Pagan Goes Christian Hunting in Oregon “Gun Free” Zone

WillWeObey650pw Unrepentant sinners hate God. We're all born this way, and until the God we hate supernaturally intervenes in our lives by raising our dead, selfish, sin-loving, holiness-hating selves into living, sin-resisting, holiness-pursuing New Creatures in Christ, we quite naturally do all that we can to mock and overturn the sovereignty of God above us. We […]

Fired for Sharing His Faith!

Chris-and-Bekah-Routson It began as a normal day for Chris Routson as he prepared to go to work; then he received a phone call instructing him to come in a few hours later than normal. Chris worked at the Middletown, Ohio, Precision Strip metal processing plant for 13 years with a good employment standing. Four years ago, […]