Lies and Dang Lies Environmentalists Tell

truth-and-lies "Romantic love is often blind. This is nowhere made more evident than in the environmental infatuation, if not worship, of a natural world which the modern greens will never be able to save no matter how totalitarian the movement becomes." – R. Mark Musser, author The green infatuation and Gaia worship were prominent in Hitler's […]

Democrats Desperate to Preserve Senate Majority

10613907_10153130594983312_707442687_n ISIS is threatening the United States and a sign in Ferguson, MO, indicates they are already here, waiting to strike. Militarized police forces threaten every American's individual God-given rights by use of "war zone" tactics during protests and routine daily duties. Russia continues to threaten the sovereignty of Ukraine while Hamas showers Israel with rockets. […]

Report: Federal Law May Discourage Finding Homeless Children

homeless-children School districts around the country may be deliberately underreporting homeless children in an effort to save money, according to a government report. The Government Accountability Office surveyed administrators in twenty different school districts around the country to assess the effectiveness of the Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) program, a component of McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. EHCY grants […]

True Whores of Babylon Exposed: Beyonce, Minaj, Cyrus

1280px-Parental_Advisory_label.svg Nicki Minaj's new song, "Anaconda," broke the 24-hour view record (19.6 million views) this month, surpassing Miley Cyrus sitting naked on a wrecking ball in 2013. In the promotional shot for "Anaconda," Minaj is positioned as if she is defecating. Her bare buttocks look like two over-inflated balloons about to pop. While there is some […]

Stop Badgering Our President

epaphotosfour399245-0197777 Journalists, pundits, political talking heads, Talk Radio hosts, et al have been asking, "Where is Obama? Where is the president? Shouldn't he get his a** off the golf course, get back to the White House and lead – do what he was elected to do?" We're hearing it everywhere. Sean Hannity says to get off […]

Ferguson: The War Comes Home

CopsFerguson1 America's attention recently turned away from the violence in Iraq and Gaza toward the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting of Michael Brown. While all the facts surrounding the shooting have yet to come to light, the shock of seeing police using tear gas (a substance banned in warfare), and other military-style weapons against […]

The Actual Definition of Conspiracy Theories

President And Mrs. Obama Host Annual Easter Egg Roll At White House The image for this article (see below) was taken by a photographer. I did not take this photo and Mr. O'Bottom put himself in this position and allowed this photo to be made and published. You decide if this photo is a theory or a fact. Over the past three to four decades the words […]

DOJ Admits “Missing” IRS Emails DO Exist

WH Email_Nov 2008 In a stunning turn of events, Department of Justice attorneys for the IRS admitted that Lois Lerner’s emails DO exist on a backup server, but said they would be hard to find. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton broke the news today: Department of Justice attorneys for the Internal Revenue Service told Judicial Watch on Friday […]

Hollywood Condemns Muhammad

stallone swartzenegger Nearly 200 people from the entertainment industry (including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others) have signed a statement condemning the seventh article of the charter of Hamas as an "ideology of hatred and genocide." The statement reads:  We, the undersigned, are saddened by the devastating loss of life endured by Israelis and Palestinians in […]