Hezbollah Openly Supported in the Streets of Orlando

hezbollah in orlando A recent video documents how Palestinian supporters in Orlando openly support a United States designated terrorist group called Hezbollah. Friends, these people are supporting our sworn enemies. I ask you, what does that make them? These protestors gathered on "Jerusalem Day," or in Arabic "al-Quds" Day, in July to express their support for the "Palestinians." […]

How We Told Our Kids About Sex

birds-and-the-bees It was the summer of 2011. We were visiting friends in North Carolina one weekend for a lovely wedding on the beach. Our strong-willed, opinionated and hyper-inquisitive children, a boy and two girls, were, at the time, 10, 7 and 6 respectively. My gorgeous, though Chicago-tough and Sicilian-sassy, wife and I were at lunch with […]

James Madison: The Accumulation of all Powers, Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary… is the Very Definition of Tyranny

james-madison-tyranny The British invaded Washington, D.C. and burned the Capitol on August 25, 1814.  President James and Dolly Madison had to flee the White House. A week later, on SEPTEMBER 1, 1814, President Madison wrote: "The enemy by a sudden incursion has succeeded in invading the capitol of the nation...During their possession...though for a single day only, they […]

Colorado Gun Lobby Threatens To Sue Library Over Weapons Ban

Capture Colorado's largest gun rights group is threatening to sue a small-town public library for asking a woman to leave for violating its ban on firearms. Erika Sattler, who has a concealed carry permit for her handgun, said she was asked to leave the Clearview Library in Windsor when another library patron apparently spotted the weapon and complained […]

U.S. Aids Turkey In Creating An Islamic Caliphate

LAS-VOCES-DEL-PUEBLO-8 Obama is sending Defense Secretary Hagel to Turkey to ratchet its efforts to tame ISIS while knowingly aware that Turkey is a supporter of ISIS! The efforts as they claim is to build what the administration termed Coalition of the Willing. As has been predicted by Shoebat.com, The United States will plead to Turkey to end […]

Why We Will Fight World War III

iK9q9SgEAcZs Known globalist, Henry Kissinger, served as national security adviser and Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, has written a book entitled World Order. The book is to be published Sept. 9 by the Penguin Press. Among many statements that would be objectionable to most Americans, Kissinger stated that "The search for world order […]

2219 Architects and Engineers Want 9/11 Truth — Do You?

wtc-tower-7 Any time I write something about a tragedy like Sandy Hook or 9/11, I get accused of being a horrible human being. Just the other day someone told me that they wished I had dead kids so they could dance upon their graves. Please understand that seeking the truth and examining evidence is not at all about diminishing the lives […]

Western Islamists Head to Middle East to Wage Jihad

1406565178252.cached Every day the mainstream media is now reporting on the growing number of Muslims from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia who are flocking to the Middle East to wage jihad. After largely ignoring it for years, they are finally reporting about this, but continue to dissemble and deceive about the motive. Longtime readers […]

ISIS and the Current Oil Wars

Oil Wars (1) In recent months, Americans have watched in stunned disbelief as the new terrorist organization "ISIS" has pushed its way across Iraq. They have made their presence known by filming their acts of brutality and posting the videos all over the internet. They have filmed beheadings, mass executions and in some instances, they have buried people […]

Where the Black Flags Fly

bvz_dlpiaaautsz Media conveys immediacy, but it doesn't convey culture. Its famous flattening effect makes shoppers at a Staples in D.C. or a Whole Foods in Berkeley feel like they're right among the toppled buildings of Aleppo or Gaza, without actually giving them any insight into the motivations of the players. They're watching foreign movies in a […]

One Guaranteed Way to Kill the Church in America

bible-american-flag Suppose you wanted to eradicate your opposition. However, you wanted to do so in a way that avoided any blowback, and lulled your opposition to sleep so that they wouldn't know what hit them until it was too late. Rather than a full-frontal assault, you might try subtlety instead. Say, the introduction of a lie […]