupid that Americans are putting this evil in our gov and armed forces plus cops what the He?? Is wrong here just don't understand

  • Guest

    When these sorts of things happen, it teaches me two things & probably teaches everybody else too, (except for the the cops & muslums, because they're apparently just too ignorant to learn anything).
    #1 The Cops; There are a lot of cops that are above the law. They learn it from the lawless ones in our government like Holder & Obama.They live it everyday both on & off duty. Not all of them, but a LOT of them. Everyday they operate above the law, not realizing that we see this over & over, & then they wonder why we think they're all just a bunch of rodeo cowboys that deserve NONE OF OUR RESPECT! They just act like a bunch of pricks that know they have it over you & can do any thing they want to according to "their law on their streets". Why not start trying to "set an example of what good law enforcement really is"?
    #2 The Muslums; Well what can you say about a group of folks that act like they do? Killing your daughters in "honor killings" because they don't want to marry the loser azzhole that you picked out for them in an arranged marriage. Killing innocent people who don't convert to Islam. It doesn't seem to matter whether a person's a Christian, an athiest, or agnostic, you think you have the right to kill people if they're not a muslum. You even kill other muslums, seiks killing shias killing sunnis. That makes a lot of sense killing your own numbers when you're trying to take over the world but that just shows us how ignorant you are. Yep, deleteing your numbers is a good thing for the rest of us, but not so good for you. Then like typical ignorant muslums, you wonder why we don't want you moving into our country, or living next door to us, or why we hate you. WTF? Are you really that stupid that you can't figure it out? And where was your outrage after 9-11? Those of you living in the US want to be accepted as Americans, but you never said a word, not one word against the muslum terrorists, so we just have to believe that you approved. You just keep acting out, & we'll just keep seething with anger untill the day of reckoning. And when that day comes, no amount of whining, or crying, or bitching, or moaning will save you no matter who you worship.

  • Jerry Alexander

    These Cops are not American,or,Muslim...they are brain dead things that are willing to destroy their own families..even their own children....where do they keep these cops,in a locker.Someone check to see if these cops even have families. Post Phots`s of them.Spread their names all over town...EXPOSE THEM to all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.zantow Michael Zantow

    2nd amendment.

  • Lucius Junius Brutus

    These kind of articles, put forth by people who confuse love of freedom with hatred of those who are different, do not promote patriotism, freedom, and certainly not Christianity. All the facts are not presented, and the story is skewed. For examples: 1) the little detail of these so-called Christians parading around a festival with a real pigs head on a pike. 2) the story conveniently omits what the signs these hateful pseudo-patriots were carrying said.

    Here is a more balanced story: http://www.freep.com/article/20120616/NEWS05/120616015/Christian-missionaries-with-pig-s-head-taunt-Arab-Americans-at-Dearborn-festival

    Here is the real Christian, getting results of a completely different nature: http://www.chick.com/articles/tracts_quietly_seeded.asp

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelHONeill Mike O'Neill

    gotta remember, tolerance only works one way.... it has to be the Christian that has to be the one to bend.... sorry, this one is like an oak tree, does not bend easily.....